Can you hear his voice whispering to you? Can you feel his presence all round you? Be still… Listen… Wait… He is there… waiting for you…

20160310_091327Shhh! Can you hear it?

Be still a while.  In the silence can you feel it? 

Shhh!  Close your eyes, cast out every thought.

  Step outside yourself.  Rid your flesh of any power.  Take captive your soul.  Give no room to distractions.

Shhh!  Can you hear it?   The faint whisper, of a voice? 

The whisper of the wind maybe?   Perhaps, the whisper of music that arises from the nothingness.   That whisper… can it be the voice from within… crying out… but unheard.

  What is it saying? Can you hear it?  Though faint at first the longer the silence remains the louder the voice becomes, the clearer it becomes.

   Shhh!   Do not speak a word,  only listen,  write what you hear, be specific; be clear. Can you hear it? 

What is it saying to you?  Be still and linger a little longer.  Can you feel it? Deep within who you are… can you feel it.  The stirring of the Spirit calling your name. 

ShhhJust wait… be still and wait a little longer

Now let go.  LET IT ALL GO!   Do you feel itIt’s called freedom!   Let the Spirit take you away.  Let the Spirit rapture you away out of this world and into his.

ShhhNo longerLet it all out! Shout his praises! Shout his glory! Shout he is worthy!

Sing for Joy! Sing for the Lord! Sing in the Spirit! Dance in the Spirit! Walk in the Spirit!

For the soul can no longer be silent in the presence of the Lord. The soul is caught up in his glory who can resist.

Set it free.  Do not hold it back.  Never let it rest. When it cries out heed its voice. Do not stop the Spirit.  Let nothing stand in the way.  Do today what you want to do in his presence.  Do today what you want to do for ever.  Just do it… no hindrances, no barriers, no walls, just wide open space to be free, to be limitless… to just be… his delight.

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