In my private time with my BELOVED. We were talking about LOVE.  I do not know how we got on the subject I just found my soul engulfed in the WORD.  Oh yeah, how deceived women are about love.

We were taught that love is sex.  Women have to submit to a man and give him what he “wants”.  But does that mean she has to forego getting what she “needs”!  Most women I have talked to could care less about sex!  That’s because love is not SEX!   Women are taught to pursue a man. What man does not “love”  being pursued?  What is at the root of all this manipulation and deception.



The Spirit reveals leaven in the bread.  What in the world does that mean!

I am not afraid to ask questions… God loves questions… when we ask in sincerity… really wanting to know, understand, perceive beyond human wisdom.

Remember We are wheat… and only the finest flour is worthy to be offered at the altar.  Now keep in mind no bread was offered with yeast!   Yeast puffs up we all know what happens when the dough rises too much and the bread… when THE OVEN IS TURNED ON “THE HEAT IS ON”  as it bakes …  it comes out hollow inside. That is what HU-MAN love is… hollow not HALLOWED  and puffed up as pride always does when it is full of itself!

Why is it men do not make any effort to sow into the woman’s soul and give her what she NEEDS before he takes what he DEMANDS from her. Any woman who feels OBLIGATED to have SEX is not being fed what she needs. She is starving to death! Feed her what she needs and a man will never have to demand SEX.  Love woos… there is no NEED for forcing or demanding the other to give what is OWED!


Any man who brags about all he “IS”… is nothing more than a loaf of YEAST!   Hollow bread  without any substance!   The weightier bread is always unleavened.  It is always flat and humble!  It is not puffed up, boastful, prideful, selfish, forceful or demanding. It never humiliates but is always kind. That is the essence of LOVE!  DIVINE LOVE!  THE LOVE GOD PUT IN A SOUL . IT ALWAYS GIVES, ALWAYS MEETS SOMEONE ELSE’S NEEDS, not always taking, sucking the life out of another it professes to love. IT’S ALWAYS OBVIOUS WHO THEY “REALLY” LOVE… WHOM DO THEY PUT FIRST?

A woman of the Spirit will always see through a HOLLOW LOAF of bread. They are PHARISEES  demanding from others what he is not willing to do himself.  He demands to be served instead of serving!   And WHAT DID JESUS DO  and SAY… He came to serve not to be served… and what was the outcome of his serving… people worshiped HIM!  THEY EITHER LOVED HIM OR HATED HIM… THEY WERE FOR HIM OR AGAINST HIM! WHY?   Because he revealed the loaf full of yeast!  He made then look “BAD”?  No he was just revealing the TRUTH… what real LOVE is!

What does a man want? He plays hard to get, hard to satisfy, hard to please… leading the woman to believe she is not “GOOD” enough!  That is not what JESUS did to women! He lifted them up encouraged them …when men were condemning them to be stoned for being adulterers/ whores.  Not being able to PLEASE A MAN and he “divorces her” by abandoning her or uses her like a SEX SLAVE… DARE I SAY A TOOL?  Every one that has SEX and then runs off to find some other vessel to feed their lust… You are destroying the soul of another. You are guilty of defiling the Spirit.


SEX is not …”extra curricular activity”.  There are souls at stake… the soul wounds of being used, rejected, abandoned, “RAPED”  in a sense of expecting love to bloom, relationship to EVOLVE.

I have GOOD NEWS!   You must RELATE FIRST… then SOW… then love will blossom… build a relationship check out the soil before you buy it! Is it good ground?  Or… trodden, rocky, thorny, weedy ground.  There is a lot of work…  pain and suffering clearing the land before one even begins to plow!   And might I add… no one wants someone else clearing their land… trespassing on their property… let alone plowing up their back yard  without permission!  Who knows what skeletons are buried there! If the owner does not want to maintain his own field and plant a fruitful garden… then it is obvious… he is not going to be a good place to sow LOVE! Nor can he sow love in your garden!  Good seed begets Good seed, God’s seed begets God seed.  There is no way weed seed produces GOOD seed.


I will NOT get into GMO seed!

The wicked teach their children wickedness, they have no understanding of what is GOOD!  It is only when we CHOOSE to clear our own field or renovate our own overgrown garden  that we can produce a good harvest.  And that my friend TAKES TIME! … ENDLESS TIME… ETERNITY!  IT TAKES GOD!   We will forever be maintaining our own garden, FIRST.  You have no right to judge someone else’s garden when your garden looks like a jungle full of briers and weeds!

PHARISEE’S… are FAMOUS for giving advise they they do not follow!  That is the Leavened Bread that you do not want to feed on!  It will leave you empty and starving to death… to the point you will take anything anyone has to offer…SETTLING… not knowing it has no nutritional value… you just have been fooled to believe a lie that will KILL,  STEAL AND DESTROY you!

Let me finish with this… you must make a choice… be informed not MIS-INFORMED… not IGNORANT… not knowing… is one thing not trying to find out is inexcusable.


NOTHING IS TOO HARD “WITH” GOD… I MEAN YOU HAVE TO INVITE GOD INTO YOUR JUNGLE… LET HIM HELP YOU… CLEAN UP THE MESS … YOU ALLOWED… BY DEFAULT- others  sowing weed seeds in your garden and add YEAST to you bread dough.  All it takes is a little bit of heat to reveal the yeast that was sown into the dough you thought was floured hands kneading you… out of LOVE… YEAH… NOT!   That was yeast on those hands… working it in deep-er… so when the heat is turned up… you become just like them!




There are benefits of the Law of God that I believe the church has overlooked and therefore has been neglected justice.   Know the Law so your are “Aware” when satan has overstepped his boundaries. Yes, BOUNDARIES even satan has boundaries.  When he has broken one or more you may have a case against him instead of him having a case against you.   You have a “right” to bring it to God and ask for justice!  He is the judge and the jury no one else. He is a JUST JUDGE… whether we agree with him or not He knows what is best and what is right.   It is our part to agree with HIM  that is what unity is… that is what being ONE is all about.

Satan is sneaky though. He attacks our family, friends, neighbors, churches, gov’t, educators, businesses, our health and finances. He even comes against our soul more than all others.  If he can just get his foot in the door he will use any “thing! and anyone even “GOOOD” people!

This is a BREACH of the LAW… we have RIGHTS if we are abiding by the LAW!  No LAWS means no JUSTICE, Oh so you want to be free from the LAW?   But then why do you judge others by the same Law you do not want to abide under.

No law makes you LAWLESS!   Who is aware of the LAWLESS ONE in scripture… satan?   So, do we really want to be without the LAW?  Or is it just when it is pointing out our rebellion against that Law!   Remember You can not point your finger at anyone else if you have no laws to abide by!

The Law is FOR us not against us!   Man made Laws were once founded on God’s Laws… but HU-MANS are always looking for the loopholes … just like Pharisees.  Hu-mans pretending to be something they are not… I THINK THEY CALL THAT ACTING!!!  The world may pay actors a hideous amount of money to fake it… but that is not JESUS APPROVED!   He even says all hypocrites will have their place in the lake that burns with fire!

Only a fool would not want to be under God’s protection. The Law was… intended to protect us… from evil… the evil one!   Our own man-made laws are SUPPOSE to protect us from LAWBREAKERS, INTRUDERS… FOREIGN INVADERS out to undermine our  PEACE, LIBERTY and pursuit of HAPPINESS.

I love how GOOD God is!  What an amazing WORD, full of TRUTH!  So many are blind to it. It is a gift… to Save us… protect us…  and yet we have rejected it since the beginning!  Satan has been going to and fro in the earth without any boundaries from us.  We torn down all those walls of protection… look where it got us.  Wickedness is in our own house, our own back yard, our own family, even our own GOV’T.

We have been fed a LIE… Just like ADAM and EVE… That God is evil. He is the LIAR and satan is telling us the TRUTH!

Liar! That is all he is… all he can do! Do not fall or the LIE like Adam and Eve. Eve may have fallen for it… like most women do…. they believe everyone is telling the truth til they get burned… bad. Then they just hate everyone!  Remember ADAM ate that forsaken fruit too!   He didn’t have to… he chose to!   No one is guilt-less we all fell… for some form of the lie… the LIAR. We all have been burned by LIES and the LIAR!

I Love the Law!

when we refuse to see the good in the Law we are already guilty of rebellion


I love the law of God! When I read all of those repercussions for the wicked… I remember satan does those evil deeds to me and I have Rights that God will do justice and make the enemy make restitution! AS LONG AS I  DO NOT RETURN EVIL FOR EVIL! Lest we both be guilty and God’s hands are tied, so to speak,  both will suffer for the wrong each chooses to do.

So next time something bad happens to you  count it all joy God is just trying to get a blessing to you … 2-7 times more than you had depending on the offense. Learn to see with the good eye… if you learn to do right despite the evil done to you God has a blessing in store for you.  You have to know the LAW.. is GOOD and for your benefit when satan wrongs you.  You should not be the one doing the wrong!

What we do not understand can keep us from God’s justice.  But… if I am saying I am no longer under HIS LAWS then I have no right to “demand”, ask  or even cry out to God  to do justice to those who break HIS LAWS and do me wrong. How do we know what is wrong except God’s Law tells us what He says is wrong!  I do believe He put that LAW there FOR ME to do me GOOD, to give me justice against my enemies.

Who are my enemies but those who do not Love God and do HIS Will.  Any One who is not FOR HIM is AGAINST HIM.

As for me and my house we will love and serve the LORD.


Fear Not!

It is on everyone’s mind… all the evil, chaos and … sin running rampant in our time.  Let me encourage you and ease your fears. This may only be the beginning of birthing pains … but those who truly put their Trust… In God… have nothing to fear but fear itself.

To know the God of Truth surely you must know that the enemy of TRUTH knows his time is short.  He is working at an increasing feverish speed to deceive many, to instill fear in as many as he can so they will not be focused on the COMING OF THE KING OF KINGS.

He warns in the Word of God… He will come like a thief in the night when many will have fallen asleep and not keep their eyes open to the signs of the times.  It is obvious the enemy is at work in every area of our lives, from the top of the ladder, ie… gov’t to the bottom rung… family.

A house divided will fall just by strife and disagreements in whose right and wrong.  All of this is rooted in the world weaseling its way into the church to deceive the flock in their ignorance of the Truth… The Word of God.  It is well documented that only 5% of “Christ-ians” have read their bible front to back even once!  There is no way anyone can understand, perceive or even begin to grasp the depths of TRUTH by reading the WORD once!  It is hardly possible to even grasp the mysteries without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy  Spirit reveals the mysteries and the secrets woven into the very fabric of the Written Word.

So how is it pagans believe they can inherit the kingdom of God and not want to know God?  It is far more than just doing what we think is “good”.  Who gets to judge what God considers “good”?  It is only those who know the Shepherds voice who know what God calls “good”.  Many religious leaders claim to hear God speak but they do not do what is right in His eyes.  Others hear and do live a life of humility and forsake riches, excessive living and worldliness.  They are shunned by the world, rejected and called rebels of prosperity, progress and liberty.

So many are deceived eager to run to the ease of everyday life and the busy-ness running to and fro in the earth helping others, to please their flesh!  Why  is it the “Christians” think they do not have to live- apart, separate, different from the world?  We are called to a higher “calling”  to be as HE IS… Holy, Righteous, and pure in word, deed, thought and emotion.  Sounds impossible… But in Christ all things are possible. If the “Christians” spent as much time in the Word as they do in social media or eating earthly food, feasting on early pleasures, how much more God-like would the “Church”- the Body of Christ be?

It will be clear on that DAY, to whom do we belong?  Whom do we serve… God, man or self?   There will be no “faking it”!  God knows the heart and mind of every soul. He knows every thought and every emotion hiding deep within and yet nothing is kept secret from him.

I advise all who “claim” to be “Christian” to purge the body, mind , heart and will of the sin that so easily entangles those who are not pure of heart.  I hear people claim, “If there is a will there is a way”… yet when it comes to “sin” how quickly they bow down to satan’s provocation, temptations and torment.  Remember, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”!  Be sure of this… God gives opportunity to all souls to prove what is within the heart of man! And by all means what man is so prideful he believes he is able to be holy without THE WORD MADE FLESH and the Spirit of Holiness given to us by Him who gave his life to SAVE US  “FROM” SIN, temptation and provocation!

Words to the wise… keep your garments clean, white, unblemished, unwrinkled by the world and all its defilement… luring your souls away from the holiness to which you were called and received … by GRACE.  You did not deserve or earn your Salvation. So know that if He did not spare His own people but rejected those who did not keep their place IN HIM, but turned away to conform to the world and all they call “NORMAL”, He will not spare those to whom He lavished His GRACE so freely.

Fear Not! He has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, Love and a sound mind… peace that surpasses all understanding… that we should not shrink back in fear but stand firm in the Faith: Trust in Him alone that He is able to deliver us from all evil!

To Him Who Was, Is and Is To Come, AMEN!

Longing for Home…

you know it’s time to go home when there are no regrets, nothing else to pursue, nothing else to say…


I have been longing for Home for quite a while now.   I have been traveling place to place far too long to visit those crying out, praying for God to answer their prayers. He sent me.  I confess, when I prayed to preach the gospel I did not expect to be living with those I was sent to preach the truth.

As it turns out, what I witnessed was not Christians eager for righteousness or truth, instead what I saw broke my heart.  How ungrateful these “Christians” were for all the blessings God has given them in the natural realm. How could he trust them with the spiritual treasure far more valuable than any natural gifts.  20161115_160802

As I lived among those “Christians” many of them refused to allow the Holy Spirit to have Authority over their natural house and spiritual house.  They even resist letting go of the many idols they worship openly without shame.  They accuse God Almighty of evil, curse him to his face and use profane gestures that I would not use even privately.

When the Holy Spirit leaves then so do I.  I go where he goes and stay where he stays.  The past few years I have had nothing but a few pieces of clothing, necessities, the WORD OF GOD, and my journal to record my spiritual journey, and of course bills that follow all of us no matter where we go.

I have not found any willing to crossover to the spirit realm. They cling to the earthly side of life.  I pray in the spirit… because I felt like a failure unable to persuade anyone to step into the water … a little deeper to get closer to God.  His reply… They have free will. He never forces anyone to go deeper or even to step into the water to be baptized… by HIM!  wp-image-1006088502jpg.jpeg

As time has progressed, I came to realize one important thing… I miss my alone time with MY FATHER, His SON and His Holy Spirit, I call Teacher.  I miss the endless TIME in the garden- worshiping and lavishing love on He, who loved me first.  Too much Time away from Him only made me more Home-sick, Love-sick and desire to run Home and beg Him to let me stay… at HOME… in the garden with Him, walking and talking with Him.  I can not find anything on earth more enjoyable then to be caught up in the Spirit and “JUST BE”.  He can rapture me any time, any where, anyway He wants to as long as He wants.

I let go of everything to do His will. My only possessions, things that fit in my vehicle and a storage unit that I use to be a blessing where ever the Holy Spirit takes me. Uprooted about every 3 months wearies the soul. Never able to settle down and take root, I never imagined I would be living the life of a disciple.

Many of those I visited thought I was a fake trying to escape responsibilities. My soul responsibility was the will of MY FATHER.  Why did He choose me.  I can’t say I understand His ways.  I just trust Him.20160908_113101

There were others who did not understand my devotion to the WORD.  I love the Word.. not just the written, The Word made flesh, My Savior, the Light of my Life… the Love of my Life.  There is no place I’d rather BE than with Him.

I don’t know how but I have run my course.  I am grieved beyond my ability to contain my-self.  I can not watch as “Christians” reject the Word and the Spirit of Truth.  I can’t watch them curse God and sin so arrogantly and then declare all their sins are covered under the Blood!   Blasphemy!  As they blame God of Being  evil, and call satan good.  If they can do evil and call it good or … grace, then how can they call God evil who sent the WORD, in the flesh, to heal them of their sin!

Now, I understand why God wants us to seek Him… He has chased us down since the beginning and we make light of it as though it is common for a king to chase down the common people to accept Him.  God longs to share Himself with us.  We treat Him as though we are above Him and He must beg to spend time with us.  Will the Sovereign God worship what he created?   Does He bow down to us?

This is not our Home!  We were created to be with Him in the Spirit not the flesh… what I mean is no flesh can stand in God’s presence… and live!  I know that I know we must die once… not twice. So, if we are willing to die to the ways of the flesh… let the Father crucify us to prove whom we love… Him or our own self!   The fleshly soul will never lay down the natural life… for fear the soul will not live beyond the grave!  wp-image--268798772

There is no other place I’d rather be than with He who Saved me.  I was amazed… how many “Christians” want heaven but not to know The Word, The Truth, The Father, Son, or Holy spirit.  They just want to have the good life, the easy life, but the good life is simply Being right… in relationship with The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I confess, I’m in love with my Savior and Lord.  My eyes are focused on him alone.  I can’t take my eyes off him… and I don’t want to, ever.

My home is with him, walking and talking with him.  I don’t belong out there in the world with those who pretend to “Love” my Savior, but really only want a “get out of hell free” ticket.   That makes me sad that they would use my Beloved so deceivingly.  My heart weeps for Him… that he is so gracious and kind and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and they are so… fake.   I am glad He knows all the thoughts of every soul.  cropped-phone-downloads-2871.jpg

I still pray for them… to forsake the world. If they could only see beyond the natural… would they let go of all the idols and pursue him with their whole soul.  I can only hope… I can only ask… The Father, My Father to reveal the Truth then let them choose… who they will bow down to, whom they will serve, whom they …LOVE.

When nothing else will do…

Years have come and years have gone and all I have gained and loss does not compare to the freedom that has come in discovering the TRUTH.   I have made many choices in my past that were not “good”.   I listened to what everyone else told me to do.  My gut told me they were wrong… but what did I know? I listened to my heart and my head… all those thoughts and emotions at war with my gut.   The root of all sickness and dis-ease comes from ignoring that still small voice in our gut screaming, “Don’t do it!”  I admit I have ignored that same voice saying, “Leap” and I chose not to.  Those open doors may only come once in a life time… rarely do they circle around a second time. Few and fortunate are those who have that opportunity to re-live.  I found one truth… I have buried many things… alive!  I confess they tormented me from the graveyard where I buried them deep.  I was oblivious to how full the graveyard had become. all those hurts, sorrows, cries… screaming out for JUSTICE!

It took a “leap of faith”. I made a decision that would stop the misery I had allowed to over take who I really am. I lost sight of who I am by listening to those who “knew” more about life than I did.  Little did I realize, they were not “me”. They had a different walk, a journey that took them in the opposite direction I wanted to go.

Let me just say… I was a follower not a leader.  I am naturally submissive but raised to be a doormat everyone else was allowed to trample and wipe their filthy shoes on. I became a garbage dump for everyone else to vomit in. I just kept burying it, deeper.

It is said, “What is sown is what one reaps.”  If I was the soil everyone else vomited on and sowed nothing but thorns and thistle…one huge expanse of weeds, why would they expect to reap good out of the evil they sowed in my garden.  No one dared to pass through this overgrown garden.  If one was not thrashed by the thorns, they tripped over all the rocks they have been casting at me for many years to stone me to death… because I was too nice.  They were bound and determined to prove otherwise.

I want to give some “personal” advice, not something of my own but something I learned from the Spirit of Truth.  It was only when I was willing to endure all the slander, labels, persecution and abuse from others who thought they were so holy they had the right to judge, condemn and carry out the punishment they thought I deserved for not following their version of the truth. I did the unthinkable- I did the opposite of everything I thought was “right”.

Now,  I can laugh… at them.  The Spirit of Truth has revealed the good in all that I saw as evil.  There is no greater joy then to learn, all things are good when you know the Truth.  I will tell you a secret… its all about who you know!   You have to pursue the Truth and make it your life’s ambition.  I do not mean just a casual affair or a date night. I am talking about a commitment to knowing the Truth, loving the Truth, living with the Truth so close… closer than your skin.  Just the thought makes me giddy inside.

I must warn anyone taking this “leap of faith”… it is not painless.  I had to agree, willingly to go back to the graveyard and allow the Spirit of Truth to resurrect that which was buried “alive”.  I admit, I was terrified!  He held my hand looked me in the eye and asked me one simple question, “Do you trust me?”  It took me back, his question.  Did I trust… the truth?  Can the truth lie?  Something I never even gave a thought to pondering.  What would you say?

I could not say, “No”.  So, I put my soul in the palm of his hands and trusted the Truth to reveal what he saw in my past.  I had no idea… he saw only good. It took “TIME”  for me to get it… I mean the good.  Once I got it, I took the bait, hook, line and sinker.  I let the Truth tell me point blank, all the things I saw as evil and did me much harm were intended for good, despite how others used it for evil.  I can say, it was hard labor, a labor of love to confront all those memories I buried so deep, in layers, they just kept resurfacing in the present.

The years continue to resurrect the past but now they are not so grievous to face.  I know there is some good hidden within.  I have found the peace I have been craving my whole life.  I did not find it in a hu-man, not in a place, a job, or even getting what I want.  I found peace by knowing the Truth.  I gave up everything I thought I needed to be “happy”. It did not make me “happy”.  Getting married, having kids, a career I enjoyed, a house, all that stuff did not make me “happy”. It took purging the garden of my soul of all that I perceived as evil . I could not do it… alone. I needed divine help that no hu-man could achieve with all their education, knowledge and experience.

My journey is my own. It has been good, very good. The way it was created to “BE” from the Beginning.  We just do not know the Truth… so we dive into the lies we believe as the truth because we think we are wiser than the Spirit of Truth. Can what is created “Be” wiser than the Creator?    That’s as silly as a child telling the parent they know better than the parent does.

I am here… alive and well, made whole without all the stuff hu-mans accumulate. With out a place to call my own, my family does not understand me, and as for friends, who is really a friend? I have learned to live with the bare necessities… a love for the Truth, and a very grateful heart for that Truth that has saved me from certain death.  I once died… the Truth resurrected me from the graveyard that swallowed me whole in all those memories that tortured me for what seemed an eternity.

I am living proof, the Truth does impossible miracles.


The Writing on the Wall


I don’t understand … hu-mans!   How is it that one side always wants freedom of speech but forbids the other side their freedom of speech!  What happened to tolerating both sides- their own views, opinions, likes and dislikes. We have a whole generation that has risen up in defiance of the very thing they are taking advantage of… freedom of expression … LIFE… Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!  One side forbids the other their freedoms while they run rampant… to the extremes! I might add… it does not matter the subject from nationality to religion and everything in between….the extremist to the right or the left… what does that do to a nation? a community? a family?  Divided we fall… united we stand.  The very ones demanding the freedom of expressing their own “person”  is the very same hu-mans trying to take away the freedom of those they do not agree with.  UGH!  What is wrong with HU-MANS!  We pride our-SELF on being “TOLERANT” but what does that really mean?  I have seen the cruelty that comes with being undisciplined and unlearned.  I am not saying we are un-educated.  God knows we are so OVER-EDUCATED WE ARE BECOMING STUPID IN THE COMMON SENSE SORT OF WAY.  WE HAVE BECOME SO DEPENDANT ON COMPUTERS WE HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO THINK… AS IN REASON THINGS OUT… THE OUTCOME OF WORDS, DEEDS AND FEELINGS. SO MANY I SEE RE-ACT  INSTEAD OF LEARN TO ACT… INTELLIGENTLY! SO WHO DETERMINES INTELLIGENCE… GOVERNMENT?… THEY CANT EVEN GET ALONG WITH EACH OTHER …AND THEY MAKE LAWS THAT SAY WE HAVE TO TOLERATE ONE ANOTHERS DIFFERENCES.  What example they are to follow!  How many times have we corrected our children… not to fight with other children… to play NICE!  What do they see on TV?  Adults fighting over things that are so selfish!  We cant care for our own… and now we want to take care of everybody else?  We want to tell them what to do, how to do it and play by “our” rules when we don’t even follow our own rules… LAWS!   We make more laws than we keep. We cause more confusion than we clarify.   How can we keep the peace when their is no peace among us.  “A” is forced to accept “B” but then “B” don’t have to accept “A”. What are we?  Infidels?  Uncivilized, undomesticated brutes that cant even make room for all our different personalities, characteristics, gifts, abilities, likes and dislikes.  We all have an opinion but not all have the need to voice that opinion.  Like me.. I shake my head in disbelief… aghast… that it would be considered a crime to help the poor and the homeless.  A crime to interfere with child abuse. A crime to be able to do what I want with my own property.  A crime to stand up for… good.  Who gets to decide what is good and bad?   I don’t know about all you out there… in the dark… in the midst of the storm… between good and evil… but I say,  I tremble at the thought of being accountable for every thing I have done in this life!  I thought we were born with common sense… I was wrong.  One hu-mans good is another hu-mans evil. One likes it hot another likes it cold… whose right?  This is the foolishness going on in our government, our education, our businesses and even our families.  I can hardly stand the INTOLERANCE!   What Government calls good is bringing this world to an end!  Look at history… its being re-written!  How is that allowed!   Makes me wonder… ponder… imagine… how will they twist my story?   We all have a story.  Why is it allowed to be twisted… to deceive. I never imagined the country I live in… Called – Freedom for all! would one day pervert those freedoms to enslave the masses… it is clear.. we are reaping what we sowed!  All the Laws we fought against… GOVERNMENT overstepping its boundries… controlling everything WE do and say.  Yes… Boundries are good… for everyone!   To protect everyone! But when it protects those who break the Laws and imprisons those who keep the Laws… I gander to say… there will be consequences to those actions.

I have a piece of advice… take care of your own house… clean your own house and keep your own garden… weed-free- before to go to and fro in the earth trying to tell everyone else what is wrong with their “house and garden”.  You know what I mean… MIND YOUR OWN BUSY-NESS.  Work on what is wrong in your own mind… heart… and if I must be blunt… your own Body.  Stop … trying to pick the speck out of everyone else’s eyes… meanwhile you have a beam in your own eye. Stop all the name calling… its infantile and foolish… be sure your words will come back to haunt you… if not kick you in your own backside!…






Nothing Compares to the Presence of God

Its finally here!

What a wonderful revelation of God’s mighty hand at work. This is a must read for anyone desiring to know God more. Salvation is so much more than just knowing Jesus saves! It is so much deeper than quoting scripture.  It is more than going to church sunday morning for an hour to pay your dues! God and his Salvation is a way of life!  Its is a life of worship… not singing a song but being the song… the delight of his heart and the praise of his lips! Not for mans acceptance but acceptable to him alone who created us for eden… to walk and talk with him in the garden of delight! It is an honor and privilege to come hear the Spoken Word reveal the secrets, the mysteries, the wisdom hidden in the Written Word.  There is no other like He who gave his life for us… to show us the way… to crucify our fleshly desires, fleshly thinking, behaving, seeing, hearing, speaking and feeling.  How we can be delivered from all these burdens and set free from the chaos, the war from within and the temptation to sin!  I have nothing but goodness and thanks to God for the freedom he taught me from revealing himself to me.  It is understanding the Truth that sets us free! Not just knowing what the Truth is.

This is a powerful witness to God’s enduring patience with mankind and our ignorance of his Divinity, Holiness and Authority!  And still He Whispers to our hearts, reaches out to us in the midst of the darkness… but fear keeps us from reaching out to Him!

He is good… He can only do good.   Anything else is of the darkness.  Believe and He will reveal His Truth of all that He is in us and through us as we were created for Him… to fellowship, to commune and to walk with Him in heaven and earth… above the natural realm of the physical and into the spirit… the unseen… hidden within what is seen! Take time… make time to dive into the mind of God and the heart of God… the Why? He does what He does and works in ways we do not comprehend.

Enjoy and delight in the Truth, be Resurrected and Raptured into the Kingdom of Heaven and never be the same again!

Cutting the Cord

There comes a time to just cut the cord and let it all go!




Its been some time since I have been connected to the W.W.W.

I decided to cut the cord from the addiction to KNOWING everything that’s going on in the world around me. I found a freedom in being DISCONNECTED from all the drama going on in LIFE.  It’s not that I do not care but that I will not allow it to rule me or plant fear and worry in my soul.  It is written guard the heart for it is the well spring of life.  So … I set out to guard the very thing that keeps me at peace.

You may wonder what did I do with all my spare time?  I discovered more about my soul than I ever knew existed.  As I spent time pondering… literally thinking on purpose with a purpose. I have learned to take thoughts captive and cast them out and other thoughts I had to take the time…. make the time and decide are they really good or evil.  I found that some are neither.  In the midst of all my “Pondering” I found my self writing. What did I write?  My conversations with GOD.  I asked him questions!   It sounds crazy right?   But it is not crazy to expect God to answer our questions. He just does not always answer us the way we expect. For me… He tends to answer my question by asking me a question. In the midst of my answering His question I find I answered my own question.

If there is one thing I have learned “not” being connected to the world and all it’s “information”… I find life more manageable and relationships more valuable.  I have time for those important things that the cord has kept me from.  I discover I like the slow pace of sitting in the garden before the sunrises and just waiting… Being still.   It’s like being on vacation every day.  If possible I set time aside every morning and every evening to be still and just wait for the sun to rise or set.   I allow the beautiful colors to be painted in my memory- by hand – stroke by stroke.  As I watch the colors change, coming and going… I find a peace and yet a sorrow… the day has passed and the night comes when all the vibrant colors of the rainbow fade away. The joy comes in knowing I am blessed to see another day as the sun rises again and its radiant glory reminds me, God Loves Me so!  Why am I so fortunate to be able to gaze upon such beauty?  He gave me the eyes to see… to behold such things to wonderful for me to grasp.

Living the cordless life is something I will chose to maintain. I have recently given my soul permission to use the cord to write my experiences not just being freed from the addiction to the cord or more rightly the W.W.W.  but the real life hidden, overlooked and crying out to be noticed.

It is strange, I noticed my wisdom has increased as I sit STILL pondering.  I always keep my journal close by in hopes some revelation will come… and it does… I admit every day I have more than one revelation to journal.  Let me add  most of these come through talking to God.  Writing my words and His words… I see with my eyes and somehow the light shines brighter and that AHHA! moment happens.   Of course I can’t keep it to myself.

This is what I write… not just in my journal but to those who are in that vicious cycle… that downward spiral out of control… the answer to stopping the chaos is simple… PULL THE PLUG!

It sounds painful but the reward is worth more than money can buy, more than any pill can help and so much healthier than any DI-ET.  I have become more patient, more peaceful, more understanding, less offended, and less re-active in learning to just stop nosing in everyone else’s busy-ness. Why do I need to know what everyone in the world ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner or what snack they ate and now they hate themselves for being a glutton!  Yeah… you heard me right… gluttony is a word no one wants to hear!

My question is … why are we allowing someone else tell us what is right and wrong to eat.  Why not listen to your own body!   I guess if you are never still long enough or quiet enough to hear your CONSCIENCE speaking the truth… Yes you heard me right… Your conscience not someone else’s conscience. Not some science project that man invented to make money off your ignorance.  Yes you heard me say it… ignorance!  That means YOU DONT KNOW!  STUPIDITY is a choice.  God gave you a brain and if that is not working right it may need rewired. NOT BY MAN!  God gave us an instruction manual how to live here in this realm where our own ignorance makes us vulnerable to deception.

I have spent many days being still… reading that instruction manual front to back and even sideways and upside down… don’t ask me how… I gained insight into truth and I will spend the rest of my life sharing these insights with whomever will listen… or read them.

There is not a day that passes that I do  not spend hours  sometimes whole days engrossed in the Words God speaks… not just to me but to anyone… whomsoever will …listen.   He does not yell it out loud, He WHISPERS like the wind brushing against the willow trees. He has a sense of humor it’s hard to believe.  But when he shows me things through his eyes I have to laugh… though most times …I cry.  If Mankind only knew the truth  we would all fall down on our faces …IN AWE and WONDER!

I have learned much… the most valuable gift… to rewire the brain from thinking like a human and think the way God thinks. When you see the way God truly is… you know its all good… I mean everything… even when it hurts. Because in the midst of the pain the sorrow the things we call evil… Because after all, humans are evil… look around! What do humans do?  Everyone is out to get what SELF wants and will do anything to anyone to get it… even if it hurts someone else physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.   We cant even agree God is good! How will we ever get along with one another? We blame God for all the ills of the world. Let me say… In His GOODNESS  He gave you free will.  Yes free will to choose to BE GOOD or BE Evil.  HUMMM… that’s hard to swallow.  So now we blame God for giving us free will?   So if God is evil then Who can Be Good? Do you believe there is a devil? Satan they call him… you may have some other name for him.  He is the Accuser, the Slanderer. So can I ask the question… Who do You Accuse? Who do you slander? So… are you Being GOOD like God?  whom you call evil. OR… like the devil, satan?  Looks like the evidence is clear.

Word of advice… CUT THE CORD!   You can not fill your mind with chaos and expect to have peace.  You can not fill your heart with evil and BE GOOD!  Every tree produces fruit and that fruit has a seed in it… plant that seed and guess what… you get the same thing as the fruit that carried the seed. So good can not produce evil and evil can not produce good.  Every seed produces like fruit. Let me know when you plant corn and get a pumpkin or when you plant tomatoes and it produces and apple!   NO GMO foods… Fake food deceives your eye but not your body!  So also with things that appear good but the result is evil.

I will say it One More Time  Cut The Cord!  We think… and that can be the root of the problem right there.  Our Thinking!  Always trying to get out of  work! So we manufacture THINGS and those things begin to become our Master! We begin to bow the knee to things… instead of being the Master over those things… to be used to help instead of hinder LIFE!  We are created to DO…not to be lazy.  Being still and Being lazy are opposite extremes! as far as the east is from the west.  Being still we clean out the clutter within the soul.  Being lazy… we do nothing and expect to be paid for doing nothing… and wanting everyone else to do for us  and do it for free!   I think they call that socialism!   That’s a can of worms I’d rather not open!