Home Again

when the way is to long and hard there is a place of rest for the weary soul… it only takes One Step of Faith to cross over to the other side.

After  a very long journey to a far away land I am finally back to writing.  Being away for so long made me realize a very important secret… about myself.  I am who I am… no one and no thing can change that. I am a writer since my school days  my childhood journals still send shiver through me as I have documented all the sorrows hurts wounds of family and friends. 

This is me… As the saying goes you can take the girl out of the country but you cant take the country out of the girl. Well… so also… You can take the pen away from the writer but the true writer is always writing in the soul. 

I have spent many nights awake looking for a way … how to get back to writing… as the world steals away the time with long hard labor and the demands that wear out the physical body… the soul seems to still be able to create a story even while one sleeps.  That story is so real that upon waking it is as though the writer has lived it out in another realm.  Some people call them dreams, but to the true writer it is all reality.  We who are inspired to write , write for the shear joy and delight of creating a world where we can choose the outcome, the characters, and the scenery. Time and space have no power to stop the true writer. We live the dream, we are the dream.

I admit I have had moments… moments I cried myself to sleep the feeling like I was being suffocated by the worlds demands.  They tell me I do not have a choice.  I have to live in the world, by the worlds system and their rules.  So… I do the unthinkable… I rebel.  I leave it all behind… I am homeless, jobless and wondering where the money will come from to live.   I spend the next few months trying to figure it al out.  This wilderness experience has taught me many things.  How the world has put the people in bondage to electronics.  we have become robots tools the world uses to do their dirty work.  they live the life of luxury while we… slaves of an ignorant sort believe the lie… we are free…  But are we free?   

As I experience the freedom… for a while… I find it so peaceful so restful.  I recommend it for everyone.  I am not saying everyone can do what I did.  I can only speak for myself.  I took myself out of the rat race… I sold what I could, put the rest in storage.  I stopped spending money… I put it back in a HOPE BOX.  Putting my faith out there into the unknown!  I chose to break the chains of the world and sever the connections that kept me bound to all the chaos. I call it SABBATH. 

Can I invite everyone into this realm I have found?  Its a wilderness at first.  It feels like … everything is stripped away… a nakedness that at first leaves me feeling like I am hanging in the nothingness, But it did not take long to realize what thought was covering me was me just being accustomed to the heavy burdens the world puts on everyone of us. The constant running to and fro.  It had to STOP! 

I challenge each and everyone to make ONE small step. Take ONE day… set it apart from all the other days… No Compromising…and turn it “all” OFF!  One day is all it takes. It’s like giving yourself a vacation ONE DAY a week!  One day… you allow yourself to do NOTHING but BE STILL… Time to think or NOT! Time to take every negative thought captive and cast it out. Time to choose what you will think about with purpose. Not allowing anyone to tell you what to think how to think or speak negative words into your soul. ONE day… to only think about what is good, right, beautiful, lovely, pure, and delightful… what God created for us to enjoy… LIFE!

The first time I did this I thought it impossible to not think about negative things that go on day to day. But It did not take me but a few hours to realize just how much we process as negative.  It takes practice, practice, practice to unlearn the negative.  I have set myself with determination… to not allow anyone or any situation to invite themselves into my soul! 

You wonder how is this possible?  Prespective… what we believe as truth sets us up for good or evil. Who determines what is good and evil?  We learn from our parents family friends community society from those we accept as having authority or wisdom above our own!   Who makes us believe the lie we have to have it all?  Who makes us believe we have to wear certain clothing or possess things to be accepted?  Who tells us what is normal?   Ask anyone… We all think we are normal and everyone else is abnormal. 

How exhausting it is to always be valuing ourselves by someone else’s standards of right and wrong… AND THEN… There’s GOD!  I hated RELIGION!   I hated the hypocrisy and the double standards. I hated the worthlessness … of trying to please everyone so no one would be …OFFENDED!   I discovered the TRUTH. It only matters what God says… not what man says is right or wrong.  Man can twist the simplest WORD and make it evil… The WORD… LOVE.

I was taught God hated me. All because I was BAD!  Who constitutes what is BAD?  Had I known… I would not be the one writing… HIS-STORY.  He Loves me… Because He Created me …PERFECT!   The problem arises when humans take what God created perfect and they try to perfect what is already perfect.  Parents, family, gov’t, society, education all indoctrinating the “innocent” child from PRE-SCHOOL age until death. 

It is only when I walkedaway from it all that I found… WHO I AM… I am God’s delight!  He wants to help FIX what HUMANS broke.  They think they are doing God a service!  They instead… “manufacture”… a false belief that we must depend on HUMANS above GOD! Silly humans… They got it all wrong!

I found a new LIFESTYLE… It is quite like heaven on Earth.  As long as I keep my garden free of weeds, thorns, thistles and the VARMITS that do harm to my garden, I enjoy the garden of my soul. My MIND and HEART  are set apart as Holy Places.  Not just anyone is allowed in my garden.  It is only by INVITATION!  

It is there I set apart time every morning and evening to spend time with GOD.  It’s that face to face time not a quick hey dude or a text saying… luv u.   No… I make time for the things I value and RESPECT.  I MAKE the time to show LOVE to the ONE who is LOVE. Where my heart is that is what I treasure most. What I put my time and focus on the most… that becomes my “god”. 

We have an uncanny ways of keeping GOD out of our “house”  we want him to just send a check and give us everything we want… but never  long to spend time with HIM … ALONE. Are we afraid?  If He shows up will He find a house of chaos or peace?  Will He find a garden neglected and overgrown… fruitless by His standards.    Do we want Hi telling us what to do? Do we want Him telling us what is right and wrong?   Do we want him choosing our friends… lover(S)?  Do we give him Sovereignty and Authority over us?  

The ultimate question of the Day is this… Will we give him our FREE WILL to choose?

This is the ultimate sacrifice God cherishes… Do we trust Him so much that we will allow Him to choose what is best for us!

You will never know the TRUTH unless you take that first step… into the unknown… that leap of faith… you don’t know what’s on the other side… you just choose… to take His hand and let Him lead the way… One Step at a time… One Day at a time. 

Until… You ARRIVE

It’s wonderful  over here… come join me on the OTHER SIDE























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