Money, Money, Money

This morning while communing with My BELOVED we got on the subject of MONEY.

He asks how I feel about it.  He knows… already… but he wants me to say it out loud.

I confess… i despise it.

He asks why?

I reply… its just a piece of paper… and man has bowed down to it and made it their god!  That infuriates me!

He asks again… Why?

I answer as I feel tears welling up from within my SPIRIT…
They have reduced MY BELOVED GOD to a piece of paper… a book… they put no value on that piece of paper.  They forget… you are more than just a piece of paper!  You are so much more than money.  They lay down their life… TO THEIR DEATH, to pursue money… Why? They can’t see?   Money can not give them LIFE eternally, can’t heal them spirit, soul or body,  can’t “save” them from anything, can’t even buy them peace and rest.

My BELOVED replies, They have a twisted mind, they do not grasp with their understanding what LIFE is. They have no perception… what healing is… they do not even know what Resting in PEACE is.  It is not an external feeling or thing to be bought and sold for profit… it is a spiritual TRUTH they can not ascend to find it, buy it, sell it, or bribe another for it.

My reply… I do not understand it… male and female alike will give their LIFE to the DEATH to pursue money but they will not give you a glance.  You are so much more than a book… just a book… YOU ARE A LIVING BREATHING BEING!

What more can I say…
I pursue TRUTH the way hu-mans pursue money.  I am free- er happy-er, healthy-er, more ALIVE and well than any one who is pursuing money.  They are so busy running to and fro in the earth they miss the simple things, good things.  Things money can’t buy. Things… they can’t control, manipulate or deceive to make some profit from. What do they do with all that money?  “Live” the good life?  Well, I guess it depends on your perception of “good” and “Living”?

There is nothing more divine that being at peace with GOD and knowing He is at peace with me! It took a long time to get here, but worth losing all the worldly “STUFF” to gain the simple things, invisible to the natural eye but so beautiful the spiritual eye.

We are fast approaching the “cashless society”!  No more paper!  Electronics have NOT improved our “LIFE” nor made it “simpler”. If anything… it made a triple intrusion into our “LIVELIHOOD”. The invasion of every part of our spirit, soul and body.
AND NOW… They want to implant some electronic device to control us like robots! They want to take over our spirit, soul and body!  We will be their puppets.. they will say who will live and who will die.  They decide who is valuable and worth-less. They decide male or female or neither! They will throw us out into the trash heap with all the other electronics that fail to meet their expectations!

We will have no hope… except to refuse the electronic chip implant. We may die but death will be a “GOOD THING” compared to living a LIE!
IF… you know THE TRUTH!  The TRUTH will set you free!  He was, is and always will BE  the TRUTH!  He can not lie! We always wonder… is there an absolute TRUTH?

Why don’t you try to pursue that instead of MONEY… That can not save you from what is coming… Be afraid… if you don’t know.  But if you do know… You have NO-THING to fear… Perfect Love casts out all fear!

The hard part is not knowing… is it worth it?  I mean… giving it all up to pursue the TRUTH!  I am a WITNESS!  IT IS WORTH IT ALL!  LET IT ALL GO… YOU SEE THE DAYS ARE EVIL… YOUR MONEY CAN’T PROTECT YOU FROM THIS INVISIBLE ENEMY!

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