to Luke

My love for you is boundless

Many waters cannot contain

In a sea of millions,

You stand alone among the same

Your smile is my lighthouse

In the many waters that rage

Our love is my favorite story

With new adventures on every page

My heart finds rest in your wisdom

With you I feel home

I know you’ll love me forever,

And never let me roam

You take my hand and teach me how

To love God and love people

My lifelong partner, my rock

I pray our love would only ripple

Into the generations to come

And eternity forevermore

That our children and our children’s children would love Jesus

Along with the hurting, the lost, the poor

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

pt. 2

I’ll sing to you through endless years

The song of your identity

Even when you’ve forgotten the words

I’ll sing the melody

I’ll stay with you through endless years

And dance upon your tears

Even if all others leave,

I promise I never will

My darling, my dear

Won’t you come here

Let me tell you what I see:

Mirrors can be deceiving,

But my eyes never will be

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