There are benefits of the Law of God that I believe the church has overlooked and therefore has been neglected justice.   Know the Law so your are “Aware” when satan has overstepped his boundaries. Yes, BOUNDARIES even satan has boundaries.  When he has broken one or more you may have a case against him instead of him having a case against you.   You have a “right” to bring it to God and ask for justice!  He is the judge and the jury no one else. He is a JUST JUDGE… whether we agree with him or not He knows what is best and what is right.   It is our part to agree with HIM  that is what unity is… that is what being ONE is all about.

Satan is sneaky though. He attacks our family, friends, neighbors, churches, gov’t, educators, businesses, our health and finances. He even comes against our soul more than all others.  If he can just get his foot in the door he will use any “thing! and anyone even “GOOOD” people!

This is a BREACH of the LAW… we have RIGHTS if we are abiding by the LAW!  No LAWS means no JUSTICE, Oh so you want to be free from the LAW?   But then why do you judge others by the same Law you do not want to abide under.

No law makes you LAWLESS!   Who is aware of the LAWLESS ONE in scripture… satan?   So, do we really want to be without the LAW?  Or is it just when it is pointing out our rebellion against that Law!   Remember You can not point your finger at anyone else if you have no laws to abide by!

The Law is FOR us not against us!   Man made Laws were once founded on God’s Laws… but HU-MANS are always looking for the loopholes … just like Pharisees.  Hu-mans pretending to be something they are not… I THINK THEY CALL THAT ACTING!!!  The world may pay actors a hideous amount of money to fake it… but that is not JESUS APPROVED!   He even says all hypocrites will have their place in the lake that burns with fire!

Only a fool would not want to be under God’s protection. The Law was… intended to protect us… from evil… the evil one!   Our own man-made laws are SUPPOSE to protect us from LAWBREAKERS, INTRUDERS… FOREIGN INVADERS out to undermine our  PEACE, LIBERTY and pursuit of HAPPINESS.

I love how GOOD God is!  What an amazing WORD, full of TRUTH!  So many are blind to it. It is a gift… to Save us… protect us…  and yet we have rejected it since the beginning!  Satan has been going to and fro in the earth without any boundaries from us.  We torn down all those walls of protection… look where it got us.  Wickedness is in our own house, our own back yard, our own family, even our own GOV’T.

We have been fed a LIE… Just like ADAM and EVE… That God is evil. He is the LIAR and satan is telling us the TRUTH!

Liar! That is all he is… all he can do! Do not fall or the LIE like Adam and Eve. Eve may have fallen for it… like most women do…. they believe everyone is telling the truth til they get burned… bad. Then they just hate everyone!  Remember ADAM ate that forsaken fruit too!   He didn’t have to… he chose to!   No one is guilt-less we all fell… for some form of the lie… the LIAR. We all have been burned by LIES and the LIAR!

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