Kicking God out of his house?

I don’t know about you but I have been seeing more and more people who say they invited GOD to be their Savior Lord Master  yet they hold him hostage.

Not that anyone can hold him “hostage”  But what I mean is that People invite him into their spiritual house but then don’t let him be the Head of the House!

He remains a “guest”  with restrictions.  He is put into a corner… maybe even the basement or the attic until there is some problem they cant fix or they want to complain about how evil everyone is.
They say they pray… but it sounds more like a cat screeching in the night.  Gloom, despair and agony … is all God hears.

Now, when He arises to take action… they rebel and refuse to give him any authority to clean up the house, fix things, get rid of trash and things he considers un-holy.
They will not even allow him to cure the leprosy that has broken out in the house!   The whole house becomes infected like a black mold that makes the whole house sick!

I have to ask… can GOD dwell in such a house?
Does it please him… when we refuse to give him his rightful place in our LIFE.
All he wants to do to remodel the house, make it beautiful… and we say NO!

Since when are we the BOSS?
Since when did GOD become the slave and we the master?
Since when… do we demand God obey us… as we ACCUSE him of not keeping his WORD?PROMISES?
I can hear his voice speaking… softly… simply responding… if you do not keep your promise how can I keep MY PROMISE!
And still He shows us MERCY.
He does not strike us DEAD for our rebellion against him.
When will we learn to just let GOD be GOD!

Sometimes the whole house has to be … burnt to the ground and the stones cast into the KIDRON VALLEY… He has to rebuild the house… the foundation relaid and upward!
And that … is painful!
Ask me how I know?

I do not know how he Holds Himself Back…
How does he control HIMSELF!
How does He stop HIMSELF from intervening… when we don’t want his help? or leadership, or Authority ruling over our house.
How does that make us His?
How does that give us PERMISSION… to enter his presence?

It is a gross understatement to say… we are not worthy… of HIM… and yet he wants to come into the unclean places of our soul and start cleaning the house of all the idols, garbage, filth we allowed to accumulate until it is out of control… we become overwhelmed!

Did he not warn us?
He gave us instructions to follow how to keep our house in order!
I don’t think we took those instruction very seriously!
At least… until we end up on our death bed crying out WHY GOD, WHY?

We consider our “SELF” a good person… in whose eyes?
Some how we seem to always compare our “SELF” with someone “worse “than we are. Why never with someone “BETTER” than our “SELF”?
Because we envy those who are “BETTER” than our own “SELF”.
Who is the judge of that?

We missed the MARK alright… we are not the one deciding what is holy and unholy, clean and unclean, right and wrong!

Pride is often the judge?
Why not humility?
Why do we focus on self more than others … more than GOD?
IF… We could change our focus and fix our eyes on GOD… We would not notice our own goodness…  or wickedness in others.
All we see is GOD IS GOOD!
Or is HE?
Do we see GOD as evil?
Do we blame him for all the evil in the world?
After all… he gave you your free will… that means he has to give everyone else free will. If you want to take away someone else’s free will then God will take away your free will!
You say that’s not fair… how so?
You think you are good… all the time?
Again… who decides what is good?
Helping others God is trying to correct… You intervene… is that good?
You complaining about someone else you have no idea what they have been through… how much they hurt… how much they have been taught error…
They may not even be AWARE they hurt you…
And here you are CURSING them behind their back… or to their face?

It never ends… it is a vicious cycle and the only one who can stop it is GOD!
Let HIM begin with you… do not worry about anyone else… just keep your eyes on GOD!
Be willing… to allow HIM to be THE BOSS.
Rule The Whole House!
Your House… inside and out.
You will be surprised how much dirt He can find to clean out of the cracks and crevices.  And if you dare… Let him take a walk out into the garden where things have become overgrown with thorns and thistles, briars and weeds of every sort.
Who knows… He might have to just burn the whole garden to start over… and when that’s finished…
He will start plowing and removing things BURIED… deep.
Some will be surprised to find out what is buried alive… things not dealt with, confronted and turned to good!
That is how GOOD GOD  IS!

I cant tell you how often things from the past I never knew I buried … arose… resurrected from the dead.  God knew it was there.  He knows what needs to be resurrected.

He wants to hold your hand… help you, show you the good he meant for you… but that old evil eye keeps getting in the way!
If You really want God to be the LORD of your LIFE… Stop trying to control what you allow him to do.
He is kind He forces No ONE.
That is part of free will.
Should we not be like him?
We have to be strong and give others the free will to do right or wrong.
We do not have the right to force anyone to obey us…
Obey God… or disobey… that’s a whole other can of worms… a pandora’s box you do not want to open!

Look at the world…
That is the consequences of opening that box!
That is millions of us… given free will to obey or disobey… and look…
What are we blaming GOD for … giving us free will… to choose?
Own up to your part… then really invite GOD into your MESS and let him BE GOD!

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