Outside Myself

Where can I go. Where can I find peace…I close my eyes and let go of all that weighs me down. I am raptured away


The longer I linger in your presence the more I long to stay. Don’t make me go… don’t make me leave.  I can not… Breathe… without you. 

I have found my place, I have found my home, it is here with you.  What can you give me that could take your place? There is nothing I desire but to be with you.  You are the love of my life; the joy that overwhelms my soul.  What can you give me but to allow me to stay, stay by your side… stay face to face with my one and only beloved.

  I am not myself when I am not with you.  I can not go on without you.  You are the song in my heart.   You are the one I dream of through the day and the night… when I long for you… you are here with me.  All I need to do is close my eyes and I am raptured away into your presence.  It is there I am free from the limits of this fleshly prison that keeps me from you. 

I hear you whisper my name and my whole being is ignited with life.  My spirit leaps, my flesh dies, my soul released from its confines of this world.  I run to you; arms open wide and love overflowing, I leap in your arms and you catch me mid-air… yes, you meet me in the air and off we go together to the secret place where only you and I know the way. 

Outside myself I can be anything I desire. Still… all I want… is to be with you.  You can not persuade me with silver or gold, no diamonds or rubies,  no mansion not even fame or power could turn me from you.  What is it that compares to you?  

No… I do not seek a crown  of gold, nor streets of gold.  I do not seek a reward for anything I might do for you… I am glad you allowed me the privilege … the honor of being used for your glory and majesty. 

Outside myself I am limitless and I can do anything for you.  But what I desire most is to hear your voice, look into your eyes and feel the love pouring out of you and into me.  I close my eyes as my spirit is moved; inspired to dance… to just let go and let the spirit have its way with me. 

I will worship you in the song and dance.  I will worship you with my life; my whole heart; my whole mind… I will hide nothing from you… I am… an open door… you are welcome to come to me night or day. 

Who am I that you desire to speak with me.  I hunger for it.  I thirst for your wisdom that waters my soul like the spring rains water the garden.  Come… come into my garden.  Come and see the beauty that abounds within.  Come smell the sweetness of my praises for you.  Let it be a fragrance that intoxicates better than wine. 

I will worship you for you are mine and I am yours… I am not myself when I am not with you.  You are my sunshine, you are the breeze in the air.  You are the beautiful blue skies and all creation reveals who you are.  I will give thanks to you the one I love.  I will do anything to see that smile I know so well.  I love to hear you laugh from deep within.  I love when you answer my question with a question… Oh how it stirs me from within. 

Still … outside myself I can be anything but all I desire is to be your beloved.  I beg… I plea, don’t make me leave… don’t make me go away from your presence.  Again you remind me… You will never leave me nor forsake me… you will be with me for all eternity.  I breath… I close my eyes longing.  I lay my head upon your chest and I weep… Not for sorrow, not for loss… I weep that all would know how deep, how wide, how great is your love for us… How you long to love us… perfectly.

Why do we resist your love?  Why?  Outside myself I can be anything… but all I want is to be with you.  I beg… I plea, let me know you more.  Tell me your hearts desires.  Tell me of the wisdom you conceal from the world; hidden from the natural soul. 

I will sit at your feet and hang on every word you speak.  Your voice is like music to my ears and my soul rejoices.  Sweeter than honey; more nourishing than the best of foods is your Spoken Word.  I can never get enough… I want to hear more. 

I want more of you… less of me.  Don’t make me go… don’t make me leave your face. I am captivated by those eyes of love.  I am undone… Transparent and oblivious to anything but you.  Your words fill me; there is no room for anything of the world, the flesh or the foolishness bound up in self. 

How can I go back. How can I be part of “that” world when I cannot live like they do.  I do not belong. I will not compromise…I cannot.  

My soul is bound up in you… in you alone.  I rest in your embrace and I drift off into bliss… knowing you are holding me in your arms.  You are here… by my side… outside myself. Don’t make me go… don’t make me leave… My life is bound up in you.   Come let us walk together; lets us delight in one another; lets just be…forever and forever.

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