A summer night in August

Light glistened through the trees, bedazzled greens A gentle east wind made the leaves look like they were dancing The evening sun made its pink and purple marks in the sky,  As if to say, though in a whisper, loudly: just one last look before I lay goodnight  For the first time that day, she …

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PostpartumI’m not who I once wasIt’s been six weeks nowThose high waisted jeans folded neatly in a pile are calling my name, but we just don’t fitI thought we would by now?Shirts: I’ve had to donate a fewI didn’t anticipate how much they grewI’m counting from four to eight and saying my b-c-d’sThis is my …

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The God of Redemption

You turned the dust of my sin Into steady ground for blessing You laid a firm foundation on the shattered rumbles of my broken heart You are the God of Redemption You built me up on a Rock that cannot be shaken You turned my ruins into riches, and my shame into a message You …

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The Lord who heals me

The only one that can heal me Is the one from which I hide The other whispered in my ear, and I thought you had lied Confused and full of fear I hid my face, in hopes to hide my heart Further I run Away from you. Away from myself This isn’t who I am, …

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Even Death Will Die

Death Who can escape it?Who can erase it? Never part of our original designSeparation will never feel rightSorrow continues on through the nightEach day gripped with the hole of the place that once was filledThe unceasing reminder that death has not been killed Can you see beyond my mask, that I’m really not okay?I’ve just …

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Jesus, what I live is to

love you more than all need you more than all want you more than all do everything with you obey, though it cost my life make you proud sing to you pour out my love listen to your every word Jesus, what I live is to

to Luke

My love for you is boundless Many waters cannot contain In a sea of millions, You stand alone among the same Your smile is my lighthouse In the many waters that rage Our love is my favorite story With new adventures on every page My heart finds rest in your wisdom With you I feel …

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Eden Restored

East of Eden we now stay Yet East of Eden we will not remain For He who formed us out of dust Is restoring the beauty indebted to us Returning to the core of creation Reminding us who we are Harmony Life Beauty Color Free Joy Love Unburdensome Hope Eyes and hearts filled with wonder …

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The Search

Here I am searching again For the God I sense within Who’s closer than my skin Yet further than the Highest Heaven Who is my very oxygen Yet deeper than the deepest ocean Who can contain you? Who can possibly perceive you? You are infinite Limitless My heart longs to know Your complexity Your simplicity …

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