Creating Heaven on Earth

When creating our own Garden of Eden here on earth remember… God has to be the center of it all.

decoupageWe may dream about what it may be like to be God.   It may only last a moment… when we realize how small we really are.  Those moments when we don’t have all the answers.  Moments when we are at a loss for words; when we don’t know which way to turn or who to trust.

When we live each day trying to create our own little piece of paradise and suddenly …. the world and all its chaos comes in like a tidal wave and wipes out our finite kingdom.

We struggle to rebuild, restore and regain some sense of balance.  The frustration of things  lost that can never be found… recreated or relived.  We all strive to create Eden, a place all our own… where we rule and reign.  We say what is right and wrong. We choose what is fair and just… little do we realize we can not judge rightly. We do not know the future. We have no inkling of the very things we think are good are hurting another soul.  The very things we enjoy are infecting… impacting the world around us.

20151007_175431.jpgEden is different for all of us.  Some believe it is eating whatever we want and never gaining a pound. Some believe it is having anything we want, any time without consequences. Some believe they should be allowed to do what they want… when they want and never fear retribution. You can ask any wealthy person… money does not buy happiness.  It may be a temporary high but in the end… no one ever lay dying regretting they were “not” rich. Most regret not taking care of their body, not taking the time for family and friends. Some regret not enjoying life… the simple things, some even regret never knowing if there is a “GOD”.  Is there life after death?

As we strive to build our kingdom, we pursue with all diligence the fastest way to eat drink and enjoy the good life.  We do not realize it is the journey that we make… that is the joy.  What have we observed, learned, things we experienced ? What or Who have we impacted for good… a life?  Creation? God?

Have you ever thought about how your life impacts God?   Do we bring Him pleasure, joy or delight? Do we grieve Him, is He always reading between the lines, always working on the sidelines to keep us out of the line of fire?  Is he always running interference for us… because of us?

20160617_182019.jpgWe humans… are selfish!   We think only of our own satisfaction, our own desires, our own greed.   We grumble and complain over things we do not see as good.  The secret is easy… Knowing all things are good… even when we do not understand.  Man calls it looking for the silver lining… what he does not realize… that silver lining is redemption… redeeming what we think is evil… down the road we find that very “evil” thing is a blessing in disguise.

I can say this only for myself…After many trials, many situations, circumstances beyond my control… Because God in His infinite Love gave humans….FREE-WILL!  WHAT WE DO IMPACTS THE WHOLE WORLD.

And still… All I see…

20160908_113101God Is Good!

We do not realize our Garden of Eden is only a delight when God is allowed to build it.  I do not mean the natural building… though he has created such a beautiful world… man in his FREE WILL has twisted and corrupted everything that is pure and holy.  Look around… what has man created “good” that he could out perform God’s perfect plan and provision?

Man’s world… his idea kingdom has brought death, pain, suffering,  evil, selfishness, greed, wickedness to its deepest, darkest moment.  And still… WE ARE PROUD!   We have kicked God out!  We choose HUMANS to rule and reign over us… over our garden!  Why?

Man bent on out performing God… to prove… we do not need God!   HA!  Man has no idea he exists… because God exists!

And still… all is see…


God in all His infinite wisdom allows man to exert himself to his very last breath… to prove Man is nothing without God… He is a vapor of breath… when that last breath is gone… what becomes of mans soul?


God does not have to declare war on man… Man has become his own worst enemy… He will… destroy himself.  It is inevitable… because of pride.  Anyone who is wise knows when pride overtakes a man… he will fall.   Knowledge Puffs up… when we become unteachable it is a sure sign Pride has entered in and consumes like a fire everything and every living thing around him.  In its wake… there is only death, destruction and emptiness… that vast void from the beginning… it returns full circle.  What once was… is and will be… there is nothing new under the sun…

God Knows man’s heart… how his soul is bent on self… me, myself and I… famous last words of those who die… empty, alone and full of regret!

And still…all I see…

God … Is… Good!


In God’s Garden of Eden… there is life… light… love. Love that corrects error as much as it shows mercy in our ignorance… and yet does justice against willful wickedness! We want mercy but when wronged… we want justice!   That is the core of human selfishness! ME, ME, ME! What about ME?

So God ‘s garden… is a place of rules.. to keep order… every law… in nature ie…science, math… even the unseen spirit world is under laws… these are not to keep us from having fun but to protect, to keep order, to keep boundaries between good and evil! We with our evil eye see God as evil… how  corrupt can we be?  How twisted… like the serpent…the snake the accuser  of our souls.   We side with him instead of God.  We declare war on God for being evil… blind to the enemy who pretends to be our closest friend.  20150806_071709.jpg

How many of us have our own rules… in our own little finite kingdom?  How we pick and choose… who is allowed in our garden?

HUMMMM!   Food for thought… who do we welcome into our garden to eat and drink and enjoy our wealth, riches and provisions… a select few I imagine…  Where do we get that from? God?   Does he allow just anyone into his garden?  does he allow the wicked to come in to kill steal and destroy all the good he has created for us to enjoy in his presence?

How many want Heaven… but do not want God?

Think about it… we all want the good life… who is good… But God?   Are we good… all the time?   One must endeavor to know God.  To know the Truth…

And still… all I see…

God is Good… only Good!




Songs of the Heart

When the music within is louder than the things of this world… there is where I want to BE!

20161118_163846In the stillness of the morning light I find myself smiling inside and out. The long winter days of clouds and snow have taken their toll on my soul. I set myself in direct line with the sunlight bursting over the horizon. Basking in the intense light reminds of  the Garden Of Eden.

I close my eyes and meditate on the goodness of My Creator. I hear a song in the distance.  It is my soul rejoicing.  I focus on the music as it gets louder.  I feel it move me within. I begin to dance in my spirit like a dream I do not wish to wake from.

I can smell the fragrance of the flowers in the breeze.  Breathtaking, captivating and yet exhilarating is the sound of the music wooing me deeper and deeper into the unknown.  I hear a whisper, I turn quickly.  I am delighted by the sight of my Beloved. He sings his song to me and I dance to his delight.  He joins me in the dance of love and my heart longs for him.

He sweeps me off my feet and carries me away into the garden where the flowers are most pleasant to my soul.   We sit awhile in the soft grassy knoll overlooking the meadow below. I see clearly the kingdom in all its glory. The things I remember come flooding back to me. I feel the aching in my heart.

I sing from my soul, He hears and smiles at me. I lay my head upon his chest, I feel his love for me.  When Love becomes a song in the soul; two become one.  Soul mates forever they sing the same song in tune with the other.  Harmony; like the sound of the wind in the trees.  Its rustling sounds like the waters of the River of Life.

He takes me by the hand and walks me through the garden to the place beside the River and there we rest.  I soak my feet in the waters that rush through my toes. I smile; he watches me. Coming from the water he gives me a drink and it refreshes me… quenching my thirst but not my desire for him whom my heart loves.

As we sit and talk of things great and small, I find my heart longing for him more and more.  His Words draw me, call to me and I am captivated by the sound of his voice. The secrets, the mysteries to wonderful for me, I cling to him as though he were my very breath.

Again we walk; through the forest he leads me. He tells me stories of old. The ancient ways long forgotten by mankind but never forgotten by him.  He speaks Truth and I hang on to every word wondering who could remember all that he speaks.  He tells me I do not have to remember; for all recreation reveals the Truth. It is written… in everything seen and unseen.

The wind brushes my face and I know his Spirit is near. I can feel him covering me with his glory.  I am free; free from the flesh that holds me captive, anchored in the natural realm. He has taught me how to ascend and descend.. though I never want to leave his presence.

I find his truth compels me to return, to tell the truth I have been shown.  When I am feeling alone I turn my soul to sing him a song.  I feel him respond to the music in which I delight in him.  I dance and yet no one sees.  I speak to him and no one hears.  He whispers back to me and again… no one hears his sweet words to my soul.

The music never ends… unless I turn it off, shut it out of my soul.  But then where would I go to find my beloved if not in the joy of singing his praises.   He is my delight, how can I be silent?

Here I am.  I sing a song, making music within my soul. Overwhelmed I find myself dancing to the music no one else can hear.  Its just me and you, You and me… together… in the secret place.  You can come; stay as long as you like my Beloved, my Joy, my Delight.  I can not depart from you. You are my song, the music within me, the reason I dance even when no one else can see…

I am dancing on the inside even when I sleep.


Within man is the notion… we know it all. In the end we realize how little we know…

cropped-phone-downloads-2871.jpgI find myself at a loss for words. I have a dream, a vision given to me by God.   His Spirit reminds me daily not to let it go but to keep it in the forefront of my mind.  I dream in the night and I am taken away from this world into the vision I had so long ago. I remember the day I was resurrected from death. I did not wake up here on earth, though at the time… I did not know I was “not” on earth.

I remember the moments of great fear and moments of deep sorrow confronted by my past . I never realized how my past had created my present and could destroy my future.  As I learned each and every fear in me was rooted in deception.  Ignorance was no friend to me.   The more I learned from the Kingdom of God the more I realized how I depended on what others said and did to me to determine my worth, my value, my purpose.

I was not aware God is good.  It sounds so simple yet when taught from a child God is watching everything I do… waiting for me to fail… to punish me for my sin to cast me into hell… forever.  As a child I did not know what sin was?   All I understood is if people were not pleased with me than neither was God.   I was doomed… no one every encouraged me but reminded me of how disappointing I was to them.    I could never do enough. I could never be …good  enough.  How does one succeed in life… adulthood… believing the lie… I was worthless.  I can still hear the words… Why are you so stupid?   They still ring in my mind at random moments when I feel ignorant. When I do not know the answers to solve the problems I encounter every day.  Everything I try to do…fails.  How could I ever please God?

I admit… I gave God “a run for the money”  I am sure I tested his patience to the limit. How many times did he want to give up on me and just get rid of me… throw me away… like everyone else.   I never knew… How much He Loved Me!

When He finally broke through the walls I had built around my soul, around my life and around my body… to keep everyone out… because no one ever cared enough to protect me. I never knew security. I never knew … Love.  How He… God… managed to find His way into my heart.. I still can not grasp it.  He never gave up… day after day he kept speaking good into my ears.   I could not receive the Words He spoke.  It sounds arrogant, rebellious, foolish,  some call it pride.  If I had any pride hiding in me it was knowing I was not as stupid as everyone spoke into me.  I knew I was not loved.. they say they love but love does not hurt another for ones own benefit.

I have no recollection of time… there is no time in the Kingdom of God.  It was always “day”… there is always Light.  I do not mean light as we know light. I mean light that is ALIVE!  It has Life, Energy, Force within it.  It drew me like a magnet, a force I had no strength to resist.  So I learn this is God, His Presence, His Goodness, His Love.  It radiates like being catapulted out of ones body and being set free… free from the weight of the flesh.  I could breath LIFE!

Everyone who hears my testimony asks me if I saw streets of gold, mansions, pearly gates, the precious jewels in the New Jerusalem.   I tell them I saw nothing of the sort. I was taught in the Garden.  God knew  what I needed… It was not gold, sliver, diamonds, and rubies.. I did not need a mansion or angels serving me all the food I wanted.  I did not need wealth, riches or possessions.  I needed… THE TRUTH!  I wanted to know Why God Hated me so!

I did not know in the beginning the man’s name taking care of me in my dead state was Yehoshua, whom Christians call “JESUS”.  I knew His name all my life… It was beat into my head, He was the one that would sentence me to hell, because I was bad!   All I knew, is this kind, gentle, quiet man  never said anything mean to me.  I never knew a man to be “nice”.  I watched him… waiting for him to slip up and reveal His “true colors”. This was not the “JESUS” I was taught.

I do not know how long I was in the Kingdom of God, I only know I never wanted to leave the place I wanted to call home.  I was never rushed, never pushed, never forced to do anything!  If I spoke error… I was corrected in such a way I wanted to learn the right way to speak.  The Truth always prevailed to change my thinking.  Changing my thinking changed my heart, changing my heart changed my life!

I can not compare this world to that world.  There were flowers and trees and meadows; endless meadows, wide open and untouched, unspoiled by man’s hands and evil inventions.  God’s creation needs no improvements by man’s imaginations.  There is water everywhere rivers of fresh Living Water. An Orchard  where there is always fruit and it never rots!  It is not just refreshing but healing to my soul. I received revelation there in the Orchard, just how much The Father loves me.  It changed me. I will never be the same again.  Once I tasted the Love of God I could not turn away even if it cost me my life.  There is nothing I would not do… just to see the smile on His face again.  I can not say “NO” to Him.  He tests my words even to this day.  Not even pain or suffering… not even the enemy can turn me away from focusing on His face. If I could draw a picture of what I had seen in his eyes no one would be able to resist Him.  All those pictures we see of Jesus, they do no justice to the “real thing”!

My days in the Kingdom never end, even though I offer myself to return and tell the Truth of what I was taught.  I was taught how to ascend and descend the Kingdom.  There are days I admit… I want to go Home.  I cry… my soul longing to return to that touchable God I never new loved me.

Here back in the earth, nothing is the same. I see differently. I hear different. I feel different.  I walk different. Though rejected by humans… called a heretic, a liar, a deceiver, I have even been called… a JEW!   As though I would be offended by that LABEL!  I know I was made a Jew in the Kingdom even though I did not know what a Jew was.  “JESUS” is a Jew so why would I be offended by being called a Jew? I receive that as a compliment.  I do not mean to say I do what Jews do… the man made rituals.

I am Just Jesus… if he said it… I do it… its simple… man makes it difficult!  I listen to what He tells me to do even if it sounds crazy, legalistic, or counters the Written WORD!   It may be ok for others to demand there rights… legally… Written in the Word.  We argue with God but God wins if You are Possessed by His Spirit!  If not… your Will rebels against God’s Will. What he will allow others to do… He does not allow me to do.   Why I do not know except He is testing my obedience to the very core of my faith in Him. Those random Acts of Obedience that he speaks to me at a moments notice… will I surrender… giving up my plans, my routine, my ideas and my list of things to do for His agenda!  All for the sake… just to test my immediate obedience.

There is a reward for obedience. I do not care what the church preaches and teaches… obedience to God’s voice… to His Word… Written or Spoken has great rewards…To be in His presence and hear His voice revealing secrets… mysteries and revelations that I can not tell anyone but discuss them only with Him alone.   Why do I say this… because He wants this kind of RELATIONSHIP with all of us.

We choose how close we want to be to God… the more we crucify our soul… our own thoughts, imaginations, thinking, reasoning, understanding and knowledge.  When we surrender our heart to Him… letting go of the emotions that force us to react to all the evil done to us.   Actions speak louder than words!  It is not difficult to see who has crucified the heart and surrenders to God’s love!   No one has the power to make you sin… you must give them the power over you, to surrender your  authority to another just as Adam and Eve did in the Garden.  The weaker always surrenders to the stronger.  Who is stronger good or evil?  Overcome evil with its opposite… the evil is twisted goodness.  Every lie begins with a partial truth!

I return to earth with a vision… to tell the TRUTH.  I write everything He says to me… I find each word builds on a previous Word. Everything is connected, just like creation. One is founded on the other… remove one piece and creation is thrown out of balance! Remove one part of God’s Word and the rest is thrown out of balance!   This is where man has failed… He has removed the Law!  The Law is the Word!   The Word is Yehoshua, whom you call Jesus!  Take the Law away and you remove Jesus from the Word.  Take away the Law and one becomes Lawless!   Take away the Law… and even sinners can not be brought to justice!   No Law means No One… not even the wicked can be judged for sin because the Law reveals what is sin… what destroys LIFE!  What destroys LIGHT and LOVE!   God is all these things… Take away the Law and you take God out of the world, out of creation, out of man… what is left… chaos, darkness, a void so vast it is like a black hole that never ends. We return to Genesis 1.


SO WHERE IS THE SCRIPTURE … Do to others what You want done to you!   What you want God to do to you! What you have done to others you do to Jesus!  We reap what we sow!   These famous scriptures are always twisted to suit our own benefit!  Without Justice evil prospers!   We now call good evil and evil good! We call Righteousness sin and wickedness good.  We call correction, discipline and holiness evil.  But rebellion disobedience and pride is good!   The wicked will destroy themselves… because they know not God’s Light, Love or Truth!

My vision… To be Light, Love And Truth.  To Be Holy, Pure in spirit, soul and body so the Light and Love of God is seen… felt and for the world to Know…

God is Not dead!

He Lives!

The Blood hides the Truth

Seek and you will find; the Truth crying out in the streets. Come drink the Living Water and be healed, made whole Perfected by the Truth

20160305_113541.jpgAs I return to writing from a season away with the “TEACHER”.  I find… I still write everything He says… to keep the journey from death to life in record.  A witness of the Truth… alive and well upon the earth.

In my moments of communing every morning and evening  Revelation comes sometimes before I can even sit at his feet.  I barely get a word in… and yet He knows my every thought.

He tells me a secret!

The Blood of Yehoshua… whom they call Jesus… Atones for sin… Why?

I answer:  It covers our sin so it is no more remembered.

But He takes it deeper… He takes me deeper… Where do you find the blood… where does it live?

I answer: In us, In him… there is life in the blood.

He speaks plainly;  There is life or death in the blood.  Every human has the free will to choose life or death.

Yes, I reply He does… unless he is ignorant.

He interrupts: Even his own blood will bring forth the truth.

I ask: How?

He answers: Learn this… within the natural the spirit is revealed.  Every “body” has blood flowing in it and through it. The blood feeds the body life or death, wholeness or sickness.  A Dr. draws blood to reveal what makes man sick, ill, and dis-eased from within.  It is a mystery… every natural sickness reveals a spiritual root of sin… error in his way… not walking in Peace, Rest and Truth.  People perish for lack of knowing the Truth. Man can know the written and still be ignorant of the Truth.

Meditate on this:  Communion, what are its elements?

I answer: The unleavened bread and the wine or juice of the vine.

He answers: The Blood was spilled to reveal the Truth… evidence… what was once hidden is now being brought forth like a flood to sprinkle the people who will come under the blood.  The Truth is revealed… He is the Truth, He sent His spirit to dwell in man to reveal the Truth.  The blood reveals  sickness and dis-ease… so also the spirit reveals sins and error.  When the Spirit of Truth reveals sin and one turns from that sin… That sin no longer makes that soul sick … spiritually and physically!   Sin makes one sick it manifests in the spirit then the soul then the body.  The unseen first then manifests in the visible.  Every sickness begins unseen… the longer it goes untreated the more it causes destruction in the physical body.  So also with sin.. the longer sin goes unrepented… the more it manifests on the outside; the outward man… be sure your sin will find you out.  Nothing remains hidden.

I am amazed… who could know the blood reveals not only physical sickness and dis-ease but also spiritual sickness and dis-ease… sin in disguise…  By his stripes we are healed?

The Teacher replies: That is not what that means.

I inquire: But that’s what we are taught?

He replies: It is deeper than the surface… just like the bread is the Word- Unleaven without sin… the Word is Perfect just as E-Manu-el is perfect… because God is perfect. The Word was Spoken and IT IS… The Word was with God and the Word is God … so also is… E-Manu-El…  God with man.  His Word is with man.  God puts His Word in the heart of man. when he receives the Truth.  God was willing to Crucify His own Word… Curse His own Word… Condemn His own Word… JUST TO REDEEM MAN from deception… the lie, what is hidden from man’s natural eye.  This Word You confess… BY HIS stripes man is healed is literally hidden in its meaning in the spirit  not the flesh… It is by fellowship with HIM  that man is healed… God laid open his Word, Allowing man to shred the Word to pieces, mock it,  pick it apart, divide it, strip it bare and destroy its Life giving Truth so man could be healed, cured from his sickness … sin!  The Word is Perfect…there was and is no fault found in him!  Those who find fault in the Word are not of God… They are what you call …antichrist… against the Anointed One. The Word is Anointed to save, to heal, to deliver from sin… Life is found in the Word… Yehoshua whom they call Jesus and yet they proclaim they are not bound to the LAW… the Word… God’s Word is the Covenant… man wants the blessing of the Covenant without becoming part of the Covenant… keeping covenant. Will God bless those who break Covenant?   Like an adulterous wife who breaks Covenant with her first love… she is cast out as unclean!

I inquire: If we are the Bride then we must keep covenant. We must be found … faithful! The covenant is the Promise, to those who love God and do his will. If we love Him we will obey Him.  Obey what?  His Word?

The Teacher answers:  He is the Covenant between God and man.  It is simple man makes it difficult.  Man took the Word and began to accuse, judge and condemn rather than correct error, discipline and train up the children… not just the natural child but the spiritual child, those who are being reborn… made a new creation.  They have no victory when they do not know the Truth. They believe they will never have the victory over sin but in error they forget The Word conquered all sin… by doing its opposite.  Every evil is rooted in twisting the Truth, perverting what is holy and good. So when someone knows the Truth and does it… he is able to overcome sin. Sin looses its power to tempt. One is only tempted when ignorance is present. Sin is ignorance to the Truth. Rebellion is knowing the Truth and still chooses to do its opposite.

I reply: How we have been ignorant of the Truth.  Forgive us who do not know  and help us to receive the Truth and live it…that it will bring life to us… to our blood that carries God DNA. We have God DNA that transforms us from natural to spirit.  So we now walk in the spirit not in the natural. We ascend into the Light of the Truth rather than descend into darkness of ignorance.

The Teacher replies: Come, take my hand, walk with me and I will show you more of the mysteries of Truth hidden in the natural. The Truth will set You Free.  Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He is the Word, keep him on your lips, in your heart, in the forefront of your mind, in your ears, in your hands, walk with Him, talk with Him and you will be made whole, complete and perfect in His sight.



Whispers in the Wind

Within the Wind is the Still small voice waiting to be received by whom-so-ever will…

20161115_160802I heard the voice… whispering in the Wind.

I ask… who are you?

The Wind answers, I AM that I AM.

The Wind catches my breath,  In Awe I fall on my face.

I feel the Wind sweeping me off my feet and breath LIFE into me.

The whisper speaks gently into my soul, Be still And Know Me!

I feel the brush of the Wind against my cheek.

I close my eyes and shudder.


I let go.

Inhale… Deep!

I feel the Wind enter me.

I am undone!

The Wind dances within, I can not BE STILL!

I rise up.

I dance with the Wind as though “I Am”  weightless.

I become the Wind, I Am one with the Wind.

It takes me to and fro upon the earth.

I see what He sees and I hear His voice… whispering.

He hovers upon the souls of man…

seeking, pursuing, teasing… wooing whom so ever will.

I see, I feel, I hear… but no one responds…

They dont know… who you are.

They mistake you for the natural.

They take no notice of the Wind.

It shakes the earth and they fear it…

They can’t hear him…calling them by name.

I sense an oddity… they don’t know their name!

The Wind moves on… here and there from the east to the west.

I weep.

The Wind whispers My Name, What ails the soul?

I reply… is there no one… not one who will receive the Wind?

He breaths upon me and I inhale.

He whisper… Yes, there is ONE!







Just When We Get Comfortable… Conforming in exile… we cut the anchor to our faith

Af20161023_162744ter spending much time traveling with the Presence of God… visiting those in exile. I find one thing in common.   The exiles have conformed to the people around them.  Every town, every shop, every business… BUSY doing life.   As the Holy Spirit interprets what I behold with my own eyes… as a witness… I will have to give an account of all I have beheld of those who call themselves…”godly”.

As we travel, we stay in various homes with … “believers”  who welcome us in and tell us to make ourselves at home.  We live off the hospitality and kindness of  others.  The Holy Spirit tests the “godly” in ways I never imagined.   I am commanded to accept what room they supply and to fellowship in the Word.  I find no great struggle in telling the truth.  I delight in revealing the revelations the Holy Spirit has taught me.  What I did not expect is how strong willed the “godly” are when it comes to correcting error.  He knows each soul’s weakness and pushes it to the limit.  I experienced much resistance to correction.  Each has an excuse… to stand on the Written Word they declare with complete faith.  But when that faith is tested… as was JOB… We all face that test…  are we UNSHAKABLE?

I found myself questioning my own purpose.  Do I really want to share the truth?   The very ones whom I am sent to… by need… what others called lack, some called sin and still others called rebellion…but God was using it to test his own people.   I found myself under judgment being condemned for not doing what “normal christians” do.  I was not conforming to “THE WORD” by how they interpreted it.  I knew I was in God’s will. I was in continual fellowship with the Presence of God… The Father, Son and Holy Spirit speaking to me face to face.  I know them… they know me and there is nothing between us.

What “normal christians” call  truth is but a shadow of the whole truth.  They believe they are blessed because they have things… but do they consider the spiritual blessing?  I am not talking about the  “so called” 9 fruits of the spirit  of which there are 12 not just 9…or the spiritual gifts, too many to count.

I am talking about the beauty of ascending into the heavenly realm and entering in to the kingdom to talk to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I am talking about leaving this realm, this body that anchors the spirit and soul to the earth to do the Fathers “Will”.

How many times have I been condemned for spending time alone… not doing what “normal christians” do.  They run to and fro… too BUSY… doing business, doing “church” , doing what they please… according to the WORD, of course!   How they twist the Word to justify their busyness.  How they twist working… on Sabbath  to do good, blessing others.

So they are willing to break God’s Word to keep their own version/ interpretation of the Word.  They have left the kingdom… the City of Peace!  The place God put His Name!  God wants to dwell with us … “E-MANU-EL… in us… through us… but  He can not dwell in an unclean, defiled temple.    They declare the BLOOD covers all sin… Is that What the Word says?  Does He not rather say…repent and be forgiven… the Blood covers the sin, blots it out when we repent… not just say sorry… not keep sinning… in the pig pen!

The exiles continue to stand on the belief they can sin … and God overlooks the sin.   Where has this lie been planted and now has become a great TREE… A TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL.   They declare they know what is good and evil… and yet they choose to sin!  What is the greater sin?   To sin … believe the Lie…  or to walk away from relationship with God.

They defend themselves… declaring they are in relationship with GOD!

So they walk and talk to God and God walks and talks to them?

They say… I go to church, I read my bible, I am  good person, I give my tithe, help others and give when I can.

So is that what God desires?  They admit… IT IS WRITTEN!

Did they miss the part where Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for doing all the right things… but they don’t “KNOW” ME.  God with us!  E-MANU-EL!   They missed God standing right in front of them! They missed their visitation!

How many times have we missed God standing right in front of us!  He dwells in us RIGHT?   So What we do to others… we are doing to Him also… He feels what we feel, He sees what we see, He hears what we hear, He tastes what we taste, He knows our thoughts and emotions,  He does what we do!!! He goes where we go! Do we grasp the depths of HIM DWELLING IN US!  He sees what we do… openly or in secret… He sees what others do… God sees it through our eyes!  So also… when we sin… drunkenness, drugs, gluttony, lying, stealing, envy, coveting, lusting, gossiping, slandering, hating, cursing, striking another, being selfish, being immoral… in so many ways…

Do we believe God would stay in us… with us… when we enter into sin?   He is Holy… If no flesh can stand before Him how much more SIN!  Do we realize… our FLESH… the body can not sin without the soul… in agreement!  The mind, the will and the heart all in agreement makes one unstoppable.  It only takes 2 to agree touching or agreeing on anything and it will be done.  But… a 3 cord string is not easily broken!

The mind, a thought, and the will can force the body to do anything. If there is a will… There is a way!   The heart and the will can provoke the body to react to emotions.  But all three in agreement… WATCH OUT!

We can stop our mind and will if our heart will  not allow it. Our mind can stop our heart and will if it can not make sense or reason it out to make our body perform that which we feel we want to do!   So it is impossible to sin without the consent of the mind or the heart in agreement with the will. The brain tells the body what to do… it is the control center for everything we do… by free will…   Our heart provokes us by emotions, we react!

It is only those who allow the Holy Spirit to possess every area of our being!   No secrets between the SPIRIT and the Soul!  Do we allow Him to clean the house… inside and out?   Do we try to hide things in our attic (mind) or our basement (Gut)  we say… God dwells in our heart… but what about the other areas.  What about the body- the mouth, eye, ear, hands, feet or our dreams?   Do we surrender our own ideas, goals and plans.

In my travels to the exiles… I find this at work… man believes the Written Word… but not the Spoken Word! He demands his rights… before God… rather than what God says or what God wants!  He knows the past, present and future!   Have we considered… He knows what is best for us? Have we considered… he is testing us?   Will we demand our rights or allow God to Rule and Reign in our little kingdom… our soul!   If we can not manage our own kingdom how do we think we are wise enough to rule over another’s kingdom and tell God what is right and wrong!

To the Exiles… Repent… turn away from self-righteousness… pride in what you KNOW! Spitting out scriptures- learning to repeat what is heard over and over again… mimicking like a parrot… a form of brainwashing… but having no relationship with God- the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Do you have any idea what you say or what it means?   They are not just words… They are LIFE, TRUTH… They are… the Word… Made Flesh… His Name… E-MANU-EL! His Word IS with us! Lives In Us!  … or does He?



the journey never ends it is,only the beginning of forever

My journey into the spirit realm has not ended. I continue to unlearn the lies I was taught as a child.  Half truths are still part of the lies we believe… just as we are taught to believe in santa, the easter bunny, leperchauns, magic and tooth fairies… we grow up …sometimes… but our inner child still holds fast to those myths … believing in some magical wand or superman hero who will make everything right and give us everything we want.  We realize in time… Life Is Not Fair! The wicked go unpunished -it appears they prosper and escape justice.  All the while, the “good” people seem to always fall short… take the fall for every wrong- blamed for something they never did… because the evidence appears obvious.  Set up and niave to the wickedness … they suffer injustice.  

My journey into the spirit realm reveals a truth not spoken… yet written and misunderstood… we will reap what we have sown. We believe good will reap good and evil reaps evil…. truth is… all things are good!  How can it be you ask!  Remember as a child our parents rules seem unjust, unfair, harsh … trying to keep us from the good life we think is out there.  We rebell… take things into our own hands and suffer the consequences after we are caught redhanded… punishment comes and we despise it with vengence!  We try harder to be secretive, sneaky, pretenders /actors /hypocrites… in the face of those we purpose to deceive… to be something outwardly we are not inwardly.   In the end… our own deeds reward us.  Life teaches us whether we want to learn or not… these teachable moments… turn us around… we accept our punishment for our words, deeds, thoughts and motives of the heart…. the devil did not make us do it… we willfully wanted to do the evil we do… it is impossible for the body to do anything without the will being in agreement with our heart or our thoughts.  The power of agreement it only takes 2 but 3 become unstoppable!  The truth comes when our “will” agrees with His will nothing can stop Gods will being acomplished.  Evil may flourish but only for a time and a season…. the evil produces a good … the evil being manipulated to do a good work.  The evils producing the gathering of the righteous to rise up and put a stop to the insanity! The injustice producing a holy anger to change laws that destroy life instead of create life.   Inventions assumed as good but turning the spirit, soul and body to death, sickness and dis-ease… trouble in every direction… leads us into the darkness…. but in the end we have free will…. to choose to come out; crossover, rise up…  take the truth and cling to it for life.  So in and through the lessons of life and death we must learn the truth… we create our own world of chaos by rebelling against the truth.  Revealed by trouble what lies in our soul!  We choose… to accept or reject the truth.   Rebellion against truth… we sin because we want to… a part of us inwardly desires to do what is forbidden… why is it forbidden?  Truth desires to protect us from the consequences of sin… it guides us, convicts us and corrects us…. we choose to surrender or to resist correction.  Each and every time we resist the harder /heavier the consequences become… until we are broken…. So broken we give up… plea for a God – we refused to trust before to come now and prove himself!   Are we just seeking to escape the consequences or do we truly desire to change our ways… its not a quick fix.  It is a change in life style… dying to self – will surrendering to God’s better way… to learn His Ways are so far advanced it does not make sense to us.

 Resurrection power… to overcome Evil with Good by doing its opposite!   Evil is only the manipulation of good to do evil.  We call evil good and good evil… that means we call God evil for he is the Creator of all things… light and dark…  he alone can teach us how to manipulate evil for a good. Like discipline.  It is for the greater good as one sees the benefit of discipline in the future.  The soul may resist but learns quickly the good of discopline when it returns a harvest of rewards that bless and not curse. 

Life is as hard as we make it!  Resurrection of our soul from crucifying our own willfulness to do what we think is right and wrong… until it clashes with truth!   The war begins… the casualties are great…. many lose their life in the battle between truth and self.   We think ourselves wise… we are but fools leading the blind into a darkness the blind cant see  but can feel tge darkness. The fool cant understand… because ignorance keeps him more blinded than the blind man who cant  see in the natural. Only truth can open both eyes… to see and to understand… ignorance is not bliss.   Souls are destroyed by ignorance… hell is full and enlarging itself to make more room for those who willfully choose to remain ignorant.  Truth Resurrects… seek truth hold on to it… never let it go.