Even Death Will Die


Who can escape it?
Who can erase it?

Never part of our original design
Separation will never feel right
Sorrow continues on through the night
Each day gripped with the hole of the place that once was filled
The unceasing reminder that death has not been killed

Can you see beyond my mask, that I’m really not okay?
I’ve just heard too many empty “I’m sorry’s”, and optimism that isn’t rooted in faith

Months, years pass. Decades, too
Though all seem to move on, how could I without you?

You’ll never hold my babies
Never sing them a lullaby
Never protect them when they’re scared
And you’ll never meet my wife

On earth, at least
But Heaven feels far away
Though I know this life is just a blink

And then I’ll be on the brink, of forever, with you

Every tear He will collect,
And exchange for joy
My heart will rest in the truth that one day, even death will die

Now there is no end
The first breath now breathed again

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