Who is your MASTER?

Diving deeper into the water of the WORD.  I am basking in the Ocean of TRUTH and Wisdom!

It is strange to me how man has the idea he is the “master” of his own “SELF”.

We have come so far from The TRUTH that we “think” we rule our own self, our own universe, our own planet…
We can’t even control our own thoughts and emotions!
What makes us think… “believe the lie”  we can control others?
I have found that the reason people want to control others is because in truth… they cant control their own self!

We are quick to “poke out the eye” of someone else’s faults or those trying to correct us… because they have been there done that… but we are ANGRY… how dare they tell me what to do!  They are not my BOSS!
HA!   If they only knew who their BOSS is…
We think we Have free will… But Really… If THE BOSS says NO… it’s NO!
So Why then does he allow some really bad things… To happen to us … in the world.
…To prove to us just how much we need him to be THE BOSS.
Apart from him we “all” are evil.
We will re-act to provocation in a twinkling of an eye!
We loss all sense of reason and out the door goes all our GOOD deeds and we receive the LABEL… SINNER!

I know that GOD…. what ever name you give him… HE IS STILL THE BOSS!
Did you ever think he gives us free will to test us?
Test what?
To see what we will do with our FREE WILL!
Will we go do our own thing?
Will we ask HIM to do LIFE with us?
Will HE stand by like a parent and watch HIS children try to do it all on their own?
HE waits… patiently… while we struggle in our own efforts… failing time and time again, but still not asking for help … we instead get angry… abort what we are trying to do and go out to find some poor soul weaker than self… and take all our frustrations out on him or her or… it!
That is LIFE without THE BOSS!
We don’t see “The Boss” is standing there… invisible to our natural eye… like He is watching from a surveillance camera… If we only knew!
THE BOSS is overseeing, guarding… dare I say even manipulating everything because we ARE ignorant of HIS  PRESENCE.
Are we even aware of the presence of BOTH good and evil?
Yeah… That makes us … stupid-er!
Whose influence are we under?

As memory serves me- right… THE BOSS can BE our BEST FRIEND  or  our WORST ENEMY… Like a nightmare we can’t escape when we become so arrogant to fight against THE BOSS!
How deceptive are we to pretend to be THE BOSS’S friend?  Like HE did not KNOW… JUDAS was a deceiver.. and was right there by HIS side…  to deceive with a KISS!  LOVE?

Can we serve good and evil and expect to be in THE BOSS’S GOOD GRACES?
Some times I wonder… Does THE BOSS think He is talking into thin air … wasting his BREATH?
The WORD echoes in my ear..
He who has ears and HEARS … LISTENS to what the SPIRIT is saying… to him it is LIFE!
But to him who can not hear… LISTEN… to what the SPIRIT is saying… It is just BABEL!

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