The Blood hides the Truth

Seek and you will find; the Truth crying out in the streets. Come drink the Living Water and be healed, made whole Perfected by the Truth

20160305_113541.jpgAs I return to writing from a season away with the “TEACHER”.  I find… I still write everything He says… to keep the journey from death to life in record.  A witness of the Truth… alive and well upon the earth.

In my moments of communing every morning and evening  Revelation comes sometimes before I can even sit at his feet.  I barely get a word in… and yet He knows my every thought.

He tells me a secret!

The Blood of Yehoshua… whom they call Jesus… Atones for sin… Why?

I answer:  It covers our sin so it is no more remembered.

But He takes it deeper… He takes me deeper… Where do you find the blood… where does it live?

I answer: In us, In him… there is life in the blood.

He speaks plainly;  There is life or death in the blood.  Every human has the free will to choose life or death.

Yes, I reply He does… unless he is ignorant.

He interrupts: Even his own blood will bring forth the truth.

I ask: How?

He answers: Learn this… within the natural the spirit is revealed.  Every “body” has blood flowing in it and through it. The blood feeds the body life or death, wholeness or sickness.  A Dr. draws blood to reveal what makes man sick, ill, and dis-eased from within.  It is a mystery… every natural sickness reveals a spiritual root of sin… error in his way… not walking in Peace, Rest and Truth.  People perish for lack of knowing the Truth. Man can know the written and still be ignorant of the Truth.

Meditate on this:  Communion, what are its elements?

I answer: The unleavened bread and the wine or juice of the vine.

He answers: The Blood was spilled to reveal the Truth… evidence… what was once hidden is now being brought forth like a flood to sprinkle the people who will come under the blood.  The Truth is revealed… He is the Truth, He sent His spirit to dwell in man to reveal the Truth.  The blood reveals  sickness and dis-ease… so also the spirit reveals sins and error.  When the Spirit of Truth reveals sin and one turns from that sin… That sin no longer makes that soul sick … spiritually and physically!   Sin makes one sick it manifests in the spirit then the soul then the body.  The unseen first then manifests in the visible.  Every sickness begins unseen… the longer it goes untreated the more it causes destruction in the physical body.  So also with sin.. the longer sin goes unrepented… the more it manifests on the outside; the outward man… be sure your sin will find you out.  Nothing remains hidden.

I am amazed… who could know the blood reveals not only physical sickness and dis-ease but also spiritual sickness and dis-ease… sin in disguise…  By his stripes we are healed?

The Teacher replies: That is not what that means.

I inquire: But that’s what we are taught?

He replies: It is deeper than the surface… just like the bread is the Word- Unleaven without sin… the Word is Perfect just as E-Manu-el is perfect… because God is perfect. The Word was Spoken and IT IS… The Word was with God and the Word is God … so also is… E-Manu-El…  God with man.  His Word is with man.  God puts His Word in the heart of man. when he receives the Truth.  God was willing to Crucify His own Word… Curse His own Word… Condemn His own Word… JUST TO REDEEM MAN from deception… the lie, what is hidden from man’s natural eye.  This Word You confess… BY HIS stripes man is healed is literally hidden in its meaning in the spirit  not the flesh… It is by fellowship with HIM  that man is healed… God laid open his Word, Allowing man to shred the Word to pieces, mock it,  pick it apart, divide it, strip it bare and destroy its Life giving Truth so man could be healed, cured from his sickness … sin!  The Word is Perfect…there was and is no fault found in him!  Those who find fault in the Word are not of God… They are what you call …antichrist… against the Anointed One. The Word is Anointed to save, to heal, to deliver from sin… Life is found in the Word… Yehoshua whom they call Jesus and yet they proclaim they are not bound to the LAW… the Word… God’s Word is the Covenant… man wants the blessing of the Covenant without becoming part of the Covenant… keeping covenant. Will God bless those who break Covenant?   Like an adulterous wife who breaks Covenant with her first love… she is cast out as unclean!

I inquire: If we are the Bride then we must keep covenant. We must be found … faithful! The covenant is the Promise, to those who love God and do his will. If we love Him we will obey Him.  Obey what?  His Word?

The Teacher answers:  He is the Covenant between God and man.  It is simple man makes it difficult.  Man took the Word and began to accuse, judge and condemn rather than correct error, discipline and train up the children… not just the natural child but the spiritual child, those who are being reborn… made a new creation.  They have no victory when they do not know the Truth. They believe they will never have the victory over sin but in error they forget The Word conquered all sin… by doing its opposite.  Every evil is rooted in twisting the Truth, perverting what is holy and good. So when someone knows the Truth and does it… he is able to overcome sin. Sin looses its power to tempt. One is only tempted when ignorance is present. Sin is ignorance to the Truth. Rebellion is knowing the Truth and still chooses to do its opposite.

I reply: How we have been ignorant of the Truth.  Forgive us who do not know  and help us to receive the Truth and live it…that it will bring life to us… to our blood that carries God DNA. We have God DNA that transforms us from natural to spirit.  So we now walk in the spirit not in the natural. We ascend into the Light of the Truth rather than descend into darkness of ignorance.

The Teacher replies: Come, take my hand, walk with me and I will show you more of the mysteries of Truth hidden in the natural. The Truth will set You Free.  Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He is the Word, keep him on your lips, in your heart, in the forefront of your mind, in your ears, in your hands, walk with Him, talk with Him and you will be made whole, complete and perfect in His sight.



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