Why God Why?

We cannot know the reasons for everything God allows but he alone knows the outcome! His ways are above our ways his thoughts above ours…we are only commanded to Trust him alone … that he is working all things out for good!

I am at a loss as my 2 year old grandson is fighting for his life over dog salvia!   Who would have ever thought a dog lick could be life threatening!   Apparently the dog that licked him had a bacteria in its mouth and my grandson now is in a coma as the Drs are fighting to clear his blood of this bacteria that has spread thought out his body.   The bacteria got into his lungs and his lungs collapsed! They have given him blood transfusions and playlets! They put him on ventilator and a feeding tube! Its been almost a month now.  Early this morning I received a phone call that his oxygen and heart rate dropped to dangerous life threatening levels! They are working to keep him alive!

I know my God is the Great Physician there is nothing impossible for him.  He is always good; the enemy of our soul is always out to destroy life! As I put my trust in his sovereignty ….I know… that I know… that I know he will accomplish his will for all involved! Sometimes we must experience trials and troubles to experience God’s awesome power and love!  We are human… we forget… and we take so much for granted… Like our very next breath!

I am sure many out there have been through very hard times.  I myself have been through hell and it was only the arms of God that carried me out of hell itself!  My love for him is so exceedingly great because… were it not for “Grace” and “Mercy” I would still  be in hell tormented for all eternity!

This grace is not what I heard in church! This grace is so far beyond what I heard in church!  Before I was conceived he knew me…. past, present and future! He knew my every fault, every wound, every thought, every emotion within …. Hidden from the world…the things no one sees …no one knows but him alone!  I was not even aware of all that was hidden within me!  Only now do I find my true purpose is to be his alone! I was created for his glory and his sheer delight!  I am overwhelmed with his presence every moment…. every breath that I take. He is here with me… in me …. all around me!  His is my EMMANUEL!

So I have every hope, the expectation of things not seen, that God has a divine purpose for my grandson that the enemy is determined to destroy his life since he was conceived but my God will turn it all for his glory!  I TRUST my God, my Savior, my Redeemer… as I recall the song … my Redeemer lives!  He lives…. he lives…. within my heart! He lives to bring us life and life more abundantly! He will resurrect this life for his glory and honor!  He is always at work as we trust in who he is!

He is God!

I diligently encourage my son and his girlfriend as they struggle with WHY? I know God loves them as much as any other! He wants them to see who he is as a perfect loving God …. who desires to reveal himself to them!  Sometimes we resist his love and the enemy tries to keep us from God by blaming God for all the wrong in our life!  It is not God but the enemy who causes problems… But ultimately we opened the door to the enemy somewhere… somehow!

God is gracious in our ignorance… Merciful in how much he allows the enemy access in our life! Even though we ask for trouble many times buy our actions, thoughts, words and places we go! It still holds true… You can not play in the  fire and not get burned!  You can not wallow in the pig pen and not get dirty!  You can not eat garbage and stay healthy!  I can go on and on!  We know the sayings… But we do not heed them!

This is what God calls foolishness!  To know the difference between good and evil and not heed it!  Why is it we believe the rules do not  apply to us but we are quick to judge others! Everyone else has to keep the rules but we are exempt?  God has the same rules for his whole house! All his children must follow the same house rules! Love one another… Do to others what you what to come back to you! Sow what you want to reap!

In my death… I experienced resurrection without knowing why? I did nothing to deserve his kindness, his mercy, his grace…but he knows my end… that is all he sees!  That is what inspires me to trust him with the life of my grandson! He will resurrect him because he sees his end is more glorious than what we behold in the natural! 



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