Demanding our Rights VS. GOD”S WILL

In our fleshly understanding we demand what is rightfully ours… but wisdom gives way to the Will of the Father…

20160621_201635.jpgIn this war we call faith I have discovered more than I could have ever imagined or even dreamed.  I have come through yet another battle with the enemy.  This one cost me the life of my grandson.  This war was never about life or death but the Written Word of God over the Spoken Word of God.  I never knew there was a difference until the day I demanded my right to eat pork!   Who would argue with God over pork?   Certainly we all do… we all demand our legal rights to eat whatsoever we desire… because Jesus rendered everything clean when he died on the cross.  But did he really?   This is not my argument.  But this was the first “BABY STEP” into something bigger in my future.  I was willing to submit… surrender to the Spoken Word of God over my legal right to eat what I desire.  Had I known this small thing would be the key that unlocked the door to victory over death… I would have never dared to argue my case before God!   How many times do we actually argue with God when we feel uneasy within ourselves to do something… neither good or bad…. and yet we feel guilt if we do it.  Our conscience bares witness to it.  But we stand our ground and declare our legal written rights to do something our conscience is saying “no” to! 

My God we are a prideful generation!

This war of faith is progressive.  What I mean is… that first step leads us to the next…. just like a baby learns to first  hold its own bottle,  sitting up,  crawling, standing, walking,  eating solid foods and so on to the point of going to school learning letters and numbers first. Then progressing to words, sentences and paragraphs, to stories etc.  So also with numbers… they begin as simple add, subtract, multiply and divide. It progresses into much more complicated problems and variables.  Faith likewise begins as small, simple things… from bible stories and repeated prayers into more mature things… learning scriptures and the meaning behind/ underneath the Written Word… linking them to life application.  But it never stops… it goes so much deeper in thoughts and application. 

This is the revelation I was given as I was seeking the Lord in the war between life and death; the Written and the Spoken Word with my grandson.  My heart and mind knew the Word of God. My faith bolder than most since I have seen and experienced healing in my  spirit, soul and body to being made whole in my life. I have experienced resurrection! So I know that I know the Power of God!   I knew His Word can not return void!  I knew whatsoever we ask in his name He Will Do If We Believe We Have All ready Received.  I also knew… we are given the Authority to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and all those other good things God desires to do through us.  My war was with God’s Will… not whether he could do it!   I know he can… I am a witness!   I wanted to know what His Will is for this child and the family. It was not just a matter of healing but that the child would be a witness to the Power of God’s mighty hand. The power of prayer and God’s love for us. But if he does not heal… will “WE” still believe?  If HE chooses to take the child will “WE” wane in our faith.  The scenarios were endless!   Those involved…. were they godly parents? Were they in the faith or were they faking it?  Were they in rebellion?  All these questions came flooding to my mind.   Rebellion!   It has its consequences.  Again, I wondered who would want to bring a child into this world when the days are so short and the times so evil.  The enemy would always have an open door to this child if the parents were not sincere and faithful in raising the child in the ways of God.

Now comes the test!

Will I demand the right to heal the sick or if need be… raise the dead? I know my rights in the Word of God!   I wrote them all down and laid them out before the Lord.  This can not be I demanded!  Your Word SAYS!   As I prayed for days on end without sleep, without  taking a break, without food and drink… but what I was forced to! It seemed the Hospital became an unseen battlefield. The War of the Wills!   Was God showing mercy to the child… and the parents as this child’s health problems  lingered on from the womb!   Was man interfering with God’s divine plan and prolonging death. Man has a way of prolonging suffering that just is not in God’s Will and for this I am very … shall I say… holy anger rises up in me!   Man thinks he can decide who will live and who will die!   Again… I also have witnessed when man runs out of options God steps in… intervenes and works miracles!   What man says can not be done God says nothing is impossible to those who believe.   So this war continues for a week.  The prayers, the warfare and the faith that can move Mountains!

The answer came in the oddest way.   I had several dreams, visions and Words of Knowledge all hit me at once!   I saw every old testament and new testament story come to life in a single flash of time. Perhaps the Spirit raptured me out of time and into the unseen realm of God… I can not say!  I can only say He has changed me forever.  I was shoveling snow for the sheer need to work out my salvation with fear and trembling!   My communion… conversing with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit while shoveling snow… oblivious to the cold or the labor… my auto-pilot took over…. he brought forth a world of revelation.  He allowed me to say my piece… as a gentleman… But when I was finished declaring everything HIS WORD SAYS… HE WILL DO… IF WE BELIEVE!   I hear this still small voice…

Will you demand your legal rights before me?   If you do… I will do whatever you ask IN MY NAME, But … would you rather know MY WILL.  In that instant I almost died!   He had taken my breath away in a heartbeat!   My thoughts rushed to repent!   Who am I to demand anything from God!   I only demanded what the Written Word declares is Your Will.  You command us to raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out demons…. so on!   It is your will for us to live and not die!   It is…. 

I am silenced by the visions of Abraham offering up his son as proof of his faith!  I see the Father offering up His Son for the greater good of us all!  I see Ruth daring to cling to Naomi and marry Boaz who was an older man, I see Esther giving up her life to approach the king without being called.  I see Mary offering up herself… as the handmaid of the Lord… an unwed mother who could be stoned for fornication!  Nothing made sense in the natural but for the greater purposes of God … His WIll Be Done!   I can not begin to repeat all those who stepped out into what made no sense to the flesh and just believe… I mean…  TRUST GOD COMPLETELY…  even when it makes no sense!   I am talking about stepping out of what makes sense and walking on the water keeping the eyes on Jesus! 

All these things I demanded of God’s Written Word… became NOTHING when laid down beside his Spoken Word!   I wept!   Knowing I am nothing without HIM dwelling in me!  I can do nothing without the Spirit of the Living God  empowering me to do the Will of the Father! 

Yes… there is life in the Blood… But the revelation to that… “Written Word”… runs deeper than it appears…  I see more of God then what appears in the obvious…. the “literal” Written Words on a piece of paper!   What the Spirit reveals is that the blood runs under the skin of man.   The skin or flesh is what is seen it hides the blood under a veil.  The blood is what lies beneath and is not seen unless the flesh is cut away… circumcised or stripped away by wounds  that “open the veil” so to speak!  Once the flesh is laid open one can see what lies underneath!   It is the blood that gives life to the body… we are that body of Christ!    He is the source!   We in our human understanding…. read the Word of God and interpret what seems to make sense to our understanding!  But the TRUTH is what God says….  as the Spirit interprets the mysteries of the “spiritual realm” that makes no sense to our human understanding!    It is the Blood that becomes the Spoken Word of God not the Written Word, that does not give life without the Spirit of God!   The literal Word can not birth life nor can it bring forth resurrection… it is only the Spirit that can bring new birth and resurrection power to those who are spiritually dead!  

So now the war is… What is God’s Will?  ….  to manifest the flesh or to manifest the spirit!   Of course the Spirit!  God is more concerned with the spirit of a man than his flesh!   So death becomes a good thing in God’s hands!   We still weep at the emptiness we feel for those we will no longer be able to hold and cherish,  to love and to laugh,  and to teach what we have learned… the hard way!   It is a shame God uses the innocent to get the attention of those who are living in rebellion. I can truly say that my grandson has saved more lives in the small amount of time on this earth… 2 very short years spent mostly in one hospital  or another… than I have in my many, many years on this earth! 

I have seen families restored  and parents turn back to their children realizing… we never know when we will have our last breath!   I have seen salvation come to a minimum of 3 people known so far… how many unknown…. I may not realize until heaven.  I know that little boy never acted sick, never complained, never cried but was always happy no matter what the Drs put him through…

My son was a changed man at the birth of his son.   He is unsure about his future as a father as the  Dr’s recommend them not to have any more children that will carry the same gene and struggle with life as their only child did.  He loves kids and he was an excellent father. He offered his life in place of his son but God would not have it!   Even I have offered up myself  for the child’s life but God also declined.   What greater love has a man than to give up himself for his friend!   Oh the Love of the Father that he has given us his Son to die in our Place!   Who can ever repay him… who could ever take his place!   There is none so worthy… None who can love us so perfectly as the Father.  His Will is perfect as is his plans for us….  our faith is put to the test… do we trust him that he is using all things for good to those who love him and put their “whole” trust in him with all their heart, soul, mind and body!   I can say … Yes… I will trust YOU… because YOU love me… YOU are merciful and gracious beyond our understanding. YOU are divine… YOU are HOLY!  And I will Love YOU, forever!

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