Trials and Testing

Everything is a test of who we are… our inner man revealed outwardly for all to see… exposed and vunerable as our true heart reflects like a mirror

In times testing we find what we really believe and what we truly are made of.  I have found myself being tested in this delicate postion I have been put in. As my grandson fights to live through each day, the Drs have nothing good to say.  That has trickled down to everyone but me.

 So I find myself alone in this war zone called faith!  Thats ok… because I have the Father, Son And Holy Spirit on my side!  If they are with me I have already won the battle.  I have learned from them how to see all things from their perspective, all things are good!  Not just turned to good but all things are good because he allows many things I do not understand until later… it was for my benefit not to harm me but to correct me from taking a wrong turn in my thoughts, words, deeds or direction.  He even corrects the way I see and hear.  So how can it be bad to endure trials, troubles and these tests.  I keep my focus on passing the test … not why am I being tested!  As with everything in life… we learn something new we must then learn to apply it… not allowing it to remain just head knowledge!   My desire to walk in the Spirit realm has lead to more tests… but the test are not the problem… the problem is dealing with those who think they are walking in the Spirit yet have not learned the first lesson of taming the tongue!

I refresh myself in the Word of God… he always takes me out of this realm and into his… to teach me who he is!  I hate to admit it… I do not relish returning… unless he promises to use me. I can not return to this world without a purpose… to tell his truth! I can not return to the physical realm full of him and remain silent!  There are times I feel like I will explode if I do not share the truth… here and now I find myself in a place where I can share the truth in the midst of a life or death test!  I can preach the truth until I am emptied out… but if they reject the truth… it has no life it remains a dormant seed. 

Man has free will… he must desire to know the truth.  Who would not want to know the truth?  Perhaps they must want to believe it as truth… As I have stated before… how long has man believed the world to be flat?  How do we know for sure?  We believe what “They” tell us to believe… when did we surrender to mans ideas?  When did we stop thinking for ourselves?  When did we stop seeking the answers from our own searching information and discovering on our own?  The lies we believe as truth… because its easier?  But is it?

Again… trials,  troubles and tests reveal  what we believe and what we reject… choices have consequences… what will we do with these consequences?  Blame others? Get revenge? Accept the consequences and learn from our mistakes or continue to repeat those same mistakes!  Life becomes a very difficult journey. 

I am grateful I was broken, crushed, shattered … so I had nothing left to hang on to but Gods mercy and grace.  My broken condition allowed him to make me a new creation.   Molded and formed in his image… no longer bound by the flesh.  Fleshly thinking, feeling speaking, seeing, hearing, walking or doing!  What freedom has come to me because I allowed God to teach me a better way… His Way!

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