Snow Secrets

In the midst of the storm the snow falls peacefully covering all the blemishes of this world. Like the Righteousness of Christ all that is seen is the beautiful blue skies and the blinding snow of God’s Glory resting upon us.

In my study today I became curious… perhaps spirit led to research snow.  The Hebrew word for snow… Sheleg.  I obviously take hold of the gematria as they contain my favorite letters… What am I saying… they are all my favorites!   The shin lemed and gemmil have a value of 333.  300+30+3= 333. Co-incidence?   Not in the Hebrew!   The number of the trinity, the God head… Father Son and Holy Spirit.

the Shin= to eat, chew, devour the Word of God… spiritually to meditate in the mind to ponder… also the fire or passion for God.  The hunger cravings we have for Gods Word not human food! Natural reveals the spirit!

the Lemed= to learn then to do and  then to teach others what you have learned to DO, it is a rod of discipline…. for the mature it is self discipline but for those spiritual babes that need constant correction… and those rebellious spiritual teens that think they know it all… ugh!   Love corrects error and rebellion… in love for the greater good! One can not teach others what he has not learned to do himself!

gemmil= to go, to walk, to travel… our coming in to learn the Word, our going out to share the Word. We go where he sends and we do not return empty… without a harvest… fruit or seed.   He never sends us out to “sow” in hard unplowed ground, among thorns or thistles nor upon the path way where it will be trampled under foot by those who care nothing for the precious seed… the Word of God.

What is snow but crystalized rain drops.  What does water represent in the spiritual realm but the wisdom of God.  I see pictures flash before my eyes of the Manna from heaven… like hoar frost.   This snow white manna from heaven fell gently at night before the sunrise… for it had melted when the sun rose…. does this sound like snowflakes.  We all love the sight of the clean untouched snow that covers all the blots and blemishes upon the earth. But the Spirit reveals how the righteousness of Christ covers us… blots out our sin, our blemishes. So we appear to be something we obviously are not!   What lies beneath is still there!  

We feel the peace and calmness of a snow covered world untouched, untainted by MAN!   Has anyone ever noticed when man touches things it seems to become unclean!   It seems man ruins all the goodness God had intended for us in his race to be like God!  Man may be the single most hindrance to finding God!   Why?   Because man is determined to keep all of us distracted, busy and laboring to survive!   Man’s desire to be like God has led him to force us to be dependent on man for our sustenance.  Meanwhile we are commanded … To be still and know God!  What does that mean?   One stopping the craziness of life and going to a quiet place being still and getting to know God’s heart, mind and will… we call that our soul…  so God has a soul!   A mind, a Will and emotions; His heart is full of love, his mind full of wisdom and his Will… to help us be like him! 

The snow is light and airy; gentle and calming.  What does scripture say… My yoke is easy and my burden is light!   The snow flakes form in the sky where the clouds are full of moisture.  They fall infused with air and dust particles in the atmosphere.  Perfectly balanced air and cold;  earth and water.  I find that ice, sleet and hail do not have that perfect balance and therefore do not fall gently to the earth but more like punishment!   Spiritually speaking… we are made of earth the wisdom of God is the water… it gently falls to us from him so that it is not overwhelming nor hurtful.  It is calm and gentle so we can enjoy it and have peace and rest… a calmness that speaks of who God is in the midst of a storm!   We can have that… God wants to give that to us… if we just listen to him and BE STILL AND KNOW HIM!   The air is the presence of the Holy Spirit, the breath of life, the air we breath!   The cold air… the breath of God that refreshes!   All these work together for good… for the beauty we behold … in wonder and awe of our Creator.  He reveals himself in all creation!  It seems strange that this beauty all melts away when the heat rises… speaks of the enemy rising up against us!, his fiery darts being shot at us… hell coming for a visit!  

I find several scriptures that speak of snow… The Word says… though your sins be a scarlet they will be washed white as wool like snow…. that has fallen on the Mountains of Israel! The snow and the rain come down from the heavens and do not return without watering the earth.  We are made of earth… we are earthly!… he sends  the wisdom of his Word from heaven to water us.  His Word is refreshing and causes all things to grow and produce fruit and seed for the sower.  So also his Word… that comes from his mouth will not return to him empty… without accomplishing what HE sent it to do!   What wonder and awe… He speaks and it is!   His Word is above our word.  We can declare his Word but his Will overrides ours!   Another scripture describes our Lord… His hair is white like wool; like the snow… another scripture… Her consecrated (holy) ones were purer than snow; whiter than milk… another… His appearance like lightning and his clothing whiter than snow… another… PURIFY ME with hyssop and I will be clean; wash me and I will be whiter than snow…  I just love how the Lord speaks to us in the natural realm to reveal himself and to grab our attention.

How many of us love to stand out in the snow and let it fall on us. We roll in it. Play in it.  We even throw it at each other… hopefully for fun.   Why do we do these things?   Why do we eat snow, make ice cream from it or snow cones? Secretly, we have this need to be pure, holy and righteous.  We desire to know the wisdom of God and the carefree life he offers us. But what we want and what we do are not the same.  We want the rewards without the work!   That curse word… discipline… funny it comes form the word disciple which means to be a learner!   Other wise we must be teachable… sitting at Jesus feet… being still listening to every word he speaks and asking questions so he can help us learn the better way… his way! The Way of Life is not the easy way nor is it well traveled.  No it tends to be a lonely place… just you and the Holy Spirit and or Jesus… the more you walk with them the more they walk with you.  The more you seek them the more you will find them… You get exactly what you put into it.

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