I Love the Law!

when we refuse to see the good in the Law we are already guilty of rebellion


I love the law of God! When I read all of those repercussions for the wicked… I remember satan does those evil deeds to me and I have Rights that God will do justice and make the enemy make restitution! AS LONG AS I  DO NOT RETURN EVIL FOR EVIL! Lest we both be guilty and God’s hands are tied, so to speak,  both will suffer for the wrong each chooses to do.

So next time something bad happens to you  count it all joy God is just trying to get a blessing to you … 2-7 times more than you had depending on the offense. Learn to see with the good eye… if you learn to do right despite the evil done to you God has a blessing in store for you.  You have to know the LAW.. is GOOD and for your benefit when satan wrongs you.  You should not be the one doing the wrong!

What we do not understand can keep us from God’s justice.  But… if I am saying I am no longer under HIS LAWS then I have no right to “demand”, ask  or even cry out to God  to do justice to those who break HIS LAWS and do me wrong. How do we know what is wrong except God’s Law tells us what He says is wrong!  I do believe He put that LAW there FOR ME to do me GOOD, to give me justice against my enemies.

Who are my enemies but those who do not Love God and do HIS Will.  Any One who is not FOR HIM is AGAINST HIM.

As for me and my house we will love and serve the LORD.


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