Eclipsed by You

In the light of Your Glory I am undone… I become the nothingness so you can be the center of who I am… all that I am!

cropped-phone-downloads-287.jpgThe more time I spend in your presence the more I long to stay, never again to return to the past.  I find myself desiring more of you… less of me…

 Like the sun eclipsing the moon I am undone. You become the light that surpasses mine.  I may shine in the darkness like the fullness of the moon but you … you make me disappear in your sight.

I am undone… I am nothing… unseen by your glory and still I long to be in your presence. I long to allow you to shine still brighter and I… I am becoming the nothingness that no one sees.  All they see… is you.  All they praise… is you.  All they seek… is you! 

You are my solar eclipse .  It is You… between me and those upon the earth.  I will gladly take my place behind your back and allow you to shine in all your glory. I will gladly take my place and follow you.  You lead the way. I will not steal your glory. I will not be like a lunar eclipse,  blocking you from those upon the earth.  I will not stand in your way as you seek to shine your beautiful face upon those still walking in darkness.  SHINE, my Beloved, SHINE !  

I will not hide you in my heart. I will not put you in a box and hide you in the attic of my mind nor in the basement of my heart.  No, how can I… you are like a fire that consumes everything within me. I am undone…

You far eclipse me in perfect love, perfect light and perfect wisdom. How can I be so bold as to lift myself above your radiant countenance.  How can I think that my light is greater than you… the giver of light. 

Nay say I… I am only a spark, ignited by your presence.  I am undone… eclipsed by your love that swallows me up, like the day swallows up the night.  You are my eclipse, still you are humble … you are a gentleman… in your great confidence you allow me to shine in the darkness.  The fullness of the moon gives like in the darkness like the morning rising to declare your glory.  Even in the darkness when things are not as they appear.  You reveal them to those who are walking in your light.  The place I long to be forever… always looking into your face like the full moon smiling… bursting with your glory, your grace, your mercy… to remind us you are here.  You dwell among us even in the darkness… even when we can not see clearly what lies ahead .

Give me the grace to never leave you; to always be like the moon in full face, facing you yet not hindering your light, your radiance, your glory.  Give me grace and do not consume me from your presence.  Do not take your light from me  or I will be like those that have died for lack of light.  In the utter darkness there can be no life… and still you are there in the deepest darkness I found you resurrecting me to life… igniting this fallen spark, created to worship you. Created for your glory. Created to delight in you.  Created to be One with you in all you glory…

We shine together not in competition with one another, for love does not compete… love completes. 

Your glory makes me shine and it all returns to you to make you shine still more glorious… I can not understand it all.  I only know what I have seen and heard in your presence. I learn from watching you; I learn and I am changed.  I am transformed; I am undone…  Never, I beg, never make me leave for it would be impossible for me to turn away from your face.  I can not… I will not. 

 I only exist because of your light.  You are the light of my life. The joy of my life the fullness of who I am, the radiance of your glory, your face shining on me making me live and breathe and have my being all wrapped up in you. 

The things you have shown me… I am still speechless.. I write them but only between you and I… for now… when you are ready you will reveal the secrets of your heart to those who will truly seek  you… not just your salvation, not just your blessings, not just to be healed… but seeking to know who you are in Spirit, Soul and Body…

Yes… We are created in your image… If we are Spirit, Soul and Body then You are too.  Your Word, your People, all creation becomes your BODY.  We exist as a part of who you are.  Each of us having a different purpose… some more noble, some more modest, some more visible… some remain invisible.  It is those invisible ones that become the most intimate, the beating of your heart, the breath of life, the blood that flows and gives life wherever it goes.  This unseen glory never respected, never honored, never appreciated … but taken for granted, abused and neglected by the rest of the body.  Unheard of… unthinkable that the body would not protect its most vital unseen secret parts.  But sells it to its highest bidder… all for sheer pleasure. That bears with it consequences that eclipse the pleasure.

 In the darkness, the invisible grieves… suffering… unseen, unheard and unattended. The pleasures of sin eclipses the pure light, like clouds hiding the sunlight; clouds without rain; fog dense, heavy and burdensome.  Still the light shines for those who rise above the clouds… those who soar the heights of the unseen, invisible realm of the Spirit.  The place I call home… the place I long to stay …the place where I am free at last from the burden of this prison.

This body longs to worship you night and day but it is weak and grows weary.  I am forced by natural laws to be still and rest for a while…  and still in my sleep… I dream of you, I talk with you, I walk with you as though I have never left… we pick up where we left off…

In the Garden… The place I was created… The place where I belong… The place where I was birthed by you ; for the “soul” purpose to delight in you… worship you alone, to pour out my love… the very love you filled me with, returns to you 100 fold.  You have reaped what you have sown in me and I am delighted to share the harvest with you, to be called to tabernacle with you; to be in fellowship and communion with you is my hearts delight.  I am honored to be invited into your presence, to eat at your table, feasting on your wisdom, your words are like honey and they enlighten the eyes of my understanding… to see you fully face to face despite your radiance and the brightness of you countenance. 

Let me sing of your beauty, let me dance before you to pour out a love that is not spoken with words, words no human has spoken,  words that go unspoken that only the Spirit can declare them… only those who allow the Spirit to possess them completely and wholly can speak what words can not utter.  

Here I AM…  

Yes, I AM because you are … and I AM made in your image, in your likeness

Because you eclipse me by far and I am humbled; I AM undone!

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