Just When We Get Comfortable… Conforming in exile… we cut the anchor to our faith

Af20161023_162744ter spending much time traveling with the Presence of God… visiting those in exile. I find one thing in common.   The exiles have conformed to the people around them.  Every town, every shop, every business… BUSY doing life.   As the Holy Spirit interprets what I behold with my own eyes… as a witness… I will have to give an account of all I have beheld of those who call themselves…”godly”.

As we travel, we stay in various homes with … “believers”  who welcome us in and tell us to make ourselves at home.  We live off the hospitality and kindness of  others.  The Holy Spirit tests the “godly” in ways I never imagined.   I am commanded to accept what room they supply and to fellowship in the Word.  I find no great struggle in telling the truth.  I delight in revealing the revelations the Holy Spirit has taught me.  What I did not expect is how strong willed the “godly” are when it comes to correcting error.  He knows each soul’s weakness and pushes it to the limit.  I experienced much resistance to correction.  Each has an excuse… to stand on the Written Word they declare with complete faith.  But when that faith is tested… as was JOB… We all face that test…  are we UNSHAKABLE?

I found myself questioning my own purpose.  Do I really want to share the truth?   The very ones whom I am sent to… by need… what others called lack, some called sin and still others called rebellion…but God was using it to test his own people.   I found myself under judgment being condemned for not doing what “normal christians” do.  I was not conforming to “THE WORD” by how they interpreted it.  I knew I was in God’s will. I was in continual fellowship with the Presence of God… The Father, Son and Holy Spirit speaking to me face to face.  I know them… they know me and there is nothing between us.

What “normal christians” call  truth is but a shadow of the whole truth.  They believe they are blessed because they have things… but do they consider the spiritual blessing?  I am not talking about the  “so called” 9 fruits of the spirit  of which there are 12 not just 9…or the spiritual gifts, too many to count.

I am talking about the beauty of ascending into the heavenly realm and entering in to the kingdom to talk to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I am talking about leaving this realm, this body that anchors the spirit and soul to the earth to do the Fathers “Will”.

How many times have I been condemned for spending time alone… not doing what “normal christians” do.  They run to and fro… too BUSY… doing business, doing “church” , doing what they please… according to the WORD, of course!   How they twist the Word to justify their busyness.  How they twist working… on Sabbath  to do good, blessing others.

So they are willing to break God’s Word to keep their own version/ interpretation of the Word.  They have left the kingdom… the City of Peace!  The place God put His Name!  God wants to dwell with us … “E-MANU-EL… in us… through us… but  He can not dwell in an unclean, defiled temple.    They declare the BLOOD covers all sin… Is that What the Word says?  Does He not rather say…repent and be forgiven… the Blood covers the sin, blots it out when we repent… not just say sorry… not keep sinning… in the pig pen!

The exiles continue to stand on the belief they can sin … and God overlooks the sin.   Where has this lie been planted and now has become a great TREE… A TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.   They declare they know what is good and evil… and yet they choose to sin!  What is the greater sin?   To sin … believe the Lie…  or to walk away from relationship with God.

They defend themselves… declaring they are in relationship with GOD!

So they walk and talk to God and God walks and talks to them?

They say… I go to church, I read my bible, I am  good person, I give my tithe, help others and give when I can.

So is that what God desires?  They admit… IT IS WRITTEN!

Did they miss the part where Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for doing all the right things… but they don’t “KNOW” ME.  God with us!  E-MANU-EL!   They missed God standing right in front of them! They missed their visitation!

How many times have we missed God standing right in front of us!  He dwells in us RIGHT?   So What we do to others… we are doing to Him also… He feels what we feel, He sees what we see, He hears what we hear, He tastes what we taste, He knows our thoughts and emotions,  He does what we do!!! He goes where we go! Do we grasp the depths of HIM DWELLING IN US!  He sees what we do… openly or in secret… He sees what others do… God sees it through our eyes!  So also… when we sin… drunkenness, drugs, gluttony, lying, stealing, envy, coveting, lusting, gossiping, slandering, hating, cursing, striking another, being selfish, being immoral… in so many ways…

Do we believe God would stay in us… with us… when we enter into sin?   He is Holy… If no flesh can stand before Him how much more SIN!  Do we realize… our FLESH… the body can not sin without the soul… in agreement!  The mind, the will and the heart all in agreement makes one unstoppable.  It only takes 2 to agree touching or agreeing on anything and it will be done.  But… a 3 cord string is not easily broken!

The mind, a thought, and the will can force the body to do anything. If there is a will… There is a way!   The heart and the will can provoke the body to react to emotions.  But all three in agreement… WATCH OUT!

We can stop our mind and will if our heart will  not allow it. Our mind can stop our heart and will if it can not make sense or reason it out to make our body perform that which we feel we want to do!   So it is impossible to sin without the consent of the mind or the heart in agreement with the will. The brain tells the body what to do… it is the control center for everything we do… by free will…   Our heart provokes us by emotions, we react!

It is only those who allow the Holy Spirit to possess every area of our being!   No secrets between the SPIRIT and the Soul!  Do we allow Him to clean the house… inside and out?   Do we try to hide things in our attic (mind) or our basement (Gut)  we say… God dwells in our heart… but what about the other areas.  What about the body- the mouth, eye, ear, hands, feet or our dreams?   Do we surrender our own ideas, goals and plans.

In my travels to the exiles… I find this at work… man believes the Written Word… but not the Spoken Word! He demands his rights… before God… rather than what God says or what God wants!  He knows the past, present and future!   Have we considered… He knows what is best for us? Have we considered… he is testing us?   Will we demand our rights or allow God to Rule and Reign in our little kingdom… our soul!   If we can not manage our own kingdom how do we think we are wise enough to rule over another’s kingdom and tell God what is right and wrong!

To the Exiles… Repent… turn away from self-righteousness… pride in what you KNOW! Spitting out scriptures- learning to repeat what is heard over and over again… mimicking like a parrot… a form of brainwashing… but having no relationship with God- the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Do you have any idea what you say or what it means?   They are not just words… They are LIFE, TRUTH… They are… the Word… Made Flesh… His Name… E-MANU-EL! His Word IS with us! Lives In Us!  … or does He?


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