Blood drives- spiritual significance

This word is not for the faint of heart! Unbelieving, nor the irreligious, unspiritual! Those who can not see will not receive the Truth hidden within. Go not further if you do not have the mind of the Spirit.

Studying the Word of GOD in depth… I have found revelation that takes my breath away.  How often we over look what is right before our eyes. This is not a word many will accept and I am sure to get a backlash from it!  But the Holy Spirit moves me I can not resist nor do I want to resist the Holy Spirit moving me!  That is dangerous ground to stand on … holy ground at that!   I have learned just to do what the Spirit says or suffer the consequences. There is enough misery in this world without being disobedient to the One who SAVED me and Protects me from all evil!

I wonder… how many have given blood…”blood letting” all under the GOOD DEED of saving lives?  I was guilty.  But for years since I have devoted my life to God,  the Word and the Spirit,  I have been KEPT BACK from giving blood.

It is only now I grasp the meaning!  Why has the CHURCH become a source of blood drives.  The Holy Spirit reveals that satan worshippers drink blood to empower them. This is written in the Word, and why God destroyed the world!  The NEPHILIM were blood thirsty demons.  They are here whether we believe it or not.  This is why we have seen wickedness prosper at such I terrifying  speed.  It is a SUDDENLY… that caught us off guard.

I am not saying everyone is after your blood.  I am saying the purer the blood the greater the HIGH the demon possessed become… the more wicked and the more obsessed they are for more!   What better plan than to have volunteers rather than kill, steal and destroy a life. Keep them alive and they have a continual supply of blood sources.


I have searched the WORD and I have found many times idol worship is rooted in blood sacrificing.  Many occultic religions practice blood drinking as it appears Christians do at communion. This is what infuriated the Pharisees. Drinking and eating blood is forbidden! So when Jesus said… THIS IS MY BLOOD DRINK IT IN REMEMERANCE OF ME!  The religious community was horrified and wanted to kill Jesus for such teaching of human sacrifice and drinking blood!

We all know that evil has infiltrated every corner of the earth!  It begins in the CHURCH,  as the priest are so are the people!  The family, schools, business, entertainment, medical fields and deep into the GOV’T have become so corrupted it can’t be fixed… it has to be allowed to come crashing down around us so it can be fixed… by GOD!   Yeah …we see now… how the gov’t has been pretty shady in their work. All the deception, all the immorality and unethical practices running rampant without any hindrances.  They no longer WORK FOR THE PEOPLE… we work for them!  We became their slaves.  We work and they take what we have earned… so they can wallow in sinful pleasures of the flesh!

The Holy Spirit reveals those 7 MTS, 7HEADS, 7Horns and the 8th has already come up out of the midst of them all!  The horn of Computer Technology!  Can you see it…  the 8th horn rules over the world… it has even found its place in the church!  The family unit is divided by technology to the point I have watched people at a restaurant texting each other at the same table!  Instead of communicating face to face with the person right in front you it has become non verbal communication… That’s not tele-communication! Telepathic messages has nothing to do with computers!

There is no place to go where computers have not overruled the SYSTEM!  Life is next to impossible to live NORMAL without computers.  We may know someone who does not have a computer or cellphone … but surely their electric and phone is computerized, their bills, banking and grocery shopping are… not to mention the medical facilities too!  Science has created a MONSTER! A Beast from HELL itself.  We cast away human life like it has no value but we turn to computers to tell us what is right and wrong, how to think and feel… does a computer have a heart?  Can it show compassion? Can it discern right from wrong.  Can it decide who should live and who should die?

You wonder what does this all have to do with BLOOD DRIVES?  well… the stronger the demon possessed soul is the more demonic influence there is. Satan revealing all kinds of MAN-U-FACT-URED inventions to control us, lead us astray, and lead us straight into the enemy’s snare! What better way to control the masses except by keeping them sick, enslaved and too busy to spend TIME with God so He can reveal the enemy’s plots and lead us out of the oppression, depression, sickness and dis-ease.

BUT God has still a few he can reveal His secrets… how to counter  what the enemy is plotting for the hordes of GOG AND MAGOG!   He gives wisdom to his people who invent CURES and turn evil to good!  He sent HIS WORD TO HEAL THEM OF ALL THEIR SICKNESS AND DIS-EASES!  FROM ALL THEIR SINS!  Christians take communion to unite with the BODY of Christ, to be ONE… in agreement in spirit, soul and body. How much more does satan imitate GOD as false light! Jesus even says you become ONE with whom you worship, agree, partner with, commune with and associate with… it is a covenant like a marriage… agreeing to be ONE!… They think, act,  talk, and feel “alike” they are the very likeness and image of whom they unite their souls to!

This goes so much deeper of which I can not elaborate … in public teaching. There is so much in the Word of God that man has not begun to scratch even the surface because that is what man does stays surface… earthly minded he fails to see… no flesh can see GOD!  We must put away the flesh… We can not take this body into the spirit realm… it must be LEFT BEHIND!  His kingdom is not of flesh and blood!  It is SPIRIT because he created us Spirit Beings JUST LIKE HIM…   but SIN has brought us this SKIN that feels hot and cold, pain, suffering, sickness and dis-ease and all those emotions that we bow down to… all those human thoughts, ideas that we “think” we are so wise but instead we just go on destroying life!