In my private time with my BELOVED. We were talking about LOVE.  I do not know how we got on the subject I just found my soul engulfed in the WORD.  Oh yeah, how deceived women are about love.

We were taught that love is sex.  Women have to submit to a man and give him what he “wants”.  But does that mean she has to forego getting what she “needs”!  Most women I have talked to could care less about sex!  That’s because love is not SEX!   Women are taught to pursue a man. What man does not “love”  being pursued?  What is at the root of all this manipulation and deception.



The Spirit reveals leaven in the bread.  What in the world does that mean!

I am not afraid to ask questions… God loves questions… when we ask in sincerity… really wanting to know, understand, perceive beyond human wisdom.

Remember We are wheat… and only the finest flour is worthy to be offered at the altar.  Now keep in mind no bread was offered with yeast!   Yeast puffs up we all know what happens when the dough rises too much and the bread… when THE OVEN IS TURNED ON “THE HEAT IS ON”  as it bakes …  it comes out hollow inside. That is what HU-MAN love is… hollow not HALLOWED  and puffed up as pride always does when it is full of itself!

Why is it men do not make any effort to sow into the woman’s soul and give her what she NEEDS before he takes what he DEMANDS from her. Any woman who feels OBLIGATED to have SEX is not being fed what she needs. She is starving to death! Feed her what she needs and a man will never have to demand SEX.  Love woos… there is no NEED for forcing or demanding the other to give what is OWED!


Any man who brags about all he “IS”… is nothing more than a loaf of YEAST!   Hollow bread  without any substance!   The weightier bread is always unleavened.  It is always flat and humble!  It is not puffed up, boastful, prideful, selfish, forceful or demanding. It never humiliates but is always kind. That is the essence of LOVE!  DIVINE LOVE!  THE LOVE GOD PUT IN A SOUL . IT ALWAYS GIVES, ALWAYS MEETS SOMEONE ELSE’S NEEDS, not always taking, sucking the life out of another it professes to love. IT’S ALWAYS OBVIOUS WHO THEY “REALLY” LOVE… WHOM DO THEY PUT FIRST?

A woman of the Spirit will always see through a HOLLOW LOAF of bread. They are PHARISEES  demanding from others what he is not willing to do himself.  He demands to be served instead of serving!   And WHAT DID JESUS DO  and SAY… He came to serve not to be served… and what was the outcome of his serving… people worshiped HIM!  THEY EITHER LOVED HIM OR HATED HIM… THEY WERE FOR HIM OR AGAINST HIM! WHY?   Because he revealed the loaf full of yeast!  He made then look “BAD”?  No he was just revealing the TRUTH… what real LOVE is!

What does a man want? He plays hard to get, hard to satisfy, hard to please… leading the woman to believe she is not “GOOD” enough!  That is not what JESUS did to women! He lifted them up encouraged them …when men were condemning them to be stoned for being adulterers/ whores.  Not being able to PLEASE A MAN and he “divorces her” by abandoning her or uses her like a SEX SLAVE… DARE I SAY A TOOL?  Every one that has SEX and then runs off to find some other vessel to feed their lust… You are destroying the soul of another. You are guilty of defiling the Spirit.


SEX is not …”extra curricular activity”.  There are souls at stake… the soul wounds of being used, rejected, abandoned, “RAPED”  in a sense of expecting love to bloom, relationship to EVOLVE.

I have GOOD NEWS!   You must RELATE FIRST… then SOW… then love will blossom… build a relationship check out the soil before you buy it! Is it good ground?  Or… trodden, rocky, thorny, weedy ground.  There is a lot of work…  pain and suffering clearing the land before one even begins to plow!   And might I add… no one wants someone else clearing their land… trespassing on their property… let alone plowing up their back yard  without permission!  Who knows what skeletons are buried there! If the owner does not want to maintain his own field and plant a fruitful garden… then it is obvious… he is not going to be a good place to sow LOVE! Nor can he sow love in your garden!  Good seed begets Good seed, God’s seed begets God seed.  There is no way weed seed produces GOOD seed.


I will NOT get into GMO seed!

The wicked teach their children wickedness, they have no understanding of what is GOOD!  It is only when we CHOOSE to clear our own field or renovate our own overgrown garden  that we can produce a good harvest.  And that my friend TAKES TIME! … ENDLESS TIME… ETERNITY!  IT TAKES GOD!   We will forever be maintaining our own garden, FIRST.  You have no right to judge someone else’s garden when your garden looks like a jungle full of briers and weeds!

PHARISEE’S… are FAMOUS for giving advise they they do not follow!  That is the Leavened Bread that you do not want to feed on!  It will leave you empty and starving to death… to the point you will take anything anyone has to offer…SETTLING… not knowing it has no nutritional value… you just have been fooled to believe a lie that will KILL,  STEAL AND DESTROY you!

Let me finish with this… you must make a choice… be informed not MIS-INFORMED… not IGNORANT… not knowing… is one thing not trying to find out is inexcusable.


NOTHING IS TOO HARD “WITH” GOD… I MEAN YOU HAVE TO INVITE GOD INTO YOUR JUNGLE… LET HIM HELP YOU… CLEAN UP THE MESS … YOU ALLOWED… BY DEFAULT- others  sowing weed seeds in your garden and add YEAST to you bread dough.  All it takes is a little bit of heat to reveal the yeast that was sown into the dough you thought was floured hands kneading you… out of LOVE… YEAH… NOT!   That was yeast on those hands… working it in deep-er… so when the heat is turned up… you become just like them!



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