Living to Worship

To bring Him joy is what I am created for…He is my delight. I will worship him with my life not just in a song but everything I do and say… everything I think and feel… Just to see him smile; just to hear him laugh again.


In the midst of my day I find myself welling up with tears for no reason but that I love my Savior. He is so good to me.  Everything I do; I do it for Him.  My Life’s work is to worship Him in everything I do, because He loves me… Because I love Him; because I enjoy seeing His beautiful smile on His face when He is pleased with me.  I love to hear him laugh it makes my heart leap within; I can hardly stand myself.  While driving delighting myself in singing to my Savior, My Father, My Teacher; the Spirit over takes me and I had to pull over and write these Words I hear in my spirit.

Your Words to me woo me ever nearer.  Words of Love captivate my soul.

I was made for You; for Your Glory; to worship You; to praise You; to honor You.  I was created for this alone, to bring you delight; to see you smile.

You are my breath of life; You breath and I live. You speak to me and it takes my breath away… again.

You hold my heart in the Your tender hands; gently, softly You build me up.  I shine because of You. You are my light, my delight, the joy of my life.

Who can love me like You do? Taken by love; I am free to be… all Yours.  My heart longs for You. Your presence is what I desire.

You call my name, and I am undone! You open my heart, to receive all of You. You are all that I want ; all I need.  Come to me; take me away with You; to where You are.

Teach me love; perfect Love; Your kind of love. Love that is free; free to give it all; to surrender it all; to the one I love. There is no other for me.

Take  Take my life if You will not stay with me. I can not live without You. I can not breathe without You.

I hang on Your Spoken Word. It is Life to me. I hear Your voice speak to me; speak and I will live. Speak and I will come running!

Waiting… waiting for You to just say the Word, and I am there with You. I belong with You, It is where I wanna be, I it is where I wanna stay.






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