Wounds; Chabburah

By every stoke; every dot every tittle of the Word of God we are made whole… Every Letter of the Hebrew has meaning, purpose and a picture to give us a clear revelation what God is trying to say through the spirit of the Word! He is the Word… Every stripe reveals what lies beneath the flesh… is the blood!

20170126_022953.jpgAs keep the fire burning for my grandsons life I pray the Word of God, His word will not return void!   This is the what the Holy Spirit revealed in the midst of warfare!  The scripture that comes forth we all know very well. 


I am arrested in my spirit immediately as I speak it.  The Holy Spirit has taught me this scripture from the  original writing of Hebrew.  The word STRIPES is the Hebrew word CHABBURAH.  It literally means wounds and blows… but the secret to this word runs much deeper than any Christian knows. This word is associated with fellowship.  In the mystery behind the Hebrew intention is spiritual. 

It is through “FELLOWSHIP” with GOD that we are made WHOLE… not just healed. 

It is God who teaches us the way of righteousness.  It is God who corrects the error of our ways. It is knowing the truth that sets us free.  We become sick through the lack of knowledge and discipline.

  We have a saying… a friend wounds at all times… because he loves us.  A friend does not allow a friend to drive drunk or do something stupid like walk into the fire … sin ….adultery… stealing… lying… ect.  The friend is willing to risk the relationship for the sake of saving the friend by telling them the truth even when it hurts!   This is what God intended for the body of Christ!   We should be protecting one another from sin not condoning sin …just to keep a friendship… that’s not a true friendship. 

We get all bent out of shape when someone is judging us.  But scripture clearly declares JUDGE YOURSEVES that be not judged on that great day!   If we look at ourselves… our words, deeds, thoughts and intentions are we pure hearted? Are we walking in love?   All sin is birthed from a lack of love.  Love corrects error for the greater good of the person.  Where Sin abounds there is death, suffering, pain, sickness and dis-ease .  Many things we bring on ourselves due to a lack of discipline.  If we can not discipline our “mind” (thoughts) and our “heart” (emotions) how will we ever be able to discipline our body to do what is right in God’s eyes.  Our physical body can do nothing without the mind commanding it and the heart to motivate it.  We can want something but have no motivation to go do it.  And again we can be moved to do and yet our mind will not allow us to do it!   AGREEMENT comes into play!  

If one will be still… meditate carefully on this thought… I can assure you…. you can not commit any sin without the mind and the heart in agreement to do it. Even if you are in AUTO PILOT!  The mind commands the body and the heart motivates one to act!   The first time I was shown this by the Holy Spirit I was dumbfounded… I have no excuse before God… for MY sin.  I have to allow my head and heart to move me to sin. I know this because there are times when MY CONSCIENCE will not allow me to open my mouth or to do something I would really like to do!   We have all been there and done that… this is the power of the WILL!   If we really desire to do something good or bad we will find a way to do it!   That is truth… Like the building of the tower of Babel!  

What I share next is profound… It is the Revelation the Holy Spirit gave me this morning!

CHABBURAH- Hebrew word

CH= CHET = wall, fence, hedge… life

B= BET= house, creation…family

W= WAW/ VAV = hook, nail, to connect… man

R= RESH= head, think, reason… intelligence

H= HEY= spirit, revelation, breath…Praise, Awe and Wonder

As the spirit leads… this word comes together  to mean… A hedge of protection around the house/ family connects man’s mind to the spirit… Other words… we must protect what we allow in our minds… what we meditate and think about.. this connects us to God if we think on Gods Word or on earthly things… the desires of the sin …satan.  I do not know about any one else but I do not want any connection to satan.  In order to do that I must sever all the connections that lead me to sin.  I can not allow the thoughts to take up space in my mind Nor allow my emotions to provoke me to sin…anger, bitterness, depression, revenge.  This leads to the heart connecting an emotion to the thought… good or bad!  We act on it…good or bad!

A simple word that means so much more than what it appears in the natural to say. This is why God said you are no longer under the law of sin.  This is the natural way of understanding the Word of God.  God inspires us by the Holy Spirit to seek the “Spirit of the Word” what lies hidden under the literal words written.  There is spiritual meaning lingering behind the veil of the literal Word.  This represents the blood that flows under the skin “outward appearances” of the written Word.   But That’s Another Blog for another time. Amen, God Bless!


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