Secrets of Levi-ticus

What lies hidden under the natural like the moss that grows over the rocks… we stumble and fall in the unseen things hidden from our natural eye…

phone-downloads-303The storms of life never seem to end.  But I will not fear the storm. I know my God is Creator of the heavens and the earth.  He allows things for our good.  This week as I was reading scriptures in Leviticus I am overwhelmed how all these things are relevant today.  I see it clearly how every detail is meant of our protection and for our teaching.  God already knows our beginning to our end!   He already knows the evil and the good each one will do in his or her life time.  What I find even more amazing is that he already planned for provision for our failures and our successes.  We seem to forget… is sees everything before it happens.  He is so gracious and kind to send us a warning before hand but we … in our “busyness” pay no heed to the signs.  There are signs all around us.  Who can see them?  Who will heed them?  He gave us an instruction manual to follow.  How many try to find there way without a map to guide them?  How many wrong turns do we have to make before we stop and decide to buy that map that would have saved so much time, money, suffering, arguing and pain.  Life is that journey.  We can take the short cut or we can take the long way around the mountain.

I wonder how many times we think we are going in the right direction and it turns out to be a disaster not just for us but those we drag along on our journey. How many lives we infect or impact?  

As I continue to read Leviticus I find everything in the new testament is written in the old?  Why then are Christians so determined to get rid of the old testament laws!   They are all good in God’s eyes.  We… as human as we are… we think God is trying to keep from something fun or good from us. Is that not what satan did to Eve…and Adam.  Did God really say?   But surely …. really this is what he meant!

Why do we see God with the evil eye?  Why do we choose to see what we cant have rather than what we do have!   We are a generation of never enough… we are always seeking more… more what?   More of the world… how can we incorporate the worldly, fleshly thing into spiritual things!  We slap our Jesus “Grace” sticker on what we do… and say we are doing it for God!   What can I say?  We are all guilty!  There are none who are exempt for doing this at least once and most of us do it everyday!   Just because we are not aware of it or not convicted of it does not mean we are not guilty!

How many justify our actions, words and even our thoughts.  We think no one sees… but our body language speaks louder than any words!   God sees the heart.  The thoughts we harbor inside… they eat at us. They provoke us to sin… then we arrogantly declare I’m covered under grace. Jesus knows I’m going to sin and it’s covered under the blood.  We know it is wrong… and yet… we still do it!

What does scripture say?  Not I but the Word of God!   To him who knows the good he ought to do and does it not to him it is sin!   So that works for both sides to him who knows the evil he should “not” do and does it… to him it is sin!

I find one thing consistent in Leviticus.  God made preparations ahead for everything!   He not only provided for the people… but he also moved the people to give what was needed.  He gave gifts to still others to do the work to accomplish his will!   We see all this as literal physical things. The garments of the priest, tabernacle, the altar, laver, lampstand, table, incense altar, the ark, the mercy seat even the animals used for sacrifice are of importance. I see and understand by the Holy Spirit all these things are spiritual manifestations in us.. in our relationships… with God and man!   All these things also have consequences… first in the spiritual realm then also they manifest in the natural.

I pray to God that some how this can all be revealed to the church and the Jew.  It is so powerful and opens the understanding to know God in much deeper way!

Not all want or desire to know God in this deeper way… But one day when we all reach the spiritual realm of heaven some will wonder why they can not draw nearer to God… Perhaps they have the smell of smoke on them… they never made it to the laver to be washed.

The first step is salvation… laying down the flesh on the altar of sacrifice… sacrificing the world= the natural ways of living, being, thinking, seeing, hearing, speaking, doing, walking and feeling with all these crazy emotions we carry inside!   Every time you play with fire there is always residue… soot, ash; the blackness of evidence you have been in the fire!   It does not smell so good either.  I do not know too many people that like the smell of burning flesh!

It is time to go wash the soot, the ash; the blackness of the sin in the living waters of the truth!  To be washed clean… all evidence of sin GONE!   BEFORE  you even think of approaching Gods presence!   He is holy… he can not look upon sin and not judge it… the reason for the BLOOD!   To blot sin out of the BOOK!  That Book of ACCOUNTABLITY that we all will stand before God sooner or later and give an account of every worthless unclean word we spoke and every worthless deed we committed against God and man. “As you have done to the least of these you have done it to me, says the Lord”!   If he lives in us… then what we say and do to others… we are doing it directly to Jesus and the Holy Spirit!   Can you imagine talking to Jesus the way we blurt our words to our fellow man? The way we treat our fellow human being?

I was overtaken as I read the Word of God… How much he loves us… to set up boundaries for us… to keep us safe from the enemy.  We walk outside those boundaries and we suffer for it.  Sin lies at the door; the gateway the moment you walk out beyond the walls of his protection.  How many times do we tell our kids to stay in the yard to keep them safe from harm… how many times do we take our kids by the hand and refuse to allow them to wonder off by themselves… they can get lost… KIDNAPPED! by evil, wicked people and bad things happen. This is exactly what God is  doing for us when he gave us his Laws!   He loves us so much he wants to keep us from being stolen away from him or to keep us from evil; to keep us from satan!  Everything in the natural speaks of the spiritual, one seen; one unseen!

If we can only see the good of his Word… what God is saying… and stop focusing on what the devil is saying!  He is only a voice… we heed that voice;  meditating on what he says.  It begins to sink into our heart and emotions begin to motivate us to act on what we feel!   How often have we sinned… because we could not control our emotions… desires to want to be angry to react to our circumstances!  We listen to our emotions rather than allowing the spirit to show us this is not as it appears.  We see through the flesh rather than the spirit!

If only… we would discipline our flesh… lay it down on the altar of sacrifice and stop reacting to everything that provokes us. We are provoked by what the devil throws our way and we take the bait like a dog to a bone!   It’s all poison!   Don’t fall for it!   These are the bread crumbs that lead one way from the right path… the path out of the darkness; the path that leads closer to God!   Who does not want to be closer to God?  If that is the way you feel now what will you do in heaven?  It will always be about God!   Heaven is not about self it is about worshipping the One True God!  If you can’t do that here… you will never be fit to do it in heaven!  Prepare now so you will not be ashamed when you get there.  You will know the rules of the kingdom and how it works… instead of being dumbfounded and ignorant.  My people perish for lack of knowledge!   It is simple the devil makes it difficult by creating doubt and confusion… that’s what the Word is all about removing the doubt and confusion!   Read it! Eat it!   Meditate on it!   Seek the truth and the Truth will set you free!

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