Warriors Heart

The unseen battles each warrior faces bears it scars and wounds… but the Joy of the Lord is the strength by which every warrior attains the Victory over the enemy! More than a conqueror … A Victor in Truth and Life…

20160224_212712.jpgDays without end, a warrior keeps fighting the good fight for truth and life.  In the midst of every battle whether seen or unseen the warrior needs a place to rest.  But is there one who will stand in the gap for the weary warrior?  Spiritual battles never cease, the enemy is always on the move.  Though hiding out;  sometimes waiting for an opportune moment to attack they keep watch on the warriors for the leak links.  Divide and conquer is the weapon that is most effective.

Days pass into night. No light in the darkness as the enemy sneaks about unaware.  A warrior alone has no rest for his weary soul.  The battle rages on and there is no one to come bring relief.  Alone he trusts in God.  Praying for divine sight to see the unseen enemy, divine ears to hear the enemy treading about in the darkness. The eyes of the Lord of Host are everywhere. He goes before the warrior to scatter the enemy so the warrior may have rest for a little while.  Warriors never sleep like those of the world.  They are ever attentive whether asleep or awake.  Aware that the Spirit never slumbers or sleeps.  The Lord of Host is the Covering, the Protection, the Armor that defends every warrior far beyond any human weapon. 

This warrior has fought 40 days of unending spiritual warfare… warfare no one sees with the natural eye.  Warfare that manifest only in the spirit realm… did God really say?  

The warfare of the written Word vs. the Spoken Word. 

The warfare of good vs. God. 

The warfare of discernment of God’s Will vs. the Written Legal Word! 

The war between the true sheep and the false sheep. 

The warfare within the camp… the deceiver, the spy, the wolf in sheep’s clothing… Who do we believe?  Who do we trust within the “family”… spiritual family can be as dangerous as an enemy.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer seems to be what causes the most chaos; the division from within destroys a nation, an army, a house, a soul.  Trust no one… no one is perfect… all fall into temptation.  Trust only the Spirit of the Living God who will never deceive, never lie, never lead astray.  He will guide and protect from every enemy … those who appear as false light will be revealed as  such. 

There is no time for pleasure, no time to be idle, no time for eating, drinking and being merry for the warrior.  Guarding the wall, the gates and doors so no enemy finds a crack or crevice to sneak in like a “thief in the night” to kill, steal and destroy without a sound.  The Death Angel passing over the camp unguarded leaves no one safe.  No life is spared from the sword of the enemy.  Caught off guard ones life is snatched away from the land of the living. 

The warrior can only fight as long as the Joy of the lord is the strength that empowers the soul to go on from battle to battle.  It is the praise, thanks and worship that builds up, encourages and surrounds the warrior with a wall of Heavenly Host.  Making music in his heart he carries a greater weapon of destruction than the  enemy has counted on.   Though a 1000 fall at the warriors side and 10,000 at the right hand of every spiritual warrior… no weapon formed against the righteous can prosper.  The enemies fall and do not rise again.  The warrior is untouched by the enemy’s weapons of warfare.  The Shield the warrior bares is faith in God Almighty.  The Sword in the right hand is the Word of the God …it is mighty and powerful sharper than any 2 edged sword.  The warrior never lays down the sword or shield.  It is the only defense  against the weapons of the enemy.  The armor of God is knowing the truth… God is our Savior and Deliverer… it guards every warriors mind… what  every warrior sees, hears or what is spoken… everything protected by the knowledge God is greater than any enemy.. any weapon… any lie the enemy speaks.  The heart is protected by righteousness… trust in God!   Every warrior must believe victory is already won… more than a conqueror… Victors in Christ;  the Living Word… it is alive and active!  Defeat is not an option… failure is not in the vocabulary of a warrior.  Waging war brings about peace.  Peace-makers guard the gates, doors and walls from the enemy’s of Truth and Life. 

Every warrior must make time to rest. Time to take off the armor enter into the rest of God… Sabbath rest;  to be refreshed in the presence of the Lord of Host.  There must be warriors who will give rest to those who have fought the good fight of faith.  A shift in the troops, yet not a shift in command.  There is one who is Head of all. He leads the warriors into the battle.  They are called to stand on holy ground.  Not to fight with the flesh but only stand on the Word.  When necessary declare the Spoken Word with authority and the enemy has to flee…  all authority comes from the Head.  All must surrender in obedience or retreat!  It is finished… the enemy defeated in retreat or surrender held captive for judgment!   The warrior shouts the victory cry!   The celebrations begin and the warrior takes a rest until the next battle ensues. 

Sweet and bitter is the Victory…  the gathering of the fallen warriors, the healing of the wounded in battle… the purging, cleansing of wounds, sickness and dis-ease all come at a cost!   Many never recover yet a remnant remains… they continue to keep guard. The watchmen at the walls and gates, they have their times of laboring and times of rest. 

We must all be warriors in times of warfare… not desert the camp nor the company… to abandon our fellow warriors would be to side with the enemy of Truth and Life.  Treason in the camp makes one an enemy of our God… the fearful will not be tolerated as it endangers the whole company.  Fear brings spiritual death… death that is eternal;  death that brings torment for all eternity.  It is perfect love that cast out fear… make love complete and there will be no room for fear.  Warriors must be fearless.  No one who has fear will be worthy of the kingdom of God.  Understanding the truth destroys all fear.  If you trust God’s perfect love to protect, provide, defend and Save then there can be no place for fear… warriors are free knowing the battle is the Lords.  He has already brought the victory! He is Lord, there is none greater than He.  There is no one… not one…



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