the journey never ends it is,only the beginning of forever

My journey into the spirit realm has not ended. I continue to unlearn the lies I was taught as a child.  Half truths are still part of the lies we believe… just as we are taught to believe in santa, the easter bunny, leperchauns, magic and tooth fairies… we grow up …sometimes… but our inner child still holds fast to those myths … believing in some magical wand or superman hero who will make everything right and give us everything we want.  We realize in time… Life Is Not Fair! The wicked go unpunished -it appears they prosper and escape justice.  All the while, the “good” people seem to always fall short… take the fall for every wrong- blamed for something they never did… because the evidence appears obvious.  Set up and niave to the wickedness … they suffer injustice.  

My journey into the spirit realm reveals a truth not spoken… yet written and misunderstood… we will reap what we have sown. We believe good will reap good and evil reaps evil…. truth is… all things are good!  How can it be you ask!  Remember as a child our parents rules seem unjust, unfair, harsh … trying to keep us from the good life we think is out there.  We rebell… take things into our own hands and suffer the consequences after we are caught redhanded… punishment comes and we despise it with vengence!  We try harder to be secretive, sneaky, pretenders /actors /hypocrites… in the face of those we purpose to deceive… to be something outwardly we are not inwardly.   In the end… our own deeds reward us.  Life teaches us whether we want to learn or not… these teachable moments… turn us around… we accept our punishment for our words, deeds, thoughts and motives of the heart…. the devil did not make us do it… we willfully wanted to do the evil we do… it is impossible for the body to do anything without the will being in agreement with our heart or our thoughts.  The power of agreement it only takes 2 but 3 become unstoppable!  The truth comes when our “will” agrees with His will nothing can stop Gods will being acomplished.  Evil may flourish but only for a time and a season…. the evil produces a good … the evil being manipulated to do a good work.  The evils producing the gathering of the righteous to rise up and put a stop to the insanity! The injustice producing a holy anger to change laws that destroy life instead of create life.   Inventions assumed as good but turning the spirit, soul and body to death, sickness and dis-ease… trouble in every direction… leads us into the darkness…. but in the end we have free will…. to choose to come out; crossover, rise up…  take the truth and cling to it for life.  So in and through the lessons of life and death we must learn the truth… we create our own world of chaos by rebelling against the truth.  Revealed by trouble what lies in our soul!  We choose… to accept or reject the truth.   Rebellion against truth… we sin because we want to… a part of us inwardly desires to do what is forbidden… why is it forbidden?  Truth desires to protect us from the consequences of sin… it guides us, convicts us and corrects us…. we choose to surrender or to resist correction.  Each and every time we resist the harder /heavier the consequences become… until we are broken…. So broken we give up… plea for a God – we refused to trust before to come now and prove himself!   Are we just seeking to escape the consequences or do we truly desire to change our ways… its not a quick fix.  It is a change in life style… dying to self – will surrendering to God’s better way… to learn His Ways are so far advanced it does not make sense to us.

 Resurrection power… to overcome Evil with Good by doing its opposite!   Evil is only the manipulation of good to do evil.  We call evil good and good evil… that means we call God evil for he is the Creator of all things… light and dark…  he alone can teach us how to manipulate evil for a good. Like discipline.  It is for the greater good as one sees the benefit of discipline in the future.  The soul may resist but learns quickly the good of discopline when it returns a harvest of rewards that bless and not curse. 

Life is as hard as we make it!  Resurrection of our soul from crucifying our own willfulness to do what we think is right and wrong… until it clashes with truth!   The war begins… the casualties are great…. many lose their life in the battle between truth and self.   We think ourselves wise… we are but fools leading the blind into a darkness the blind cant see  but can feel tge darkness. The fool cant understand… because ignorance keeps him more blinded than the blind man who cant  see in the natural. Only truth can open both eyes… to see and to understand… ignorance is not bliss.   Souls are destroyed by ignorance… hell is full and enlarging itself to make more room for those who willfully choose to remain ignorant.  Truth Resurrects… seek truth hold on to it… never let it go.

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