Isolation or Vacation?

As we all experience this time of quarantine most are feeling overwhelmed.

But I choose to see it with the good eye.  This is like a well needed vacation. Isolation has never been an issue for me as I enjoy hours of uninterrupted time “alone”  with GOD!   I enjoy the talks and the walks through the WORD. It is such a beautiful garden.  I just can not get enough of all the different points of view to grasp the sheer amazing beauty that is like no other.

Each time I go for a walk I find some new thing to talk about.  Who knew the WORD was so amazing.  I can barely sit still sometimes as I see things from God’s view point.

I try to invite others on this walk but I have found none.  Most are too busy. Some think it a waste of “time”.  Well… If I am going to spend eternity with GOD  should I not know him better?

I do not understand why humans do not want to know what God is expecting from those who say the want to dwell with him.

The fact is… most just want heaven… just not GOD!

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