The Writing on the Wall


I don’t understand … hu-mans!   How is it that one side always wants freedom of speech but forbids the other side their freedom of speech!  What happened to tolerating both sides- their own views, opinions, likes and dislikes. We have a whole generation that has risen up in defiance of the very thing they are taking advantage of… freedom of expression … LIFE… Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!  One side forbids the other their freedoms while they run rampant… to the extremes! I might add… it does not matter the subject from nationality to religion and everything in between….the extremist to the right or the left… what does that do to a nation? a community? a family?  Divided we fall… united we stand.  The very ones demanding the freedom of expressing their own “person”  is the very same hu-mans trying to take away the freedom of those they do not agree with.  UGH!  What is wrong with HU-MANS!  We pride our-SELF on being “TOLERANT” but what does that really mean?  I have seen the cruelty that comes with being undisciplined and unlearned.  I am not saying we are un-educated.  God knows we are so OVER-EDUCATED WE ARE BECOMING STUPID IN THE COMMON SENSE SORT OF WAY.  WE HAVE BECOME SO DEPENDANT ON COMPUTERS WE HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO THINK… AS IN REASON THINGS OUT… THE OUTCOME OF WORDS, DEEDS AND FEELINGS. SO MANY I SEE RE-ACT  INSTEAD OF LEARN TO ACT… INTELLIGENTLY! SO WHO DETERMINES INTELLIGENCE… GOVERNMENT?… THEY CANT EVEN GET ALONG WITH EACH OTHER …AND THEY MAKE LAWS THAT SAY WE HAVE TO TOLERATE ONE ANOTHERS DIFFERENCES.  What example they are to follow!  How many times have we corrected our children… not to fight with other children… to play NICE!  What do they see on TV?  Adults fighting over things that are so selfish!  We cant care for our own… and now we want to take care of everybody else?  We want to tell them what to do, how to do it and play by “our” rules when we don’t even follow our own rules… LAWS!   We make more laws than we keep. We cause more confusion than we clarify.   How can we keep the peace when their is no peace among us.  “A” is forced to accept “B” but then “B” don’t have to accept “A”. What are we?  Infidels?  Uncivilized, undomesticated brutes that cant even make room for all our different personalities, characteristics, gifts, abilities, likes and dislikes.  We all have an opinion but not all have the need to voice that opinion.  Like me.. I shake my head in disbelief… aghast… that it would be considered a crime to help the poor and the homeless.  A crime to interfere with child abuse. A crime to be able to do what I want with my own property.  A crime to stand up for… good.  Who gets to decide what is good and bad?   I don’t know about all you out there… in the dark… in the midst of the storm… between good and evil… but I say,  I tremble at the thought of being accountable for every thing I have done in this life!  I thought we were born with common sense… I was wrong.  One hu-mans good is another hu-mans evil. One likes it hot another likes it cold… whose right?  This is the foolishness going on in our government, our education, our businesses and even our families.  I can hardly stand the INTOLERANCE!   What Government calls good is bringing this world to an end!  Look at history… its being re-written!  How is that allowed!   Makes me wonder… ponder… imagine… how will they twist my story?   We all have a story.  Why is it allowed to be twisted… to deceive. I never imagined the country I live in… Called – Freedom for all! would one day pervert those freedoms to enslave the masses… it is clear.. we are reaping what we sowed!  All the Laws we fought against… GOVERNMENT overstepping its boundries… controlling everything WE do and say.  Yes… Boundries are good… for everyone!   To protect everyone! But when it protects those who break the Laws and imprisons those who keep the Laws… I gander to say… there will be consequences to those actions.

I have a piece of advice… take care of your own house… clean your own house and keep your own garden… weed-free- before to go to and fro in the earth trying to tell everyone else what is wrong with their “house and garden”.  You know what I mean… MIND YOUR OWN BUSY-NESS.  Work on what is wrong in your own mind… heart… and if I must be blunt… your own Body.  Stop … trying to pick the speck out of everyone else’s eyes… meanwhile you have a beam in your own eye. Stop all the name calling… its infantile and foolish… be sure your words will come back to haunt you… if not kick you in your own backside!…






Nothing Compares to the Presence of God

Its finally here!

What a wonderful revelation of God’s mighty hand at work. This is a must read for anyone desiring to know God more. Salvation is so much more than just knowing Jesus saves! It is so much deeper than quoting scripture.  It is more than going to church sunday morning for an hour to pay your dues! God and his Salvation is a way of life!  Its is a life of worship… not singing a song but being the song… the delight of his heart and the praise of his lips! Not for mans acceptance but acceptable to him alone who created us for eden… to walk and talk with him in the garden of delight! It is an honor and privilege to come hear the Spoken Word reveal the secrets, the mysteries, the wisdom hidden in the Written Word.  There is no other like He who gave his life for us… to show us the way… to crucify our fleshly desires, fleshly thinking, behaving, seeing, hearing, speaking and feeling.  How we can be delivered from all these burdens and set free from the chaos, the war from within and the temptation to sin!  I have nothing but goodness and thanks to God for the freedom he taught me from revealing himself to me.  It is understanding the Truth that sets us free! Not just knowing what the Truth is.

This is a powerful witness to God’s enduring patience with mankind and our ignorance of his Divinity, Holiness and Authority!  And still He Whispers to our hearts, reaches out to us in the midst of the darkness… but fear keeps us from reaching out to Him!

He is good… He can only do good.   Anything else is of the darkness.  Believe and He will reveal His Truth of all that He is in us and through us as we were created for Him… to fellowship, to commune and to walk with Him in heaven and earth… above the natural realm of the physical and into the spirit… the unseen… hidden within what is seen! Take time… make time to dive into the mind of God and the heart of God… the Why? He does what He does and works in ways we do not comprehend.

Enjoy and delight in the Truth, be Resurrected and Raptured into the Kingdom of Heaven and never be the same again!



Its finally here!

What a wonderful revelation of God’s mighty hand at work. This is a must read for anyone desiring to know God more. Salvation is so much more than just knowing Jesus saves! It is so much deeper than quoting scripture.  It is more than going to church sunday morning for an hour to pay your dues! God and his Salvation is a way of life!  Its is a life of worship… not singing a song but being the song… the delight of his heart and the praise of his lips! Not for mans acceptance but acceptable to him alone who created us for eden… to walk and talk with him in the garden of delight! It is an honor and privilege to come hear the Spoken Word reveal the secrets, the mysteries, the wisdom hidden in the Written Word.  There is no other like He who gave…

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Cutting the Cord

There comes a time to just cut the cord and let it all go!




Its been some time since I have been connected to the W.W.W.

I decided to cut the cord from the addiction to KNOWING everything that’s going on in the world around me. I found a freedom in being DISCONNECTED from all the drama going on in LIFE.  It’s not that I do not care but that I will not allow it to rule me or plant fear and worry in my soul.  It is written guard the heart for it is the well spring of life.  So … I set out to guard the very thing that keeps me at peace.

You may wonder what did I do with all my spare time?  I discovered more about my soul than I ever knew existed.  As I spent time pondering… literally thinking on purpose with a purpose. I have learned to take thoughts captive and cast them out and other thoughts I had to take the time…. make the time and decide are they really good or evil.  I found that some are neither.  In the midst of all my “Pondering” I found my self writing. What did I write?  My conversations with GOD.  I asked him questions!   It sounds crazy right?   But it is not crazy to expect God to answer our questions. He just does not always answer us the way we expect. For me… He tends to answer my question by asking me a question. In the midst of my answering His question I find I answered my own question.

If there is one thing I have learned “not” being connected to the world and all it’s “information”… I find life more manageable and relationships more valuable.  I have time for those important things that the cord has kept me from.  I discover I like the slow pace of sitting in the garden before the sunrises and just waiting… Being still.   It’s like being on vacation every day.  If possible I set time aside every morning and every evening to be still and just wait for the sun to rise or set.   I allow the beautiful colors to be painted in my memory- by hand – stroke by stroke.  As I watch the colors change, coming and going… I find a peace and yet a sorrow… the day has passed and the night comes when all the vibrant colors of the rainbow fade away. The joy comes in knowing I am blessed to see another day as the sun rises again and its radiant glory reminds me, God Loves Me so!  Why am I so fortunate to be able to gaze upon such beauty?  He gave me the eyes to see… to behold such things to wonderful for me to grasp.

Living the cordless life is something I will chose to maintain. I have recently given my soul permission to use the cord to write my experiences not just being freed from the addiction to the cord or more rightly the W.W.W.  but the real life hidden, overlooked and crying out to be noticed.

It is strange, I noticed my wisdom has increased as I sit STILL pondering.  I always keep my journal close by in hopes some revelation will come… and it does… I admit every day I have more than one revelation to journal.  Let me add  most of these come through talking to God.  Writing my words and His words… I see with my eyes and somehow the light shines brighter and that AHHA! moment happens.   Of course I can’t keep it to myself.

This is what I write… not just in my journal but to those who are in that vicious cycle… that downward spiral out of control… the answer to stopping the chaos is simple… PULL THE PLUG!

It sounds painful but the reward is worth more than money can buy, more than any pill can help and so much healthier than any DI-ET.  I have become more patient, more peaceful, more understanding, less offended, and less re-active in learning to just stop nosing in everyone else’s busy-ness. Why do I need to know what everyone in the world ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner or what snack they ate and now they hate themselves for being a glutton!  Yeah… you heard me right… gluttony is a word no one wants to hear!

My question is … why are we allowing someone else tell us what is right and wrong to eat.  Why not listen to your own body!   I guess if you are never still long enough or quiet enough to hear your CONSCIENCE speaking the truth… Yes you heard me right… Your conscience not someone else’s conscience. Not some science project that man invented to make money off your ignorance.  Yes you heard me say it… ignorance!  That means YOU DONT KNOW!  STUPIDITY is a choice.  God gave you a brain and if that is not working right it may need rewired. NOT BY MAN!  God gave us an instruction manual how to live here in this realm where our own ignorance makes us vulnerable to deception.

I have spent many days being still… reading that instruction manual front to back and even sideways and upside down… don’t ask me how… I gained insight into truth and I will spend the rest of my life sharing these insights with whomever will listen… or read them.

There is not a day that passes that I do  not spend hours  sometimes whole days engrossed in the Words God speaks… not just to me but to anyone… whomsoever will …listen.   He does not yell it out loud, He WHISPERS like the wind brushing against the willow trees. He has a sense of humor it’s hard to believe.  But when he shows me things through his eyes I have to laugh… though most times …I cry.  If Mankind only knew the truth  we would all fall down on our faces …IN AWE and WONDER!

I have learned much… the most valuable gift… to rewire the brain from thinking like a human and think the way God thinks. When you see the way God truly is… you know its all good… I mean everything… even when it hurts. Because in the midst of the pain the sorrow the things we call evil… Because after all, humans are evil… look around! What do humans do?  Everyone is out to get what SELF wants and will do anything to anyone to get it… even if it hurts someone else physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.   We cant even agree God is good! How will we ever get along with one another? We blame God for all the ills of the world. Let me say… In His GOODNESS  He gave you free will.  Yes free will to choose to BE GOOD or BE Evil.  HUMMM… that’s hard to swallow.  So now we blame God for giving us free will?   So if God is evil then Who can Be Good? Do you believe there is a devil? Satan they call him… you may have some other name for him.  He is the Accuser, the Slanderer. So can I ask the question… Who do You Accuse? Who do you slander? So… are you Being GOOD like God?  whom you call evil. OR… like the devil, satan?  Looks like the evidence is clear.

Word of advice… CUT THE CORD!   You can not fill your mind with chaos and expect to have peace.  You can not fill your heart with evil and BE GOOD!  Every tree produces fruit and that fruit has a seed in it… plant that seed and guess what… you get the same thing as the fruit that carried the seed. So good can not produce evil and evil can not produce good.  Every seed produces like fruit. Let me know when you plant corn and get a pumpkin or when you plant tomatoes and it produces and apple!   NO GMO foods… Fake food deceives your eye but not your body!  So also with things that appear good but the result is evil.

I will say it One More Time  Cut The Cord!  We think… and that can be the root of the problem right there.  Our Thinking!  Always trying to get out of  work! So we manufacture THINGS and those things begin to become our Master! We begin to bow the knee to things… instead of being the Master over those things… to be used to help instead of hinder LIFE!  We are created to DO…not to be lazy.  Being still and Being lazy are opposite extremes! as far as the east is from the west.  Being still we clean out the clutter within the soul.  Being lazy… we do nothing and expect to be paid for doing nothing… and wanting everyone else to do for us  and do it for free!   I think they call that socialism!   That’s a can of worms I’d rather not open!

Home Again

when the way is to long and hard there is a place of rest for the weary soul… it only takes One Step of Faith to cross over to the other side.

After  a very long journey to a far away land I am finally back to writing.  Being away for so long made me realize a very important secret… about myself.  I am who I am… no one and no thing can change that. I am a writer since my school days  my childhood journals still send shiver through me as I have documented all the sorrows hurts wounds of family and friends. 

This is me… As the saying goes you can take the girl out of the country but you cant take the country out of the girl. Well… so also… You can take the pen away from the writer but the true writer is always writing in the soul. 

I have spent many nights awake looking for a way … how to get back to writing… as the world steals away the time with long hard labor and the demands that wear out the physical body… the soul seems to still be able to create a story even while one sleeps.  That story is so real that upon waking it is as though the writer has lived it out in another realm.  Some people call them dreams, but to the true writer it is all reality.  We who are inspired to write , write for the shear joy and delight of creating a world where we can choose the outcome, the characters, and the scenery. Time and space have no power to stop the true writer. We live the dream, we are the dream.

I admit I have had moments… moments I cried myself to sleep the feeling like I was being suffocated by the worlds demands.  They tell me I do not have a choice.  I have to live in the world, by the worlds system and their rules.  So… I do the unthinkable… I rebel.  I leave it all behind… I am homeless, jobless and wondering where the money will come from to live.   I spend the next few months trying to figure it al out.  This wilderness experience has taught me many things.  How the world has put the people in bondage to electronics.  we have become robots tools the world uses to do their dirty work.  they live the life of luxury while we… slaves of an ignorant sort believe the lie… we are free…  But are we free?   

As I experience the freedom… for a while… I find it so peaceful so restful.  I recommend it for everyone.  I am not saying everyone can do what I did.  I can only speak for myself.  I took myself out of the rat race… I sold what I could, put the rest in storage.  I stopped spending money… I put it back in a HOPE BOX.  Putting my faith out there into the unknown!  I chose to break the chains of the world and sever the connections that kept me bound to all the chaos. I call it SABBATH. 

Can I invite everyone into this realm I have found?  Its a wilderness at first.  It feels like … everything is stripped away… a nakedness that at first leaves me feeling like I am hanging in the nothingness, But it did not take long to realize what thought was covering me was me just being accustomed to the heavy burdens the world puts on everyone of us. The constant running to and fro.  It had to STOP! 

I challenge each and everyone to make ONE small step. Take ONE day… set it apart from all the other days… No Compromising…and turn it “all” OFF!  One day is all it takes. It’s like giving yourself a vacation ONE DAY a week!  One day… you allow yourself to do NOTHING but BE STILL… Time to think or NOT! Time to take every negative thought captive and cast it out. Time to choose what you will think about with purpose. Not allowing anyone to tell you what to think how to think or speak negative words into your soul. ONE day… to only think about what is good, right, beautiful, lovely, pure, and delightful… what God created for us to enjoy… LIFE!

The first time I did this I thought it impossible to not think about negative things that go on day to day. But It did not take me but a few hours to realize just how much we process as negative.  It takes practice, practice, practice to unlearn the negative.  I have set myself with determination… to not allow anyone or any situation to invite themselves into my soul! 

You wonder how is this possible?  Prespective… what we believe as truth sets us up for good or evil. Who determines what is good and evil?  We learn from our parents family friends community society from those we accept as having authority or wisdom above our own!   Who makes us believe the lie we have to have it all?  Who makes us believe we have to wear certain clothing or possess things to be accepted?  Who tells us what is normal?   Ask anyone… We all think we are normal and everyone else is abnormal. 

How exhausting it is to always be valuing ourselves by someone else’s standards of right and wrong… AND THEN… There’s GOD!  I hated RELIGION!   I hated the hypocrisy and the double standards. I hated the worthlessness … of trying to please everyone so no one would be …OFFENDED!   I discovered the TRUTH. It only matters what God says… not what man says is right or wrong.  Man can twist the simplest WORD and make it evil… The WORD… LOVE.

I was taught God hated me. All because I was BAD!  Who constitutes what is BAD?  Had I known… I would not be the one writing… HIS-STORY.  He Loves me… Because He Created me …PERFECT!   The problem arises when humans take what God created perfect and they try to perfect what is already perfect.  Parents, family, gov’t, society, education all indoctrinating the “innocent” child from PRE-SCHOOL age until death. 

It is only when I walkedaway from it all that I found… WHO I AM… I am God’s delight!  He wants to help FIX what HUMANS broke.  They think they are doing God a service!  They instead… “manufacture”… a false belief that we must depend on HUMANS above GOD! Silly humans… They got it all wrong!

I found a new LIFESTYLE… It is quite like heaven on Earth.  As long as I keep my garden free of weeds, thorns, thistles and the VARMITS that do harm to my garden, I enjoy the garden of my soul. My MIND and HEART  are set apart as Holy Places.  Not just anyone is allowed in my garden.  It is only by INVITATION!  

It is there I set apart time every morning and evening to spend time with GOD.  It’s that face to face time not a quick hey dude or a text saying… luv u.   No… I make time for the things I value and RESPECT.  I MAKE the time to show LOVE to the ONE who is LOVE. Where my heart is that is what I treasure most. What I put my time and focus on the most… that becomes my “god”. 

We have an uncanny ways of keeping GOD out of our “house”  we want him to just send a check and give us everything we want… but never  long to spend time with HIM … ALONE. Are we afraid?  If He shows up will He find a house of chaos or peace?  Will He find a garden neglected and overgrown… fruitless by His standards.    Do we want Hi telling us what to do? Do we want Him telling us what is right and wrong?   Do we want him choosing our friends… lover(S)?  Do we give him Sovereignty and Authority over us?  

The ultimate question of the Day is this… Will we give him our FREE WILL to choose?

This is the ultimate sacrifice God cherishes… Do we trust Him so much that we will allow Him to choose what is best for us!

You will never know the TRUTH unless you take that first step… into the unknown… that leap of faith… you don’t know what’s on the other side… you just choose… to take His hand and let Him lead the way… One Step at a time… One Day at a time. 

Until… You ARRIVE

It’s wonderful  over here… come join me on the OTHER SIDE

























This week has been very exciting. The Book ” RESURRECTION THE  UNTOLD STORY” has come to BE more powerful than I could ever imagine.

I have been praying more in the Spirit  than usual. It is time to cross over that final MOUNTIAN.  I am pursing the Kingdom permanently!   The calling, the tugging of my spirit, soul and body can not be ignored any longer. So despite my ignorance… I step out of the boat to cross over… to the  other side.  I do not go alone, God forbid.  YH-W-H is reaching out to me!  I am reaching out to Him, because His love compels me, draws me, woos me to Him.  How can I resist.

In that moment He gives me a small taste of the other side.

I work with a young lady she claims she does not believe in “GOD”  but she uses his name every day!   How can that be?   I had opportunity, an open door so to speak to allow the Holy Spirit to use me…  to impact a broken soul.  This young lady came to work different- sad and I could feel her pain.  I was sensitive immediately to her despair. She murmured her boyfriend was cheating on her for a while and she did not know it.  She expressed in some very filthy words how no one cares about her, no one sees her, they only use her.  In my spirit I was crying out to God, how can I bless her. She doesn’t know you love her.  She hates you and blames you for everything. What can I possibly say to open her eyes?

The Holy Spirit told me to watch her work.  I said, “She is different, calmer than most days she is in overdrive.  He replied… “ISN’T SHE BEAUTIFUL.” I answered,  “She is, especially when she is not trying so hard to earn everyone’s approval.”  He then proceeded to tell me she is broken and HE wants to heal her.  “Give her all the money in your pocket.”  I answered, “I do not know how much money I have?”  He replied, “Does it matter?”  I said, “No!”

When she returned to the room,  I approached her and told her The Holy Spirit told me to give you all the money in my pocket.”  She kept saying, “Why would you do that?” I said because he asked me to.  She kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am to tell you even though no one else sees you or cares about you God sees you and cares about you and He wants you to know HE LOVES YOU even though you hate him, you blame him for everything and use his name in a not so good way!

The look on her face was priceless!

Like a revelation to her that God hears everything she says about him.  He knows every thought in her heart.  She kept saying, “Thank you.”  I told her to thank God. She asked how do you hear him? I said, “Like I hear you and sometimes its like a download of information; like a light bulb comes on.  She replied, “I will have to have a chat with God tonight.” I said, “He loves to talk even into the wee hours of the morning.” She said, “Really?”  I replied. “He talks to me sometimes until morning.  He does not mind and He loves the company.”  She just did not know what to say.

When she left I began to thank the Lord for using me… To speak to her what she could not hear him saying to her. She only heard the evil; never good.  When she returned again He told me to tell her she is BEAUTIFUL when she smiles.  He would like to see her smile more.  She replied, “I like smiling.  I just do not have much to smile about.” I said, God can change that if you allow him, but you must be willing to do things HIS way.  Everything he does is to protect you from evil.”  She said, “I definitely need to talk to God then.”

She left again and I was still praising God for allowing me to be a witness, to share in that MIRACLE.  I say miracle because this young lady wears satanic shirts and tattoos.  She has no thought of speaking of demonic things, curses and even 666  without a break in her step.   Yet she speaks of the light and angels and aliens all in the same breath.  She speaks of good and morality all found in the bible yet blasphemes God in the same breath.  How does one not believe in God and know so much about God!

When she returned yet again… I know she is seeking to hear more.  I speak what the Holy Spirit wants to say to her.” Do you really want to hear God speak?”  She hesitates then answers, “Yes I do.”  I reply what the Spirit says.  “If I give you a book will you read it?  She immediately responds… “Is it a bible?”  I answer,  “No It is the book I wrote about my experience with God.”  She quickly answered, “Yes, I love to read.”  I said, “If you read it wanting to hear, wanting to know how to speak to God, how to hear God… you will hear him… you will know its him.”

I then reached in my bag as I keep one with me… just in case… the Holy Spirit wants to give one away! I give her THE BOOK…  RESURRECTION THE UNTOLD STORY.

Her first reaction is “WOW!  What a cover!”   I answered “It speaks for itself!”

When she leaves the room again I hear the Holy Spirit tell me the timing is now. You will not see her again or have another opportunity as she was going to be leaving for another job.  I was in AWE!   The scripture came to mind… TODAY IS THE DAY IF YOU HEAR HIS VOICE…  DO NOT SHRINK BACK IN FEAR AS THEY DID… AT MT SINAI AND I WAS NOT PLEASED WITH THAT GENERATION AND THEY FELL IN THE DESERT.

I remembered how the people fear the voice of God thundering  from the mountain top. When he asks me to do something do I obey or do I reason within myself? Do I fear what others will say?   Do I fear will they accept or reject “MY” words… they are not “my” words but “HIS WORD” so what have I to fear?

I am not responsible for performing His Word… HE IS!  If I speak my own words then I have reason to fear… I make Him look bad … powerless in the midst of unbelievers.  If I do what He says… it is He who Is Responsible to do what he says. I am only responsible to do what HE says… that is all I am accountable for.

So as a vessel no longer divided between the natural and the spirit, I set myself to be a vessel holy to God alone.  I no longer bow down to the world and its ways.  I work for the kingdom and in the kingdom.  The kingdom provides for its own workers… those who will choose to no longer be divided between heaven and earthly living.  I am spirit.  I must live by the spirit and let the spirit provide for all my needs. What a beautiful kingdom… as He prepares me to cut all the cords to the world. One by one they are severed and the feeling is AMAZING!



For the Love of Writing

When we have no words to express what is inside … crying out unheard words, the soul will always be able to write from the heart what it can not say in human words…

20161115_160802 I have people ask me all the time… Why don’t you get a job writing?

My reply… Writing is not a job. Writing is not a labor for me it is an “Inspiration”.

I never want to be forced to write what humans want to hear.  There may be some who write… as a JOB!   But they write from their head.  They spill onto paper what they know… facts… research… natural human instincts.

A true writer has no thoughts of his own…His words are inspired by revelation.  I am one of those writers who most people do not understand.  I do not fit into the mold of the world.  I am invisible to the busyness of human kind.   While they run to and fro… I walk as though I am in slow motion observing everything from a distance.

pond 8-04 2To a writer who can only write by inspiration He waits…  never forces words to come… never adds his own words to the contexts.  Once the words are downloaded there is nothing to stop the translation onto paper.  Everything, everyone vanishes into the nothingness.

I find myself sitting in the sunlight empting my mind of all that tries to clutter the space meant for peace.  As I take captive every thought that comes to mind,  I delete every thought not worthy of taking up valuable space reserved for the good life.   Why anyone would waste valuable space and time thinking on those things that make the soul grieve is beyond me.

As I “MAKE” time to Walk and Talk with my Creator, I can hardly wait to hear what He will say.  I am eager to write it all down for He alone inspires every word.  I may ask questions… He is only to willing to answer just to see; to watch my REACTION!   I see Him smile and it makes me feel wonderful to know… I bring Him such joy.

phone-downloads-303On my walks I see a leaf… a simple leaf… dancing in the wind and that one simple thing sends me writing about my Beloved Creator. He is beautiful.  How is it… nothing truly dies… in fact it appears to be dead… on the surface… but the truth is… it lives on as it decays and brings life to the ground on which it lies.  I realize more and more how He created all things to begin in one form, die, and resurrect in another form.

20161023_163034I remember the days…  I can smell the forest.  The air permeated with the smell of  wood, the leaves, the earth, the grass and flowers all doing their own thing and yet working together to make this world a beautiful place with out any help from humans hands or human knowledge.

cropped-phone-downloads-2871.jpgThose days of summer when I bask in the sunlight, I find myself compelled to write some random thoughts. Where do they come from? I hear them in my spirit, I hear them in my ears, I hear them in my heart, I even hear them in my sleep. All I know is I hear them.  I write them.   I read them and I shake my head in awe!

I being who I am … I can not force myself to write. I tried!  I can sit all day… start and stop; delete and erase… again and again, until I lose interest or get interrupted.  If I am allowing things to distract me then I know… It is not inspired. It is just me blubbering vain words.   Words not worth repeating!

The moments I must laugh myself silly… moments when the Spirit speaks to me while watching a movie, listening to music or over hearing others talk… in a store, restaurant even in a church pew… How He speaks volumes when I am Just Being Still… at rest and peace with Him, with the world, with myself and with others.  Nothing between He and I.  The signal is loud and clear.

20160224_212712.jpgThose moments when I am stirred from my sleep hearing a voice… I have learned not to be afraid.  Now I not only wake to His voice, I also go to sleep with that voice speaking to me.  I do not realize I am sleeping. I think we are still conversing as we do all the day long.  It is only when I wake that I realize I was sleeping, dreaming, seeing visions, going places I no not where… only that I was there… My body tells me I was there. The real virtual reality… no need for glasses on this journey.

I do not hesitate to rise to the occasion and write the things I hear, see or feel.  He corrects my writings, my words, my details… to add or take away as He sees fit.  The purpose… to make known only what He chooses; not what I see, feel or want to say!

I want to tell it all… He forbids it.  Some things are kept between He and I… Like a husband and wife, like a trusted friend; who sticks closer than a brother or sister. Like soul mates.

There are moments I do not remember writing.  Moments I am not writing with my own ability, my own power, my own strength.  Those moments… I watch, I read as the hand holding the pen writes things I do not know… I do not hear. I do not understand.  But as the hand writes the revelation comes along with it.  It is a mystery… and yet revealed instantly as the writing continues.


This is the  joy of being a writer by inspiration. It is effortless.  It is not deadlines, editing, manufacturing a lie as the truth to sell more… more and more to the masses. They read, they believe and they find themselves in the midst of a war… a war between conscience and the written words  allowed to take up residence in the valuable space between the ears… hearing words read with the eyes!  That still small voice… speaking, convicting, reasoning…  what is truth? What is a lie?  All the information floods the mind, leaving us at war within.



This is “our” world we dwell in we created on our own… It is time to come out from among them and be separated from among them… separated as holy, pure, righteous… as in…. NO MORE ROOM IN THE INN  for evil, negative, slander, lies, cursing, foul words, gossip… that grieves our soul, spirit and BODY.  It make us physically sick, emotionally dis-eased,  it is bringing death… and we are unaware… caught off guard by all the things we hear… read… give our attention to just random vain words…

I AM BLESSED!  I have surrendered to separate myself from the vanity of this world.  I have no desire to give a place to watching reality tv or the like, listening to the news… that is always one sided and filling my ears with the gossip, slander and worthless speech of the so called wise, rich, wealthy and “educated” world.

If they knew what I knew… they would fall down in utter and profound shame for their own ignorance they count as wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

How can I keep silent?

And yet… I do.

I choose not to waste my words on deaf ears. I choose not to waste my time on adding fuel to the fire… people just looking for something to gossip about.


My purpose for writing is to heal what is broken… the connection between heaven and earth.  There is a truth… so simple …even a child can understand it.

All things are good if we focus only on the good.  As I write, I learn… From creation, from others, from my past, from my present… what I focus on is where I will go. It will become my destiny!  If I focus on all that is evil… I will find myself in the midst of all the evil in this world.  If I focus on the good I will find myself arriving … in that place of rest, peace, joy, love, Light, freedom from all the evil that others are consumed by.




My life has changed… I Am a new creation… My past… undone by the truth… every evil that appeared to destroy me has now been untwisted… I see… the good in all of it… I still find revelation coming from parts of my past I never remembered… they are like dead bones buried in the grave yard… dug up by “current affairs”!  How things seem to “reoccur” and in the twinkling of an eye we know we have been here before… some call it De-sha-vu…. re-incarnation.   The truth is…  it is a resurrected memory buried deep in our soul… to protect us… until we are able to face it like a much wiser, mature adult.  One who is able to “not” react like a child throwing a tantrum… kicking and screaming… acting like … an animal, instead of a spiritual being.

Ah!  The Inspired writer has the freedom like no other.  An artist of sorts… arranging words… to color our world happy.  A romantic at heart is the inspired writer because Love inspires all writers… to encourage, edify, build relationships, to bring joy, laughter, peace and rest to our souls.  If words can paint a picture in our minds… then the painter can paint it.  The musician can set it to music and the people can feel it, live it, BE it.

This is the secret… the power of the inspired writer… to give life… not to kill, steal and destroy, not to bring death!

We overcome all evil with its opposite… whatever it may be… just do the opposite and life begins to come …  and with it all things that are good!