The End

It is only when we come to the END of our own SELF that we Find THE TRUTH

I have  returned to the land of chaos just to make it known I will be leaving  this electronic world behind.        THIS WILL BE MY LAST POST!     I have struggled to fit into this chaotic world where I do not belong.  I have found a place where the peace is so inviting I could barely tear myself away to return and say farewell to all those… who like me… no longer desire to be connected to the grid of big brother watching over, controlling every move we make.  I have ONE FATHER  who watches over me.  He guards me for my good… not to keep me oppressed, enslaved  and in chaos and confusion… always busy, busy, busy…  no rest, no comfort from all my laboring!  I am free to be ME!              I was created in THE GARDEN and to THE GARDEN I must return!         I invite everyone who wants to be free to follow me HOME!   The WAY  cost me everything earthly, but I gained so much more than I lost!   Let me re-phrase… it was not a loss… I willingly threw it all away!  Left it BEHIND!  I had no idea what I was in for when I began to search for some sense of TRUTH.  It took years… to cut all the cords, break all the chains and to sever all the … connections!  I was so interwoven with the world I did not know… some thing, any thing… else existed.  It was death that opened the door to “see”… there is another world so opposed to this realm of insanity, domination and pre-programmed thinking!         OH MY GOODNESS… there is Rest and Peace on the other side.        The worst part is the WAY between the two realms. A very hard and narrow WAY… very few find it, or… make it all the WAY through.  I on the other hand was not going back… there was/ is NO-THING to go back to… I had nothing I wanted to cling to, no-thing I loved.  No-thing loved me.  Knowing somehow we are created to LOVE and Be LOVED… yet never finding it is exhausting, pursuing something that does not exist… in chaos!  True… some love chaos, create chaos,  feed on chaos.  Yeah… that’s not me!  That is my enemy!  They say… chaos births creativity… who is they?   Chaos as you can see presently…. births one thing…  death and destruction!  Let me continue… It is that chaos that keeps anyone seeking finding peace. Hindering all from crossing over to the other side. Misery loves company! If it was so easy to get to the other side… then misery would be left all alone!   Ah Ha!  you see… the wicked love, feed on one another… it is called revenge!   So you see returning evil for evil only births more evil… not peace!   Peace will only come when the wicked defile all that is good and peace-full.  Then they go about destroy their own” self” and one another!  Peace never came until chaos is removed!  No one ever built love, unity, balance and harmony on chaos. Chaos destroys, Peace builds.  Why is this realm bent on chaos?   One thing… they can not control “self” so they pursue to control others!  All resistance to being control is met with a swift dose of pain and suffering. A Bull-y always pick on those who are weaker… the weaker will always submit to those they “think” are stronger!  Whether they are is to be determined. What is strength?  Is it physical, mental, emotional spiritual?  Is it a combination or a single force?  Let me tell you what I discovered… while on the other side. It was while I was trying to find THE WAY  through… the chaos the darkness… of my ignorance immense as it was… I thought I knew better. I thought I knew what I wanted, needed.  I was so wrong.  It was not the absence of chaos, evil or even HU-MANS that brought me peace. It was finding, knowing, understanding and finally “seeing” the TRUTH.  The TRUTH set me free… from all the cords, chains and connections that opened the prison door so I could finally get rid of all the thoughts that tormented my mind and emotions that tormented my heart!    Perception… has many FACE-TZ!                  What I mean is…  a perfectly cut diamond reflects light in every direction. It is not white light that is reflected but refracted light… the many colors dancing on WAVES  of water. Let me clarify,  Water is everywhere even in the air.  Whether we SEE it or not… it is always PRESENT.  It is a gift few receive.  Wisdom is just so. It is all round us… yet few SEE it … every-where, in every-thing.  We are so BUSY doing BUSI-NESS… we never notice it, just like creation.  We have to take “Vacations”… to force us to STOP, REST, Enjoy… creation. Isn’t that what we do… on vacation. We escape our world and get back to nature where it is peace-full and quiet.          What if that was the norm?  That is what I am trying to reveal to every hu-man on earth.  This world  we think is normal… is not the norm!  Don’t believe the lie… the LIAR!  He is still deceiving the masses. Imagine… Being at HOME… where it is rest-full and peace -full. All is calm, because there is self- control. There is perfected LOVE.                                    We think we know what “love is…”  We grasp for that hu-man love that “hurts the one he/ she claims to love”.  I ask, why would you want to “hurt” the one you love?  We all know what that feels like, we avoid it like the PLAGUE, if we can. Yet we inflict that very pain on others. Hurting people hurt people and misery loves company.                     That’s not my TRUTH!       I never want others to hurt the way I have been hurt!   My desire is to heal that hurt with TRUTH.   This is… that other realm, where peace and rest dwell as the norm. Once you know the TRUTH… its like a calm on the water… just BE STILL… JUST BE.             If I could leave everyone with one last WORD.       Do whatever it takes … everything it takes… to let go of all that earthly stuff, drama and all. Let go of the thoughts, emotions and self-iysh-nes! Stop Being a slave to THE WAY of the “man’s thinking”. His imaginations are bent on benefitting one thing…SELF-IYSH-NES!  What does man know about GOOD?  Look at what all his GOOD has done to the earth, the very thing created to sustain us physically but not spiritually!  Life is not just physical!  It is spirit, soul and body… all Being ONE with The Creator, My Father, My TRUTH… I found out … HE EXISTS and HE LOVES ME… PERFECTLY.

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