Whispers in the Wind

Within the Wind is the Still small voice waiting to be received by whom-so-ever will…

20161115_160802I heard the voice… whispering in the Wind.

I ask… who are you?

The Wind answers, I AM that I AM.

The Wind catches my breath,  In Awe I fall on my face.

I feel the Wind sweeping me off my feet and breath LIFE into me.

The whisper speaks gently into my soul, Be still And Know Me!

I feel the brush of the Wind against my cheek.

I close my eyes and shudder.


I let go.

Inhale… Deep!

I feel the Wind enter me.

I am undone!

The Wind dances within, I can not BE STILL!

I rise up.

I dance with the Wind as though “I Am”  weightless.

I become the Wind, I Am one with the Wind.

It takes me to and fro upon the earth.

I see what He sees and I hear His voice… whispering.

He hovers upon the souls of man…

seeking, pursuing, teasing… wooing whom so ever will.

I see, I feel, I hear… but no one responds…

They dont know… who you are.

They mistake you for the natural.

They take no notice of the Wind.

It shakes the earth and they fear it…

They can’t hear him…calling them by name.

I sense an oddity… they don’t know their name!

The Wind moves on… here and there from the east to the west.

I weep.

The Wind whispers My Name, What ails the soul?

I reply… is there no one… not one who will receive the Wind?

He breaths upon me and I inhale.

He whisper… Yes, there is ONE!






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