This week has been very exciting. The Book ” RESURRECTION THE  UNTOLD STORY” has come to BE more powerful than I could ever imagine.

I have been praying more in the Spirit  than usual. It is time to cross over that final MOUNTIAN.  I am pursing the Kingdom permanently!   The calling, the tugging of my spirit, soul and body can not be ignored any longer. So despite my ignorance… I step out of the boat to cross over… to the  other side.  I do not go alone, God forbid.  YH-W-H is reaching out to me!  I am reaching out to Him, because His love compels me, draws me, woos me to Him.  How can I resist.

In that moment He gives me a small taste of the other side.

I work with a young lady she claims she does not believe in “GOD”  but she uses his name every day!   How can that be?   I had opportunity, an open door so to speak to allow the Holy Spirit to use me…  to impact a broken soul.  This young lady came to work different- sad and I could feel her pain.  I was sensitive immediately to her despair. She murmured her boyfriend was cheating on her for a while and she did not know it.  She expressed in some very filthy words how no one cares about her, no one sees her, they only use her.  In my spirit I was crying out to God, how can I bless her. She doesn’t know you love her.  She hates you and blames you for everything. What can I possibly say to open her eyes?

The Holy Spirit told me to watch her work.  I said, “She is different, calmer than most days she is in overdrive.  He replied… “ISN’T SHE BEAUTIFUL.” I answered,  “She is, especially when she is not trying so hard to earn everyone’s approval.”  He then proceeded to tell me she is broken and HE wants to heal her.  “Give her all the money in your pocket.”  I answered, “I do not know how much money I have?”  He replied, “Does it matter?”  I said, “No!”

When she returned to the room,  I approached her and told her The Holy Spirit told me to give you all the money in my pocket.”  She kept saying, “Why would you do that?” I said because he asked me to.  She kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am to tell you even though no one else sees you or cares about you God sees you and cares about you and He wants you to know HE LOVES YOU even though you hate him, you blame him for everything and use his name in a not so good way!

The look on her face was priceless!

Like a revelation to her that God hears everything she says about him.  He knows every thought in her heart.  She kept saying, “Thank you.”  I told her to thank God. She asked how do you hear him? I said, “Like I hear you and sometimes its like a download of information; like a light bulb comes on.  She replied, “I will have to have a chat with God tonight.” I said, “He loves to talk even into the wee hours of the morning.” She said, “Really?”  I replied. “He talks to me sometimes until morning.  He does not mind and He loves the company.”  She just did not know what to say.

When she left I began to thank the Lord for using me… To speak to her what she could not hear him saying to her. She only heard the evil; never good.  When she returned again He told me to tell her she is BEAUTIFUL when she smiles.  He would like to see her smile more.  She replied, “I like smiling.  I just do not have much to smile about.” I said, God can change that if you allow him, but you must be willing to do things HIS way.  Everything he does is to protect you from evil.”  She said, “I definitely need to talk to God then.”

She left again and I was still praising God for allowing me to be a witness, to share in that MIRACLE.  I say miracle because this young lady wears satanic shirts and tattoos.  She has no thought of speaking of demonic things, curses and even 666  without a break in her step.   Yet she speaks of the light and angels and aliens all in the same breath.  She speaks of good and morality all found in the bible yet blasphemes God in the same breath.  How does one not believe in God and know so much about God!

When she returned yet again… I know she is seeking to hear more.  I speak what the Holy Spirit wants to say to her.” Do you really want to hear God speak?”  She hesitates then answers, “Yes I do.”  I reply what the Spirit says.  “If I give you a book will you read it?  She immediately responds… “Is it a bible?”  I answer,  “No It is the book I wrote about my experience with God.”  She quickly answered, “Yes, I love to read.”  I said, “If you read it wanting to hear, wanting to know how to speak to God, how to hear God… you will hear him… you will know its him.”

I then reached in my bag as I keep one with me… just in case… the Holy Spirit wants to give one away! I give her THE BOOK…  RESURRECTION THE UNTOLD STORY.

Her first reaction is “WOW!  What a cover!”   I answered “It speaks for itself!”

When she leaves the room again I hear the Holy Spirit tell me the timing is now. You will not see her again or have another opportunity as she was going to be leaving for another job.  I was in AWE!   The scripture came to mind… TODAY IS THE DAY IF YOU HEAR HIS VOICE…  DO NOT SHRINK BACK IN FEAR AS THEY DID… AT MT SINAI AND I WAS NOT PLEASED WITH THAT GENERATION AND THEY FELL IN THE DESERT.

I remembered how the people fear the voice of God thundering  from the mountain top. When he asks me to do something do I obey or do I reason within myself? Do I fear what others will say?   Do I fear will they accept or reject “MY” words… they are not “my” words but “HIS WORD” so what have I to fear?

I am not responsible for performing His Word… HE IS!  If I speak my own words then I have reason to fear… I make Him look bad … powerless in the midst of unbelievers.  If I do what He says… it is He who Is Responsible to do what he says. I am only responsible to do what HE says… that is all I am accountable for.

So as a vessel no longer divided between the natural and the spirit, I set myself to be a vessel holy to God alone.  I no longer bow down to the world and its ways.  I work for the kingdom and in the kingdom.  The kingdom provides for its own workers… those who will choose to no longer be divided between heaven and earthly living.  I am spirit.  I must live by the spirit and let the spirit provide for all my needs. What a beautiful kingdom… as He prepares me to cut all the cords to the world. One by one they are severed and the feeling is AMAZING!



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