Fear Not!

It is on everyone’s mind… all the evil, chaos and … sin running rampant in our time.  Let me encourage you and ease your fears. This may only be the beginning of birthing pains … but those who truly put their Trust… In God… have nothing to fear but fear itself.

To know the God of Truth surely you must know that the enemy of TRUTH knows his time is short.  He is working at an increasing feverish speed to deceive many, to instill fear in as many as he can so they will not be focused on the COMING OF THE KING OF KINGS.

He warns in the Word of God… He will come like a thief in the night when many will have fallen asleep and not keep their eyes open to the signs of the times.  It is obvious the enemy is at work in every area of our lives, from the top of the ladder, ie… gov’t to the bottom rung… family.

A house divided will fall just by strife and disagreements in whose right and wrong.  All of this is rooted in the world weaseling its way into the church to deceive the flock in their ignorance of the Truth… The Word of God.  It is well documented that only 5% of “Christ-ians” have read their bible front to back even once!  There is no way anyone can understand, perceive or even begin to grasp the depths of TRUTH by reading the WORD once!  It is hardly possible to even grasp the mysteries without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy  Spirit reveals the mysteries and the secrets woven into the very fabric of the Written Word.

So how is it pagans believe they can inherit the kingdom of God and not want to know God?  It is far more than just doing what we think is “good”.  Who gets to judge what God considers “good”?  It is only those who know the Shepherds voice who know what God calls “good”.  Many religious leaders claim to hear God speak but they do not do what is right in His eyes.  Others hear and do live a life of humility and forsake riches, excessive living and worldliness.  They are shunned by the world, rejected and called rebels of prosperity, progress and liberty.

So many are deceived eager to run to the ease of everyday life and the busy-ness running to and fro in the earth helping others, to please their flesh!  Why  is it the “Christians” think they do not have to live- apart, separate, different from the world?  We are called to a higher “calling”  to be as HE IS… Holy, Righteous, and pure in word, deed, thought and emotion.  Sounds impossible… But in Christ all things are possible. If the “Christians” spent as much time in the Word as they do in social media or eating earthly food, feasting on early pleasures, how much more God-like would the “Church”- the Body of Christ be?

It will be clear on that DAY, to whom do we belong?  Whom do we serve… God, man or self?   There will be no “faking it”!  God knows the heart and mind of every soul. He knows every thought and every emotion hiding deep within and yet nothing is kept secret from him.

I advise all who “claim” to be “Christian” to purge the body, mind , heart and will of the sin that so easily entangles those who are not pure of heart.  I hear people claim, “If there is a will there is a way”… yet when it comes to “sin” how quickly they bow down to satan’s provocation, temptations and torment.  Remember, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”!  Be sure of this… God gives opportunity to all souls to prove what is within the heart of man! And by all means what man is so prideful he believes he is able to be holy without THE WORD MADE FLESH and the Spirit of Holiness given to us by Him who gave his life to SAVE US  “FROM” SIN, temptation and provocation!

Words to the wise… keep your garments clean, white, unblemished, unwrinkled by the world and all its defilement… luring your souls away from the holiness to which you were called and received … by GRACE.  You did not deserve or earn your Salvation. So know that if He did not spare His own people but rejected those who did not keep their place IN HIM, but turned away to conform to the world and all they call “NORMAL”, He will not spare those to whom He lavished His GRACE so freely.

Fear Not! He has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, Love and a sound mind… peace that surpasses all understanding… that we should not shrink back in fear but stand firm in the Faith: Trust in Him alone that He is able to deliver us from all evil!

To Him Who Was, Is and Is To Come, AMEN!

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