Silence of Night

When the silence is too much to bear.. the soul cries out what the Spirit longs to speak. Who can contain it, who can hold it back. Living waters bursting forth like the bursting of a dam, flooding the valley below, bringing life wherever it flows…

wp-image-1006088502jpg.jpegIn the darkness I can see nothing, but I feel its presence all around me.

I am blind to the enemies lurking… waiting to take me by surprise. 

I can not walk by what I can not see … but I walk by what I know is truth.

I am never alone for my God is with me.  All my thoughts are fixed on my Savior.

He is my light in the darkness.  He leads me in the way that is right and just.

I , though blind,  close my physical eyes so I can see with my spiritual eyes and follow my Shepherd out of the valley .

I open my spiritual ears and pay heed to his still small voice  that is only a whisper that moves my spirit to act.

I give my heart into his hands that I should not fear what the enemy could do to me, For my trust is in him who is my protector , my defense,  my rear guard.

I trust him completely to lead me in the darkness… the darkness of the unknown. 

I do not know what lies ahead but he knows my end.  He has marked out the path, my journey from beginning to its end,  my last day, my last breath is in his hands.

When the unknown brings me to a place of nothingness… I bow myself before my Lord and surrender to his perfect will.

I will prove my faith by trusting him with my life, he knows best, he has a good plan marked out for me.  He desires to do me good all the days of my life.

When I feel alone, exhausted and empty, I fall down before his throne of mercy and cry out from my heart the love I have for my Creator.

He alone can raise me up. He alone can give me strength. He alone can revive me.

But in his Sovereignty … He can choose to leave me weak and helpless to show me his Salvation, his Glory, His great Love. 

In my weakness I find a love that surpasses all other loves.

 In brokenness I find his love is made perfect.

In my emptiness … I find his fullness overwhelms me like a flood.

He is perfect in his love, in his will,  in his works,  in all creation, in all mankind there is no one who can accuse him of unrighteousness. 

He alone is just, He alone is judge.  He sees in the darkness the heart of every soul.  What is hidden in darkness is revealed in his divine purpose.

I am weak, emptied out like water from a broken jar.  I am at his mercy to sustain me or to snuff out my life in the land of the living. 

I am powerless to uphold my own head.  My soul longing just to be held in his arms.

I am nothing without him. I have no purpose if I can not speak of his truth. I have no purpose if I can not share his goodness with another soul.

I am only flesh with out life, with out fire, without passion if I can not speak of his great love.

I am a borrowed vessel, waiting to be used, a voice waiting to be heard.  I am his voice, his vessel… 

Silent I wait, though it be deafening…

I do not know how long I can keep it to myself…

His Word burns in me like a volcano on the verge of erupting…

The pressure builds,  but not to destroy… to enlighten the darkness with truth.

How his presence engulfs me, even in the darkness, in the emptiness, in the nothingness…

My heart aches, my tears fall,  my words are in-utterable… but he knows every one not spoken. 

I sleep from exhaustion… but my spirit and my soul remain vigilant … they commune Spirit to spirit , Soul to soul with my Creator, my Savior, my Life-giver.

I have no desire to return…  I like it here where I can be free from the prison of the flesh. 

I delight myself in worship and praise,  giving thanks to he who revealed himself to me. 

His secrets made known,  humble me to fall down in awe …in reverence.

Some things are unspeakable… to difficult to express in human words… but those things revealed that can be uttered I can not keep to myself…

Who will believe my testimony, who will believe my words… For they are not mine but His… He put them in my mouth, wrote them on my heart, in the forefront of my mind.

Who could forget?  Who would want to forget?  They are Life, they are Breath, they are Truth…

Who can deny Truth?  Who would dare to deny the Truth?

I surrender all… Your will be done, Amen!


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