Lost in Love

When the Love of God makes everything else seem as nothing… when you have reached the place of perfected love and nothing can hurt you… it is there that you have found kingdom of heaven on earth…

pond 9-03 2I come eagerly to seek my Beloved.

Oh how I miss his face, I miss his touch.

I close my eyes and begin to worship and adore him from the deepest part of my soul.

I pour out my love… as I remember his love, his goodness to  me.

His Words flood my whole being and I begin to weep.

I cry out… I’m not sad, please do not think I am sad.

I only feel overwhelmed by your love for me and I am consumed that I can not contain such a love lavished on me.

Who am I that you love me so?

I think about you and I can not stand.

I fall to my knees unable to rise though my soul keeps crying out…. I LOVE YOU  SO!

My words inaudible I can only babble… groaning, unutterable,  inhuman sounds.

I am lost in worship and praise, my thoughts transporting me into a whole new dimension of timelessness and space.

I am freed from this flesh and finally able to worship you as my heart desires.

Limitless…  boundless… endless joy unspeakable.

Oh… how I can dance and sing to my hearts content… for the one I love so dearly.

Nothing can stop me… nothing can touch me… nothing can steal me away.

Raptured up in my spirit and soul’s longing to be with you forever and ever, I can hardly catch my breath.

All I want is you, all I desire… is you.

You are the reason I live… You will be the reason I die…

I live to worship you…

I want to live my life as a way of worshipping you… in everything I do and say.

Every thought, every emotion, every deed, every step… what I hear and what I see…

I want to see you in everything.

I want to see what you see … the way you see. All things are good.

I want to hear what you hear … the way you hear. What the Spirit is saying.

I want to speak the way you speak…..  captivating the soul…. I am so completely undone within myself… I can do nothing to displease you.

I want to think the way you think… how beautiful is your wisdom, how perfect your knowledge, how wonderful your understanding.

I want to feel what you feel … oh Beloved, the compassion and mercy, such grace you pour out on me.

I want to do what you do… so great are your works, so mighty….

So great is your goodness toward me.

I want to walk like you walk… in love, in light… in righteousness and truth.

Who can resist you?

Who can say “no” to you?

Take me into your presence and consume me with your love.

I can’t live without you, I can’t breath without you, I don’t want to…

Everything I do… I do it for you.

I love to see you smile,  it is my joy and my delight.

In your presence time stands still,  a moment with you is an eternity … time passes and I know it not.

I just want to be with you,  I want to dance with you in the garden… to the River… through the meadow and into the depths of the ocean.

Sweep me away… just sweep me away…

into your perfect love…

arms open wide… Lost in your love…

take all of me and never let me go!



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