Death and Dying

Oh death where is your victory … where is your sting… for death has been swallowed up in life and love by he who died so we can live again… forever and forever

In the tragic loss of my grandson, I am mixed in my emotions. Torn between the Word of God that declares we are to go out heal the sick, blind, deaf, lame, raise the dead and set captives free and then… there is always God’s Divine will!  My faith did not waver in the healing and restoration of this childs life!  Still … was it “not” God’s will?  We chose life… even resurrection, but still… God is Sovereign in all his ways.  Though the child is no longer suffering and in the arms of my Beloved Savoir, we here will be continuing to remember the joy he brought to mom and dad… and now the empty void he leaves behind .  I have to say I am jealous. He is where I desire to be… in the presence of my Beloved. In my unwavering faith I found peace and rest for my soul.  I am walking humbly before my God knowing now… his will over rides the Word of God.  In that moment when we remind God what he promised…. Ask the Father anything in my name and I will do it. Again scripture declares you will have whatsoever you speak!  Once more… if you have faith of a musterd seed you can say to this Mt be cast into the sea and it will be done. I read and declared every instance of Elijah raising the dead child and also a dead man touched Elijah bones and was resurrected and Jesus raising not 1 but 3 people from the dead!  Lazarus, a little girl and a woman’s son.

So what went wrong? Maybe Nothing !  Just maybe in God’s mercy and grace he saved that child from a life of living in hospital after hospital.  Perhaps God spared him the coming wickedness of this world.  Perhaps this child’s only purpose was to save his parents!  And that it did!  Salvation has come to the family… it has awaked those who fell asleep spiritually.  That child, my grandson, has saved more people in his suffering than I ever have in my lifetime of over 50 long troublesome years.   So he completed a task I could not!  He is blessed and I am blessed to know him for such a short time… 2 years old and saving souls for the kingdom of my God!  Yes, I am humbled beyond words!

Never again will I underestimate the power of suffering… we will never know all the lives this child has touched across the world as others posted the updates on their social media spots, prayer chains, and businesses.  My God truly is Good all the time… even when we are blind deaf and dumb to his workings in the spirit realm!

My faith has not wavered… instead it is magnified in the precious life of an innocent child.  He who did no wrong… his life snatched away from us but now glorifies his Creator! He is finally able to run and play with his great grandma and great great grandma and great uncle and many others who have gone on ahead of us…

I love My Beloved for his great mercy in using this child to save so many souls for the kingdom of my God! Shalom Shalom!

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