The Ban?



While everyone is quarantined… I am in my usual solitude that I find the most delightful place on earth.  Here in the secret place with my Beloved I notice no changes… everything is… as it should be.
I have again taken that dive into the deep WATERS… of the WORD.  I enjoy my place with my Beloved … not looking at the world and all the chaos, confusion and hu-mans running to and fro in the earth. 20150806_071709.jpg
For some unknown reason they can’t BE STILL to save their own soul!   I enjoy the STILLNESS… the peace and quiet… in the GARDEN of EDEN!

Since my RESURRECTION from the dead…  I have no desire to labor among the world and wallow in its sin.  Sounds extra- ordinary  to some, but now that I know the TRUTH… I have no desire to go back to living like a hu-man.

I soak for hours on end in the WORD… basking in the TRUTH that sets me free. Today as I read Jeremiah, I can not help but be amazed to see the past in the present. A world gone mad!  Sin abounding, unchecked, uncorrected and rampant just like a virus that plagues the world 100 times over.  What is the Cure?  REPENTANCE!




If… YHWH put the pagans under the BAN  for all there idolatry and wickedness and allowed “no- thing” to escape … no man, woman, child, beast or possessions… but all was burnt by fire!!! How much more will he do the same to those who are called by his name!   He destroyed the Jewish nation and exiled them MORE THAN ONCE for turning away from HIM- His ways, His laws … from seeking Him with all their heart… how much more will He judge the “CHURCH” who calls them selves CHRIST-ians!!!!


On the outside some may appear “RIGHTEOUS” but inside they are full of all kinds of secret sins.  Others, however, have no shame and expose their sin in broad day light!
There are many GOOD people going to hell all because they reject YHWH.  No One Is Good Enough to earn heaven or deserve heaven… think about it?   How many want heaven but NOT YHWH!   Let me reveal a simple TRUTH… YHWH is Heaven.  It is his presence that makes heaven… heaven!  20160621_063421.jpg

And as for the BAN… That is simple… the JUDGMENT of YHWH.  He does not tolerate sin as some were taught! That whole GRACE, GRACE AND MORE GRACE… is not so we can sin freely!   It is for the disciple- learning hands on… how to walk in his ways.  YHWH sees the SINCERE effort we are making… trying to learn to do what he says… not just follow rules without relationship.
Man will always find loop holes to get what he wants…
Its called taking the Word out of context… manipulating the WORD to get what you want!

How can I teach others what I have not learned to do my own self?

I will compare it to a child who is “trying to do” what the parent asks… as to the child who does not give a rip and back talks or procrastinates doing what he has been  asked, then told…


Who receives more GRACE?

Who receives more “favor” the obedient child or the disobedient child!
So you claim to be a child of YHWH?
You claim to be CHRIST-ian?
How obedient are you?
How much do you care…. if you are obedient… who are you to think you can be hateful and still receive blessings and favor… what about GRACE?
We reap what we sow… right? 20160621_205231.jpg
What spouse will grow in love when the other continues to abuse that love?  You say you LOVE YHWH?  What to you do to grow love… with HIM.  I grieve for MAN… how can he understand being a Bride?  And yet that is what the CHURCH is… suppose to be!
What man can humble his own SELF… the way he demands his wife to bow down to him.   Should he not also bow down to YHWH the same way he expects his wife to submit to him….
AGAIN… we reap what we sow!
Does YHWH treat us as though we have no value?  Does he treat us like a slave?  Does he show us no RESPECT, HONOR, ESTEEM?
Does he not value us so much he laid down his DIETY to become HU-MAN!
How much more humiliated can he be… to make him-self so small to fit in to our skin and dwell WITH_IN… US!   UGH! The thought is beyond me… I can barely stand my own SELF… knowing what is feels like to be free from this vessel of SKIN!


How ignorant we are… of the TRUTH!
Were It Not For His Grace…
Then… Testing me… to put into practice what HE Taught Me!  I would not be the New Creation I am this day.
The whole point of this is to remind ALL OF US… no one is exempt from THE BAN if… you turn away from YHWH and continue in a life of sin… you know what is RIGHT… You know what is WRONG!
It is impossible to do Right without the RIGHT ONE…                                         YHWH!
He alone is Right and a relationship with him… will make us RIGHT with Him!


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