Mary, the Birthing of the Word

What God has planted in you will come to term… He will not abandon you in your time of need… for labor brings forth great joy if we do not lose heart and give up the fight!

20160617_182019.jpgIn my warfare of late Revelations keep coming as I climb higher and higher up the backside of the mountain.  I depend completely on the Holy Spirit as my Teacher.  He alone has all the answers to my questions.  But this time I was not seeking anything remotely close to what was revealed. 

Little did I understand everything is connected in creation and the spirit realm. As I learn God’s ways are so much higher than our ways… I have completely overhauled my mind and cast out everything I once was taught that has become such a lie to me I am ashamed to be called a “Christian”. 

In this time of winter emptiness where nothing seems… appears to be growing I find the spirit realm is still alive and active never dormant never asleep never at rest!   I devour the Word of God as my daily portion of Manna from Heaven and the Water from the Rock.  I have to be reminded to eat human food that I can hardly force myself to eat as it does not satisfy like the spiritual food I have come to crave!  

In this season of physical earthly dormancy the spirit takes full advantage of the opportunity  to teach myriads of mysteries hidden in the Word… in disguise from the fleshly human understanding.  I was communing with the Lord quite deeply… oblivious to anything around me… not even quite sure if I was talking out loud or within myself?   I was laboring in my soul and spirit.  I was looking for truth… absolute truth!   I was able to confess both sides of the argument before the Father, Son and Holy Spirit… They allow me to empty out my mind so they can fill it with PURE TRUTH.   I am okay with that… because it is only when we lay everything out before him that he can take it all and make something beautiful from it.  He can put everything in its rightful place, sort through it all… get rid of the junk,  the errors and the unnecessary information!   I use the DELETE button quite frequently as I have learned that what I was taught as a child was so twisted it kept me bound in sin.  How does the Word of God keep one bound in sin?   It is suppose to set one free!   The difference is between the Written Word and the Spoken Word!

In my search for truth… God planted his seed in me.   As time goes on I find weed seeds cropping up and I pluck them up immediately.  But in the natural realm… I find something at work that is spiritual.   I was being impregnated with the Word of God alright… and as this seed grew within me… I was feeling the weight of it all coming to fruition.   I knew what was coming… labor pains!   Everything I was taught by the Beloved… was being put to the test!   Was I going to fall back and trust what I learned in the past or was I going to step forward in faith and give birth to a new creation!   It was then I had a vision of Mary… Jesus mother…. giving birth!   It was not a natural birth as some believe… This is the vision the Holy Spirit vividly showed me.

                                               Mary gave birth to the WORD OF GOD!  

That may not sound profound to anyone who reads this but in Mary’s day… Women were not aloud to enter into God’s presence. They were not even allowed to worship where the men did!  They had their own courtyard to pray.  Men saw women as sinners… who caused man to fall … lead into sin by a woman!   They lost there divine position with God.   God entrusted his Word with man not woman!   But apparently man did not do his job well… teaching his wife and children the Word of God.   But man had hidden the Word from women for so long that women were being left out of knowing the goodness  and power of God.   Women became slaves instead of queens beside the kings…  the two were not one.   While man usurped his authority on women and treated them as though they are below them… God’s plan was not to be so… he intended for the two to be one!   man possessed God’s mind… logic…. while women possessed God’s heart… love!    The two together became more like God than when they were divided!  

In this vision I was shown how God was now giving women the divine revelation of knowing the God that was hidden from them.   Mary not only got to birth this Word of God, but she was aloud to see God… face to face!   She was the one chosen to nurture the Word and reveal it!  She was the one closest to the heart of God!   It was she who got to love on him and kiss his face!   She was the one to grow and mature the Word and watch it perform miracles, signs and wonders right before her eyes!   As this Word began to mature and step out in faith she could only ponder the wonder of it all knowing a time would come when that Word would bring a greater sorrow to her heart!   To Die for another!   What she could not know is that in dying it would be resurrected on the third day!   Both literally and spiritually!   Faith being resurrected from what she could not comprehend with the human understanding!   It was this  seed time… waiting… birthing and dying that brought forth resurrection power!   Once resurrected it is impossible to die a second time!   It is impossible for those of us who have seen our faith once die in disappointment… to be resurrected again and now nothing can turn us away from the truth.   Not even death can turn us away from living the truth… we know that we know! The Word is Alive!  The Word is Truth!

What I am saying is we are Mary!  Each and every one who has allowed God to plant his seed… the Word of God in us and we do not abort or miscarry…  but that seed comes to the fullness of time… the labor pains begin… will we endure the birthing possess?    It is more than most can bear!   Many panic in fear and choose to abort or to surrender to a man made birth… C-SECTION!   knocked out and unaware of the birthing process that is an absolute necessity to knowing God’s power to bring one through the pain of the birthing process without dying spiritually!

There are so many  spiritual applications to the natural realm I would have to write yet another book to link them all together!   I never ends… it keeps expanding.   The Word of God keeps producing seed… in the next generation and onward…  If we keep sowing the seed!   The seed must be planted!   The seed must take root in the womb or it is lost… aborted, miscarried!   We… all of us… no longer male or female… we are the bride of Christ!  He desires to sow his seed in us… we are neither male nor female once we know the truth.  God is not a sex or a gender!   God is both male and female… he has a mind and a heart and together he is perfect.   We must mature and be one with him; to be like him… both of his mind and his heart!   Not a sex that separates!   What fleshliness we hide in our heart and mind!   God does not see us a sex but as part of his body!   Part of who he is… his bride is one with him… not a harlot!   Not impregnated with another mans seed… the seed of satan, the seed of darkness and death; sickness and dis-ease!  His seed is life… and there is life in the blood!   There is victory in the blood… the blood shed in the birthing process!   It brings life to the seed that was planted!  

We have a choice, we can be impregnated artificially… by man or we can allow God to impregnate us!  We all know how things turn out when left in man’s hands.  All his works tend to evil … pride and corruption!   All things are good in God’s hands!  All things are perfected by him’; through him and him alone!   Amen!

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